Tuesday, January 29, 2013

" Lies, Lies, Lies ..."

you told me you loved me
so i don't understand
why promises are snapped in two
and words are made to bend
(the bigger, the better) ...

collected from around the world,
they'll catch you if they can ...

lies lies lies yeah
lies lies lies yeah
lies lies lies yeah

do i have to catch you out
to know what's on your mind ...

white ones and red ones
and some you can't disguise
twisted truth and half the news
can't hide it in your eyes

lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)
lies lies lies yeah (they won't forget you)
lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)
lies lies lies yeah

~ The Thompson Twins ~ Lies Lies Lies ~

Would you ever admit you are a good liar?  Of course not, you just convince yourself of stuff that isn’t even close to reality.  And you know this because you see in others.  But that’s not lying right? 

Most of the time you don’t realize that you are lying to yourself because your illusions become your reality.  With a trapped mindset, you can spend years convincing yourself that you want something you don’t.  You tell yourself a series of lies so the story makes sense.

  • Telling yourself that you are too old to do what you love is a common one.  Set yourself free and realize that you are never too old to do anything.  

  • Telling yourself that you have to wait for the perfect time.  Truth is that there is no perfect time for anything.  

  • Telling yourself that everyone will be supportive.  Truth is that relying on your own instincts and pleasing everyone will be hard to achieve simultaneously.  Learn to trust yourself in the face of doubt.  

  • Telling yourself you need stuff.  Truth is we don’t need half of what we have because sometimes we are using that stuff to fill a void.  

  • Telling yourself you know what people think of you.  Truth is no matter how smart you are, you cannot read people’s minds.  Stop worrying about what people think, just interact with them and tell them how you feel.  Express what you feel so people know what you think.

Whether any or all of the above sound familiar, how you spend your days is ultimately how you will spend your life.  Believing the illusions will set you up because the worst lies are the ones we subconsciously tell ourselves.  They have been ingrained in our minds by bad external influences and negative thinking.

We see people around us achieving the impossible ... every day, every age, every demographic and every social condition.  They rise up to the occasion.  They defy the norms ... because nobody has to give them permission so they can live our their dreams and make their own waves.  So why then do we wait for permission?

Monday, January 28, 2013

" Present Tense ... "

Do you see the way that tree bends? 
Does it inspire?
Leaning out to catch the sun's rays
A lesson to be applied

Are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?
You can spend your time alone, re digesting past regrets, oh
Or you can come to terms and realize
You're the only one who can't forgive yourself, oh

Makes much more sense to live in the present tense
Have you ideas on how this life ends? 
Checked your hands and studied the lines
Have you the belief that the road ahead ascends off into the light?

Or you can come to terms and realize
You're the only one who cannot forgive yourself, oh
Makes much more sense to live in the present tense

~ Pearl Jam ~ Present Tense ~

The lost art of living in the present.  Being present versus Being there.  The idea of being present encompasses the fundamental principles of yoga ... to simply “be” in the moment you are experiencing.  Easy enough ... so why then do  many lose sight of the “experience” before their eyes?

Perhaps it is because our society does not focus on the present tense.  We are always in preparation mode instead of enjoying today’s victory.  And when we finally stop to savor a milestone, it is by conscious measure, only to move on to the next one.

Truly, we are all familiar with the subject of presence ... wanting to be able to pay attention to what’s here versus dwelling on the past or longing for the future.

Just take this example ... you judge someone to be a certain way therefore you will expect them to behave that way.  Your expectations show up in the words you use, the tone of your voice and your body language.  Now, you are part of this person’s environment and your influence will set up an expectation, and other people will meet your expectation.  

Yet the problem is not their reaction but yours.  You responded based on the image you have of them.  So how do suspend judgement? ... you listen with the intention of understanding them by becoming fully present.  This brings your mind into this moment.  Now, in this relationship, each moment is new.  You have chosen to be present and surprise yourself by the potential that is within them instead.  

Mindfulness is a choice.  So how do we become more present in the present?  Start with believing that the most important thing in your life is what is happening right now, including what is inside you as well as outside.  

