Monday, January 30, 2012

" Might As Well Get Juiced ... "

“ If you've got the strength to scream out "Hell Why?"
The wheels of life are passing you by
You might as well get juiced
Might as well get juiced ... 
I tell you the sweet things in life
How am I going to survive
I might as well get juiced
I might as well get juiced ... ”
~ Rolling Stones ~ Might As Well Get Juiced ~
I am pretty sure Mick Jagger was talking about a different kind of juicing in the above lyrics ... either way I am so excited because over the last few weeks we have had great conversation with family and friends about the health benefits of juicing.  By now you are aware that I have been drinking 13 freshly pressed organic juices every day on the Gerson Therapy.  Why?  Well, juicing is the easiest way to provide yourself with a high level of quality nutrition.  
Juicing is so beneficial as it requires hardly any digestion, so all its nutritional goodness gets rapidly into your system.  When you juice, you use more fruits and vegetables than you could actually eat, resulting in densely packed amounts of vitamins, minerals and other plant-based nutrients.  In my case, I take in close to 20 lbs of fruits & vegetables a day, mainly in juicing.  
Other health benefits of juicing include:
  • Improving the cardiovascular system and heart health - Vitamin C and E can be found in most vegetables and fruits, both prevent the damaging effect of free radicals on artery walls.  They prevent blood from sticking, clotting and becoming toxic.
  • Detoxifying the liver - Antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C & E are liver cleansers, assisting the organ to clean our blood and remove toxins and metaboic waste
  • Alkalizing your system - all vegetables are alkalizing and the benefits of making your body pH level less acidic is referred in the video below by Dr. Robert Young (co-author of The pH Miracle).  Acidic environments breed dis-ease and have negative effects on your brain, heart, increase aging and disrupt digestion.
  • Healthy skin, hair, nails and eyes - the same vitamin C and E antioxidants help prevent skin damage from sun exposure due to their free radical neutralizing abilities.  Vitamin B2 assists with hair and skin issues and vitamin A is the most potent nutrient for healthy eyes (beta-carotene from carrots turns into vitamin A in our bodies).
  • Increased energy levels - juicing means a lot more vitamins and minerals which are responsible for all sorts of necessary chemical reactions promoting health and vitality
  • Improved immune system - the vast amount of antioxidants providing in juicing is essential for a healthy immune system. Besides the antioxidants, a wide range of plant chemicals called phytochemicals have amazing benefits, notably anti-cancer properties.
Juicing’s biggest health benefit can be summarized as cellular cleansing.  You see, we are constantly cleansing.  Every time we breathe out, we’ve cleansed our body of metabolic waste known as carbon dioxide.  Every time we have a bowel movement, our body is eliminating old cellular material.  Fact: up to 40% of every bowel movement is dead cells.  Cleansing occurs because our body’s cells are constantly dying and being replaced with new cells.  Therefore think of juicing as improving your regeneration process ... 
"I tell you the sweet things in life how am I going to survive ... 
I might as well get juiced"

"The co-author of The pH Miracle, Dr. Robert Young in an extended 42 minute interview, talks about the importance of juicing when starting down the road to health. His program advocates alkaline foods to help balance the body against the typical american diet of mostly acid-forming foods. He says using a juicer daily could be one your most important steps to good health and longevity" 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

" Release ... "

You knew it was time to just let go 
'cause we want to be free 
But somehow it's just not that easy 
Come on darlin', hear me darlin' ...
Can you release me ..."
~ Wilson Phillips ~ Release Me ~

Imagine sweeping your front porch every morning ... and while you are sweeping you are preparing the ground for new energy ... kind of a cleansing ritual or also known as energetic sweeping.  I recently read about this and thought what a wonderful way to start the day.  

Sweeping seems to be a thing of the past really ... most of us use our fancy schmancy vacuum cleaner with it's white noise to do the job.  Yet I remember back in India, sweeping is something very common and done more than once a day.  And besides clearing the area of dust, I think there was more to it.  Now depending on the climate it may be a little easier for some than others, but sweeping can be regarded as an important cleansing ritual that prepares the ground for new energy on every level ... physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  Often, a place is swept to prepare for a ceremony and has the power to clear away the old and make space for the new by stirring up the energy in place and clearing up the stagnant build-up.

