Wednesday, January 4, 2012

" Helping Hand ... "

" Everybody needs a helping hand
Take a look at your fellow man
And tell me what can I do today
Everybody needs a helping out
If that ain't what it's all about
Tell me what
What can I do
What can I do today"
~ Amy Grant ~ Helping Hand ~

I find it really interested when I share the types of medications that I am currently taking on the Gerson Therapy with my Mommy girlfriends ... in particular, their ears perk up when they hear Colostrum.  Yes that is right, Colostrum, naturally produced by the mammary gland of a mother prior to the production of milk.  The difference being that the form we ingest during treatment is defatted.  

Why?  Well, whole Colostrum contains the natural fat, which includes fat-soluble vitamins.  When this is filtered or defatted, elements are removed that could cause allergic reactions.  The result is a Colostrum that is rich in protein and high levels of immunoglobulins.  Filtered Colostrum products can be very potent (40% or higher immunoglobulins) and are intended for the treatment of flu-type symptoms, severe colds, inflammation, and immune system disorder such as cancer.  They are quickly absorbed through the intestinal tract into the blood stream.

Jogging our memories, many of us have been told about how good mothers milk is for a newborn.  The reason being that  Colostrum provides life-supporting immune and growth factors that insures the health and vitality of the baby.  Therefore the connection being that Colostrum can aid in cancer treatment because in particular the Gerson Therapy focuses on the body's ability to heal itself.  Detoxifying the body and then flooding the body with nutrients, will help the body to rebuild.  And since Colostrum strengthens the immune system, many people who have trouble healing after surgery or are undergoing toxic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, choose to support their healing.  Hence, as a means to strengthen the weakened immune system, oral consumption of Colostrum is simple, inexpensive and free of harmful side effects.  And since I am on a natural, alternative treatment for cancer, I can use all the help I can get to rebuild my immune system.  

So given the increasing incidence of cancer and our ongoing exposure to many carcinogens in our environment, it may be wise for many to incorporate an anti-cancer diet and lifestyle for prevention and maybe with a little help if you desire.  Of course, first consult your health practitioner when considering any form of medication, synthetic or herbal.  I for one am not in favour of self-medicating, yet am in favour of understanding your health.  Always, always, always do your research and know what you are ingesting in your body ... and know the benefits and side effects to determine if it is right for you. 

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