Monday, May 2, 2011

"Meditate ..."

Clear the state
Now radiate
A perfect state
Food on plate
The Earth's own weight
Designate your love as fate"

~ INXS ~ Meditate ~


I love, love, love this song ... and love the message.  It seemed appropriate as today I finally get to plan my meditation space.  I have been threatening to do this for some time, and now the time is right.  I get a chance to be in a sacred space and quiet my monkey mind, well, at least slow it down.  My motivation has come from listening to podcasts, specifically Kelly Howell, Theatre of The Mind, thanks to my close friend Joelle Gilmour.  In one particular podcast, the expert talks about meditation, and how meditation can help to refuel our emotional bank account.  How cool is that thought ... it makes perfect sense.  Sometimes, we find that people and situations can drain us.  It is true, we all know who they are or what it stems from.  It is important not to raise our awareness and manage the situation.  Whether it be a family member, our boss, or friend, once we aware, we can limit our exposure and protect ourselves.  It is more than okay to put ourselves first ... first priority to get well, heal and be well.

Back to the meditation space ... first things first is to remove the vibration machine I purchased a year and half ago.  It was a great machine, as most of you have probably read numerous benefits possible, I loved it.  But, the time is right to pass it on, so we did to my Mom.  She suffers from chronic arthritis.  Yes, I have already preached to my parents about the benefits from the Gerson therapy, and shared how my arthritic pain is down to a miniscule bother, but everyone embraces change when they are ready.  The good news is that my family is excited to incorporate different juices into their diet now.  Oh yes, there are some benefits of crisis.

Next is to arrange all my educational material I gathered during my Personal Training certification, as well as move some furniture around.  Some things in my minds eye are comfortable pillows, draping fabrics, 100% natural essential oils, candles, tibetan bowl, bells, water feature and of course music.  

This room needs to reflect my feelings, interests, beliefs, attitudes, desires, passions, dreams ... my very spirit.  I want this to be a sacred space to re-energize, re-fuel and re-new me.  A place to heal and rejuvenate.  I like to think of it as a portal between the physical and spiritual worlds. Where I can just BE.  When I walk into my sacred space I want to immediately feel a difference in energies ... feel that I am a part of nature and the universe.  I am so excited to get this project going as I know it will support my journey to wellness.

"When calm your mind and your senses, you become conscious of your always-present inner Self."
~ R. Sasson

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