To energetically sweep, it was recommended to use a different type of broom ... one you would use for clearing, one that doesn't effectively touch the ground.  They suggested decorating the broom by carving its handle, painting it, using gemstones and ribbons and other creative adornments.  Or maybe even using branches or twigs .. choosing a natural appearing broom from nature.  Some food for thought.

When we cleanse our mind, we bring awareness to all that causes us limitations in thinking.  Overthinking that is rooted in fear, deters us from living wholeheartedly ... our biggest detriment.  Energetically sweeping can teach us to free our minds from imprisonment and create a focused and well balanced mind set.  

When we cleanse our spirit, we learn to accept a Universal power that is greater than ourselves.  It is the ability to look at those beliefs which do not serve us any longer and the possibility to honour those beliefs that do serve us.

Our goal is to deepen our awareness regarding the importance of letting go of the past and welcoming the present.  Once we clear the energy of our space, we clear out our own energy systems ... the space feels clean, clear and open.  A great opportunity to think welcoming thoughts and manifest what we need for the day.  Just another way to to cleanse our mind and spirit.

let go of the hope that the past can be changed ...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

" Balance ... "

" Just open your eyes,
And realize, the way it's always been.
Just open your mind
And you will find
The way it's always been.
Just open your heart
And that's a start ...

And he felt the earth to his spine,
And he asked, and he saw the tree above him, and the stars,
And the veins in the leaf,
And the light, and the balance ..."
~ The Moody Blues ~ Balance ~

Finding balance in life ... is it a myth or obtainable?  Well for something to be out of balance, there must have first been a balancing point.  Therefore, whatever is out of balance can be rebalanced ~ obtainable.  Just as we all have a breaking point, we all have the ability to find our balancing point.  

Our balance point comes from expressing our truth in our life.  One approach is to rid ourselves of the emotions and situations that caused initially caused the imbalance.  Yet it may be unrealistic to assume that a magic wand can be waved to bring things back into that balancing point ... many imbalances occur slowly over many years.  Inner balance is a sense of well-being ... a feeling of contentment and peace, as it should be and calmness.  Ironically, everything is always as it should be, even when we are facing difficult situations.  

So start by taking responsibility of yourself ... the key to finding balance.  To accept full responsibility for how you are feeling, what you are thinking and what you are doing.  Balance comes from YOU.  It is important to not confuse comfort with balance ... others can advise, support and encourage but you keep you in balance, and you allow this for yourself.  So it makes sense the next thought is to quit taking responsibility for others.  Stop taking on everyone else's problems.  At times, this can be a detriment to your well-being.  Again, remember help, advice, assistance, compassion and understanding can be given freely, but when other peoples issues take over your life, you need to take a step back.  This will help them learn how to be responsible for themselves.  

When you feel balanced, stepping forward in your life isn't dating.  You have complete trust in yourself.  You become fully acknowledged in those things that throw you out of balance, preparing you for the next time you encounter them.  It is not an easy task but once you do, you can take ownership of it and then it is yours to re-balance.  If it helps, you can start by writing down an imbalance list ... everything which you feel is bringing you down.  And recognize if you start blaming others or feel stuck with some items, you are not taking responsibility.

It takes commitment from ourselves to re-balance.  Consistent effort.  And as soon as we think we've dealt with and worked through all of our triggers, something else comes along which bowls us over and knocks us out of sync again.  But if practice the above, we will find it easier to recover from these as they occur and recovering from the same knocks will take less time ... eventually our foundations are solid and we can react from a point of balance, the ultimate goal.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

" True Colors ... "

"But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow"

~ Cyndi Lauper ~ True Colors ~

In the middle of week 45 of my Gerson Therapy and I am reflecting on what the last 10plus months have been about.  I remember having a conversation with some friends at the clinic, worried that I wouldn't make it a week on this treatment ... now eyeing my one year anniversary in March.  I remember talking to them about how was I going to put my life on "hold" ... what would my life look like ... and who would be around.  As I have said in the past, peoples true colours shine thru at times of crisis.  I wondered who would be around and who would flee, who would understand and who would give up, and who would wait and who would move on.  It is a very lonely journey, a very difficult journey and I am sure for a lot that read this ... thankful it is not them.

