Friday, June 10, 2011

"Soul Meets Body ... "

" I want to live where soul meets body,
And let the sun wrap its arms around me,
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing,
And feel, feel what it's like to be new, 

... Where soul meets body"
~ Death Cab For Cutie ~ Soul Meets Body ~ 

This week I have been practicing my visualizations I learned from ADAM, whom I wrote about in my last blog.  In the past I have used these visualizations, but not on a daily basis and not with the same focus and intention.  It is common knowledge that what you think can affect your body.  Some refer to this as the mind body soul body connection.  Science has proven this over and over again, studies focusing on the placebo effect.  We have the capacity to control physical reactions.  

So it is all in your mind?  With intention, if you can bring in wellness, can you bring in illness as well?  Something to ponder, which is exactly what I have been doing.  I recently read about The Wellness Formula of Life.  Intrigued, I thought I would explore exactly what this was.  

The Wellness Formula of Life ~ Mind Body Soul Connection, is described as a chain of command, starting with your soul, your spirit, your higher self or your guide, whatever you choose to identify with. Your guide will tell you ... if you listen to your intuition and meditation.  But if you are not paying attention or acting on the messages, you may need some assistance in listening.  This message then goes thru your mind and heart depending on the situation.  You may have random thoughts, lose focus or just can't get conversations out of your head.  These are the signs and coincidences trying to raise a flag, get noticed and give you a heads up to pay attention by pointing you in the right direction.  Next you get feelings or a sense of what is not real, when something is not right, anxiety ... this is your heart getting involved, and leads to stress.  And if you are not paying attention still, the message gets louder and louder and build up ... similar to a whisper, to a loud talk, to tap on your shoulder, to a hit in the arm, to finally knocking you down ... the universe is really trying to get your attention!

You can decide where in the process you want to pay attention ... your guide uses the mind body soul connection and gets more and more physical with each step described above. Physical can not only mean your body, but also material world ~ property, money, relationships, traffic, losing keys, computers crashing ~ losing "something" in your material world tends to get your attention quickly!

When it comes to dis-ease or loss, there are many aspects that affect your life, not just missed messages, this is just one of them.  In the case of illness, your actual physical body is the connection to consider ~ energetic messages so as the messages get stronger, more energy moves thru your mind and heart ... energy can start showing up as pain, discomfort, damage, infection, etc ... We often are "too busy", obsessed with other things until we are forced to take time rather than taking it when you first realize you need a break ... S-L-O-W-D-O-W-N.

So with all these messages and signs how can we keep track?  Well maybe write down each day what you did or didn't do instead of just marking it off which energetically is not as effective.  

  • Track Body ~ write notes on what you did and where you are improving
  • Track Heart ~ affirm how well you are doing and/or what emotions are coming up and restate your intentions
  • Track Soul ~ give thanks for the assistance and give appreciation for having another day to continue your development.

Trust yourself, you know more than you give yourself credit for ....You may need to build up that trust by following through on everything you promise - this means not promising what you feel you shouldn't do!  And making sure that what you are committing to is in alignment with your higher self/guide/spirit.  

So, before you start anything - be very clear on your intention = the what and why you are committing to your self.  Then, honor your promise.

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