Tuesday, January 10, 2012

" Humble Me ... "

 " What do you say
When it's all gone away
Baby I didn't mean to hurt you
The truth spoke in whispers will tear you apart
No matter how hard you resist it
It never rains when you want it to
You humble me lord
Humble me lord
I'm on my knees empty "
~ Norah Jones ~ Humble Me ~
Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit a girlfriend of mine that is to me, my hero.  Her personal story of courage, strength and determination leave me in awe every time we connect.  Besides being a medical miracle, she was also one of the first people I shared my diagnosis with as I knew she would get it.  She has been one of my angels, guiding and supporting me during my journey this year.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life ... thanks Mary ♥
We had a good talk about humbleness and humility.  Mainly because these negative energies came up for me this year ... along with resentment and anger, and I wasn’t proud of it.  And I was trying to understand why.  Knowing that these were “stuck” and had to surface first and then I could deal with it.  I realized my ideas around immortality and invincibility were shattered when faced with an "incurable" dis-ease as stated by the medical profession.  I realized that anything can happen ... and it did.  I was immediately humbled.  I realized that I had to make the choice if I was going to let the cancer have power, have control.  Never ... as I have said before ... life goes on.  For some, smoother than others.  For some, no cares in the world, life is easy ... at least that was my perception.  I was trying to understand why I was angry watching some coast while I struggle.  Enter resentment and anger.  And I think their lack of gratitude, lack of humbleness were the triggers.  Because for me, I view life completely different.  I really try to appreciate all that life has to offer, initially from a place of fear as I thought that I wouldn’t be around much longer.  Now that I have a fighting chance, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude resonates with me.  There are endless outcomes, endless possibilities and we have very little control as to what happens ... just what we do with it.
So back to humbleness or maybe even humility ... question: when you visualize someone that is humble do you see them as meek, hunched over and barely noticeable?  Be honest.  The funny thing is that humility is not an inferiority complex or lack of self-esteem.  Humility means “living with the reality that nothing matters except doing the right thing.”  
The humble person is totally dedicated to the pursuit of truth.  And because his self-esteem is not dependent on approval from others, his choice may be the right, not popular one.  The arrogant person is concerned with his own ego, pride, money and power.  Preoccupied with what others think of him.  So even though his appearance is friendly and charming, he is really manipulating things to suit his selfish needs.  
Think of it this way ... humility thinks “what’s greater than me counts” and arrogance thinks “I’m all that counts.”  And the most humble person of all can also be charismatic.  Because humility is freedom ... concern about truth, living by it and being free to express yourself in the most authentic way.  A quiet confidence, not rattled by critics, earning genuine respect.  A humble person knows his place and helps others, as there is no threat to his ego.
So start by doing some soul searching.  Check in with your life goals ... is it truly meaningful or just some abstract notion.  Are you losing clarity on what is ultimiately important?  Doing the right thing may be difficult, because we don’t always perceive it as providing a great source of pleasure.  Material pleasures are necessary and nice, but they don’t compare to the higher pleasures of life and meaning.  True charisma comes when we disengage ourselves from the need for outside approval ... very powerful.  
Humility can open us up to wisdom because we don’t get stuck in our own subjective reality.  Humbleness can generate truth, objectivity, and pleasure.  Because until you know what you are willing to die for, you have not yet begun to live.


  1. Actually you're my hero! I am humbled by your heartfelt and genuine words. Thank you for an eye-opening, heart-opening visit yesterday. My home was a lot sunnier thanks to you! XOXOXOX

  2. Thanks for the message and email Mary. There are few people that truly bless our lives and I have been fortunate to have the experience with you. Sending you healing love and light my friend ♥

  3. Humble me....one of my favorite songs..This is my take on being humble.

    God opposes the haughty ones, but he gives undeserved kindness to the humble ones.”

    Humility makes for our own peace of mind and contentment. And it helps us in our relations with others. Humility is especially helpful when we are being tried by adversity. Family problems, economic hard times and severe health issues may be hard to face. Humility will help us to endure.

    For humility to be able to help us in time of adversity, we must exercise it in our everyday lives, in all we think, say and do. Humility means lowliness of mind, and not tending to look down on others.

    Things to keep in mind...Humility should mark our conversation. Do we always want to talk about ourselves, how we feel about things, what we have accomplished or plan to do? Do we often speak critically of others? Do we find ourselves monopolizing the conversation? Humility moves one to give others the opportunity to speak. If others are slow to express themselves, humbly, tactfully and lovingly draw them out, to their own happiness and to your own upbuilding. There is more happiness in giving others the opportunity to talk than in doing all the talking yourself.

    Lastly, humility is freedom from pride or arrogance; lowliness of mind. It is not weakness but a state of mind that will guide a person in the proper path.

    This is just my opinion.