I was told that "the right people in your life will be there through the journey".  And I am blessed to have my husband and family with me regardless of the outcome.  So why is it so painful then when I think of those that have moved on ... maybe because I haven't yet.  Those friendships that were not what they seemed.  Leaving me blaming myself, asking why the hell I had to get this dis-ease ... is it fair to ask them to wait, to be present, to be inclusive ... true colours shining thru.

So how do you deal with friendships that have disappeared in your time of crisis ... well I have realized that my flaw is that I hang on for waaaaay too long and besides patience, forgiveness is the hardest thing to do.  I do understand that we all move on ... on our own time.  But sometimes the process takes longer than I expect - being fulling cleansed of all lingering hang-ups and scars, not just at the surface level.  The journey of conscious growth never ends.

Compounding our baggage ... sound familiar?  We all do this by our projections of people, assumptions of situations and expectations of how relationships should be.  So if you are still holding on to what could have been, it is time to release yourself.  Aha!  easier said than done right?  You see depending on how deep the emotional impact was, it might take several phases before you can really move on.  Part of the journey ... yet making progress every step along the way, an act of healing in itself.

So I begin by acknowledging, accepting and then letting go of my feelings ... the longer and more intense the relationship, the more baggage I have accumulated ... a mix of sadness, regret, hope, melancholy, shame, fear and disappointment.  Whatever the emotions, learning to open myself to the emotion fully ... taking the time to process, embrace and accept them ... not block or bottle them in because when you least expect it, it can be explosive.  You think you have moved on, but what's really happening is the issue has just become so deeply buried that it doesn't cause any immediate reaction.  

Second, I share with loved ones.  Realizing that I don't have to go thru this alone.  My family & friends are there for a reason, to help me, support me and pull me thru this period.  Their overwhelming patience makes me grateful for who they are and our friendships ... and this experience undoubtedly has strengthened us.  

Third, I practice forgiveness.  A powerful idea.  When we refuse to forgive someone, we are not really forgiving ourselves * Sigh * ... carrying the anger and bitterness is a breeding ground for sickness.  Chances are the other person doesn't even know how you are feeling towards them, so really you are the one carrying the baggage around.  Maybe on a deeper level, these feelings are towards yourself, allowing this person to hurt you.  Whenever you hold on to something, you prevent yourself from receiving new things in life.  I tell myself that when I forgive myself for putting myself thru this trauma and everything that has happened, naturally I will forgive them too.

Finally. I know that I am good enough even when something doesn't work out.  Acceptance of ME.  Everyone looks for different people in their lives.  There is no criteria on what are the right or wrong traits to embody, just different expectations.

Reflecting on this journey, from diagnosis to present day, it has truly been a very long healing process.   Still a work in progress.  Every day, I work towards finding peace in my life.  I try not to beat myself up or think I am not good enough when it comes to relationships.  Believing that all of us enter into each others lives for a reason is helping me become a better, not bitter, person.  Some days I win the battle ... and other days, well I accept where I am at and keep trying.

I started this blog with the intention to share, express and help others in their journey by sharing mine.  We all have pain and sadness from an experience, but I deeply feel there is always a way out.  It takes courage to move to a better place and connecting with like-souls, I hope we help each other from whatever we are entrenched in to gain strength in moving on from past wounds.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

" Joints ... "

"I can feel it in my joints
It aches and creaks and
There's no point
In growing old
Oh this life I've made on my own
Is lonely with the love I've known
Where are you
Is where I want to be
Where are you"
~ Holly Miranda ~ Joints ~
Today I want to talk about joints ... yes that's right good old fashion joints.  I still remember the day when I tried to get out of bed only to fall hard on my bedroom floor.  I was 14 years old.  My parents were frantcially worried about what was causing my loss of mobility.  Openly they talked about if I had missed a vaccine, something, anything ... they feared the worse.  After an emergency visit to our family doctors office and routine tests, the diagnosis ... severe joint pain aka Arthritis.  Huh?  It didn’t make sense ... wasn’t arthritis an “old person’s” dis-ease ... my grandmother struggled with it and it hereditary as most of my aunts and mom lived with it.  So I bought into what the doctors told me ... the idea of a lifetime of one medication after another.
So what is Arthritis?  Arthritis means inflammation of the joint which may be caused by wear and tear, infection, injury or auto immune process.  Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis that affects the big joints in the body.  Rheumatoid arthritis initially destroys the connective tissue arond the joints before affecting the bone while gout is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the body.  Unfortunately arthritis is still very present in our family ... luckily I have reversed this in my body while on the Gerson Therapy ... btw, now on week 45.  And although my primary intention is to fully recover from my cancer diagnosis, I can attest to minimal arthritic pain in my body after living with it for almost 30 years.
How?  Well the Gerson Therapy is so powerful as it naturally boosts your body’s own immune system to heal cancer, arthritis, heart dis-esae, allergies and many other degenerative dis-eases.  With the abundance of nutrients from fresh, organic juices consumed every day and superdoses of enzymes, minerals and nutrients, diseased tissue is broken down.  Plus the enemas aid in eliminating the lifelong buidup of toxins from the liver.  For me, the diagnosis of arthritis does not have to mean a lifetime of medication anymore.  
Regardless of the type of arthritis one suffers from, this therapy offers phenomenal relief ~ restoring joint function and enjoying a life free from pain.  For more information, have a read of “Defeating Arthritis, Bone and Joint Diseases” by Charlotte Gerson.

Monday, January 16, 2012

" Quiet ... "

I am heading for a time of quiet
When my restlessness is past
And I can lie down on my blanket
And release my fists at last
I am heading for a time of solitude
Of peace without illusions
When the perfect circle
Marries all beginnings and conclusions

~ Paul Simon ~ Quiet ~ 

Why is it so hard to find peace and joy, continuously oveflow with bliss on a daily basis and seem free of problems and emotional pain?  Maybe because we mentally punish ourselves for failing, concluding that we don’t deserve it.  We can become easily distracted by the harsh demands of modern life and at times losing touch with our natural state of being.  But we do deserve it and there is a way if we choose to bring clarity in our lives, starting by quieting our minds.
You see, most of our problems stem from our mind.  Take note ... some external even happens, we choose to see only one side of the story, and then interpret the situation such that it cuases some form of mental conflict, resulting in emotional suffering.  Is that about right?  The advice telling us to just “forget about it” is not that simple.  After years and years of conditioning on how to attract conflict in our lives, to just “stop thinking about it” is not very effective.  We need to get to the root of the problem to truly solve it.  We need to go to our innner space and de-clutter.  Imagine if you will, like cleaning out an old closet of “stuff”, similar analogy.
And, our mind has a difficult time becoming still ... it is meant to be dynamic, move and participate.  Therefore practicing stillness, or meditation, where you focus on one thing can be tougher than one realizes.  You will probably notice that the moment you become silent, random and unrelated thoughts start to distract you from your inner silence.  You become cluttered with useless information also known as junk.  And where does this “junk” come from .... well we may be unconsciously feeding our selves with distractions we’ve declared as urgent and important .. watching TV, updating social media, checking email, gossip ... all pulling at us, at our attention and away from things that are truly important to us.  Recognize that the information we expose ourselves to fills our inner space on some level, and affects our emotions and desires.
Our ultimate desire is to get back to our inner selves, one which is sacred, wise, peaceful and eternal.  We can do this by waking up and taking control of our destiny ... start with what you focus on and allow into your life.  Observe your thoughts and words.  Limit your exposure to the “urgent and important” distractions.  You have the power to decide what you let into your inner space.  Be conscious of what you allow inside, beginning with your own words, thoughts and attention and become the guardian of your own mind.  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

" Drama! ... "

One rule for us, for you another
Do unto yourself as you see fit for your brother
Poor unfortunate you
Myriad of things that you can do
We all have the ability
Our freedom is fragile
We all laugh and we cry, don't we?
~ Erasure ~ Drama! ~
When you’ve been working to lessen drama in your life by creating a sense of peace and calm, drama can be very noticeable.  It can be a real challenge to even be around those that are addicted to drama.  You know the ones ... they create drama, stir up energy and conflict, add fuel to the fire ... hence the name “Drama Queen”.
It becomes uncomfortable to be in that environment  ... the other day I noticed the woman in line at the mall, rude and obnoxious to the sales clerk and I wondered ... are you really that important that you shouldn’t wait like the rest of us?  do you really need to be so loud and attack? I felt sad for her ... because obviously waiting in line had nothing to do with what was really going on in her life.  She was just projecting her emotions on to someone and something else ... she was trying to create drama and engage everyone around her to participate.
If you are undertaking a healing journey to achieve more balance and peace within your life, drama comes up and really challenges you.  A test ... to see whether you choice to engage or move on.  And just like happiness, you can make any choice on your path.  In the above example, I did not engage, I just left that environment, not to be influenced by her infecting my atmosphere.  You see if you feel it is not for you, then you have the choice to move right on by it.  
But what do you do when it is coming from your own circle of loved ones.  Not so easy then.  There are more emotionally charged patterns.  You may know them better than they know themselves.  And what usually happens is we slip right into a role playing dynamic when we are around them.  Why?  well for one it is familiar.  Yet if it isn’t really working for you, it probably isn’t really working for them.  It takes a great deal of courage to speak from your heart, but when you do, you have now given the allowance for others to do the same.  
What about unconscious drama, when you buy into the drama so easily that you don’t even notice that you did it.  Your unconscious habit slids into place and it just happened without you realizing it.  And even after the fact, you may not even notice it.  Yet regardless of how long it takes to figure it out, you catch it ... and you bought into it ... whoops, what now?

Well, awareness is the first step ... becoming conscious to your surroundings and relationship dynamics.  You need to pay attention.  Try to become an observer and watch how they relate to one another and to you, without getting too involved in the outcome.  A witness not a participant.  A helpful way to begin to recognize when drama addiction is happening.  
So what about drama addicts?  Well they are not much different than other addicts.  When drama is happening in a relationship dynamic, excitement happens, and our bodies produce adrenaline ... and then comes the rush of energy.  The thrill.  Recognize that for some that lead a very uninteresting or monotonous life, that rush of adrenaline helps them feel alive.  Think of it as a thrill seeker trapped in a mundane life.  Once replacing the boredom with another thrill seeking activity, the need to stir up drama, conflict and blowing things out of proportion will be less desirable for them.
So back to the idea of buying in or moving by ... it is a choice.  Drama takes a back seat when you are looking to create peace and calm within your life ... tranquility vs. drama ... meditation helps me as the energy high that comes from knowing I am connected and one with the flow of the universe is more than enough to know that I am alive.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

" Humble Me ... "

 " What do you say
When it's all gone away
Baby I didn't mean to hurt you
The truth spoke in whispers will tear you apart
No matter how hard you resist it
It never rains when you want it to
You humble me lord
Humble me lord
I'm on my knees empty "
~ Norah Jones ~ Humble Me ~
Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit a girlfriend of mine that is to me, my hero.  Her personal story of courage, strength and determination leave me in awe every time we connect.  Besides being a medical miracle, she was also one of the first people I shared my diagnosis with as I knew she would get it.  She has been one of my angels, guiding and supporting me during my journey this year.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life ... thanks Mary ♥
We had a good talk about humbleness and humility.  Mainly because these negative energies came up for me this year ... along with resentment and anger, and I wasn’t proud of it.  And I was trying to understand why.  Knowing that these were “stuck” and had to surface first and then I could deal with it.  I realized my ideas around immortality and invincibility were shattered when faced with an "incurable" dis-ease as stated by the medical profession.  I realized that anything can happen ... and it did.  I was immediately humbled.  I realized that I had to make the choice if I was going to let the cancer have power, have control.  Never ... as I have said before ... life goes on.  For some, smoother than others.  For some, no cares in the world, life is easy ... at least that was my perception.  I was trying to understand why I was angry watching some coast while I struggle.  Enter resentment and anger.  And I think their lack of gratitude, lack of humbleness were the triggers.  Because for me, I view life completely different.  I really try to appreciate all that life has to offer, initially from a place of fear as I thought that I wouldn’t be around much longer.  Now that I have a fighting chance, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude resonates with me.  There are endless outcomes, endless possibilities and we have very little control as to what happens ... just what we do with it.
So back to humbleness or maybe even humility ... question: when you visualize someone that is humble do you see them as meek, hunched over and barely noticeable?  Be honest.  The funny thing is that humility is not an inferiority complex or lack of self-esteem.  Humility means “living with the reality that nothing matters except doing the right thing.”  
The humble person is totally dedicated to the pursuit of truth.  And because his self-esteem is not dependent on approval from others, his choice may be the right, not popular one.  The arrogant person is concerned with his own ego, pride, money and power.  Preoccupied with what others think of him.  So even though his appearance is friendly and charming, he is really manipulating things to suit his selfish needs.  
Think of it this way ... humility thinks “what’s greater than me counts” and arrogance thinks “I’m all that counts.”  And the most humble person of all can also be charismatic.  Because humility is freedom ... concern about truth, living by it and being free to express yourself in the most authentic way.  A quiet confidence, not rattled by critics, earning genuine respect.  A humble person knows his place and helps others, as there is no threat to his ego.
So start by doing some soul searching.  Check in with your life goals ... is it truly meaningful or just some abstract notion.  Are you losing clarity on what is ultimiately important?  Doing the right thing may be difficult, because we don’t always perceive it as providing a great source of pleasure.  Material pleasures are necessary and nice, but they don’t compare to the higher pleasures of life and meaning.  True charisma comes when we disengage ourselves from the need for outside approval ... very powerful.  
Humility can open us up to wisdom because we don’t get stuck in our own subjective reality.  Humbleness can generate truth, objectivity, and pleasure.  Because until you know what you are willing to die for, you have not yet begun to live.

Monday, January 9, 2012

" Cry ... "

Somebody shakes when the wind blows
Somebody's missing a friend, hold on
Somebody's lacking a hero
And they have not a clue
When it's all gonna end
You can change the world (I can't do it by myself)
You can touch the sky (Gonna take somebody's help)
You're the chosen one (I'm gonna need some kind of sign)
If we all cry at the same time tonight "
~ Michael Jackson ~ Cry ~
Somedays is it hard to stay positive, focused.  Somedays is it hard to stay strong, have faith and know your truth.  Somedays you just feel awful, question your path and just want to cry.  Yes, I have had those days ... and where do they come from, what were my triggers .... well, I have had someone tell me that my spirits are not as high as they use to be.  I have had someone tell me that I put on weight.  I have had someone tell me that I hope I finally decide to do the right thing.  I have had the realization that a close friendship of mine as changed.  Yes I have had a few of those days.  On the flip side, I have also had people tell me ... don’t be negative.  But sometimes it is just difficult.  And most of my blogs are about attitude, strength and courage.  Yet I have to realize that I am human, normal and I have the same fears and doubts that everyone else does.  And that is okay ... it is also okay to cry, and cry is exactly what I did ... 
The bright side is that there are a great deal of healing benefits of crying.  When we cry, we release negative emotions in a natural way for our bodies to cope with unwanted feelings of distress or fear.  Yet there are several other benefits to our mental and physical health.  
Crying can lower our stress levels by removing some chemicals and hormones that are built up, similar to sweating when exercising.  And the opposite can happen if we hold back tears ... we can increase our stress levels which as we know can lead to numerous other health issues.
Crying is an emotional response so when we shed tears, our endocrine system releases endorphins, or feel-good hormones, that stabilize the mood ... some may identify with “I just needed a good cry”.  When we cry, we give our bodies the ability to stabilize and become balanced again.  
“Tears are natural antibacterial and antiviral solutions that fight germs we get in our eyes.  The fluid lysozyme in tears is capable of killing up to 95% of all bacteria in a matter of minutes”.  So crying can help prevent you from getting sick.
Not all tears are the same.  Tears that are formed out of emotional distress or grief have more toxic byproducts in them than tears of irritation.  So emotional tears, made from stress, are capable of washing away wastes and toxins, therefore detoxifying our bodies.
Crying moisten our eyes and prevent dehydration of membranes surrounding our eyeballs.  We need tears as they enable us to see, they provide the lubrication we need for healthy eyesight.
Crying has calming effects such as slowing of breath.  During the cry, you may have increased heart rate and sweating, however the calming effects usually last longer afterwards ... therefore remembering the pleasant side of a “good cry”.  
So remember, it’s your party and you can cry if you want to .... as crying does open up our hearts ... providing a safe space for clarity and clearing ... giving allowance to practice forgiveness and self-forgiveness.  And an opportunity to bring our mind, body and soul back in balance.

“Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened “ Dr. Seuss

Friday, January 6, 2012

" Laughter ... "

A laugh for the way my life has gone
A laugh for the love of a friend
A laugh for the fools in the eyes of the world
The love that will never end
A laugh for the newsprint nightmare
A world that never was
Where the questions are all "why?"
And the answers are all "because."
~ Bruce Cockburn ~ Laughter

You may have read that laughter is good for the body ... laughter heals.  Recently I read that when you start laughing, your body chemistry changes, your physiology changes, and your chances to experience happiness are much greater.  If you watch children, they laugh more frequently, in a playful manner.  And they laugh with their bodies not their minds.  Most adults laugh with our minds, we use judgements and evaluations about what’s funny and what isn’t.  Maybe we put too much thought into our laughter, maybe we are too serious, maybe we just need to play again.
Laughter can aid many people with life-threatening illnesses.  Studies have shown that ten minutes a day of belly laughs have an anesthetic effect.  The healing power of laughter.  How is this possible?  Well laughter increases circulation, stimulates the immune system, exercises the muscles, and invigorates the brain.  As well, other researchers have found that laughter can reduce stress hormones ... prevention in most dis-eases.  And according to one of my doctors, fake laughter can have the same beneficial effects ... the body has a hard time distinguishing fake from real laughter. 
So how do you laugh when nothings funny?  Start by opening your mouth into a wide smile and force your breath out.  You may feel a bit silly at first, but that is okay, the make-believe version often transforms into the real thing and it becomes more natural.  A simple experiment you can try is when sitting in traffic or feeling upset, laugh yourself out of it ... start with a fake laugh and you will be surprised how quickly your laughter will turn genuine.  Maybe just the thought of sitting there by yourself, faking a laugh will make it real ... just another way to relieve tension.  After practicing this on a daily basis, eventually your belly will ache from exertions and if nothing else, you will probably end up making someone else genuinely laugh hopefully with and not at you.

The most wasted of days is one without laughter ~ E.E. Cummings

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

" Helping Hand ... "

" Everybody needs a helping hand
Take a look at your fellow man
And tell me what can I do today
Everybody needs a helping out
If that ain't what it's all about
Tell me what
What can I do
What can I do today"
~ Amy Grant ~ Helping Hand ~

I find it really interested when I share the types of medications that I am currently taking on the Gerson Therapy with my Mommy girlfriends ... in particular, their ears perk up when they hear Colostrum.  Yes that is right, Colostrum, naturally produced by the mammary gland of a mother prior to the production of milk.  The difference being that the form we ingest during treatment is defatted.  

Why?  Well, whole Colostrum contains the natural fat, which includes fat-soluble vitamins.  When this is filtered or defatted, elements are removed that could cause allergic reactions.  The result is a Colostrum that is rich in protein and high levels of immunoglobulins.  Filtered Colostrum products can be very potent (40% or higher immunoglobulins) and are intended for the treatment of flu-type symptoms, severe colds, inflammation, and immune system disorder such as cancer.  They are quickly absorbed through the intestinal tract into the blood stream.

Jogging our memories, many of us have been told about how good mothers milk is for a newborn.  The reason being that  Colostrum provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that insures the health and vitality of the baby.  Therefore the connection being that Colostrum can aid in cancer treatment because in particular the Gerson Therapy focuses on the body's ability to heal itself.  Detoxifying the body and then flooding the body with nutrients, will help the body to rebuild.  And since Colostrum strengthens the immune system, many people who have trouble healing after surgery or are undergoing toxic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, choose to support their healing.  Hence, as a means to strengthen the weakened immune system, oral consumption of Colostrum is simple, inexpensive and free of harmful side effects.  And since I am on a natural, alternative treatment for cancer, I can use all the help I can get to rebuild my immune system.  

So given the increasing incidence of cancer and our ongoing exposure to many carcinogens in our environment, it may be wise for many to incorporate an anti-cancer diet and lifestyle for prevention and maybe with a little help if you desire.  Of course, first consult your health practitioner when considering any form of medication, synthetic or herbal.  I for one am not in favour of self-medicating, yet am in favour of understanding your health.  Always, always, always do your research and know what you are ingesting in your body ... and know the benefits and side effects to determine if it is right for you.