I have found that I must let go of the belief that I am irresponsible if I give time to myself, time to be alone and time to make contact with the Divine.  My responsibility to this human experience is to bring my whole self in to, fully and with a deep connection with my own being.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  And by being present, we allow the past memories, thoughts, feelings and worries to be left behind, therefore creating space ... a space for love, gratitude and miraculous transformations to take place ... a place where Divine manifestations occur.

the most precious gift we can offer others is our presence ... 
when mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers ... 
so wherever you are, be all there ॐ

Friday, January 25, 2013

" No Coincidence ... "

It’s amazing, it’s perfection
How each little bitty star makes up one big
constellation of people
Getting connected
it’s truly heaven sent, it’s evident
that love is no coincidence ...

How we intertwine is Divine
Open your eyes and you’ll find
seasons have reasons for changing
So that everybody can find love, lose love, find love again ...

~ Kelly Rowland ~ No Coincidence ~

Do you believe there are no coincidences when it comes to human behaviour?  That we behave in a certain way because we get something out of it.  Oprah does and so do I.

Most of us go through life like children ... with anticipation, playing hide and seek, wanting to be found yet hoping we won’t be.  Worrying when opportunities come, only to hide deeper in the shadows when fear overcomes us.  But is this really the way to go through life?  

Fortunately, there are people who understand the true nature of reality and lose all sense of fear or concern.  Their worries vanish.  How?  They understand the way life really works with the flow of energy and information that directs every moment.  They see  the amazing potential in every moment.  They encounter more coincidences in their life which allows them to live with the underlying field of infinite possibilities.  They are great examples.

Think of Deepak Chopra’s quote ... “Seekers are offered clues all the time from the world of spirit. Ordinary people call these clues coincidences”.  Just think ... about the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have a connection.  And you say to yourself, what are the chances or small world.  But is that all it is?

I believe that when a “coincidence” arises, don’t ignore it.  There is a message there, there is significance.  Whether it arrives as a sudden insight, a spontaneous creative experience or something very different, it has meaning, it has purpose.  And when you get this, you will then say to yourself, oh, so that’s what it was all about.  

If you take the position as an observer of your life, these coincidences become clearer because our connection to the universal soul is much more obvious.  Seeing your life as a movie and watching yourself may allow you to notice things that did not strike you as important at the time.  By viewing yourself objectively, you can gain insights on your character or your self.  And when this happens, we can gradually see correlations and images that repeat themselves in everyday reality.  Clues, all around us ... we just need to pay attention.

Of course it would be helpful if the universe would just give us one big clue, or a giant compass, pointing to the direction we should be taking.  Yet the compass is present.  We just need to look inside ourselves to discover our soul’s purest desire.  So form an intention and become sensitive to the messages because following the chain of “coincidences” can help create the destiny you desire and witness the miracle that lies in the wings ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

" The Voice Within ... "

When you're safe inside your room, you tend to dream
Of a place where nothing's harder than it seems
No one ever wants or bothers to explain
Of the heartache life can bring and what it means ...

Now in a world where innocence is quickly claimed
It's so hard to stand your ground when you're so afraid
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold
When you look outside, look inside to your soul

When there's no one else, look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within
Then you'll find the strength that will guide your way
If you will learn to begin to trust the voice within

~ Christina Aguilera ~ The Voice Within ~

We had the amazing opportunity to experience ... 
“An Evening with Oprah”.

The most influential woman in the world.  
Truly an EPIC night.  

Oprah asked us why we were there, as she said, the ultimate question.  She has been called and was there to remind us we’ve all been called too.  Inspiring, motivating and enchanting, Oprah relied on her faith in God to encourage us to hear our calling and step closer to fulfilling our purpose. 

As she shared with us her life story, she emphasized the common thread that has taken her from Mississippi to Nashville to Chicago to eventually to us in Calgary.  Her guide is her inner GPS, that little voice.  “That little voice, where we are all equal .. the voice speaks to us equally”.

She reminded us of the whispers ... "I say the universe speaks to us, always, first in whispers. And a whisper in your life usually feels like ‘hmm, that’s odd.’ Or, ‘hmm, that doesn’t make any sense.’ Or, ‘hmm, is that right?’ It’s that subtle. And if you don’t pay attention to the whisper, it gets louder and louder and louder. I say it’s like getting thumped upside the head. If you don’t pay attention to that, it’s like getting a brick upside your head. You don’t pay attention to that-the brick wall falls down. That is the pattern that I see in my life and so many other people’s lives. And so, I ask people, ‘What are the whispers? What’s whispering to you now?"

This really resonated with me.  Reflecting on what is really going on in my world, I can’t help but see instances and situations that appear to be a “sign”.  Hindsight ~ you realize there were clues that led you here, today.  And most often these communications are our intuition ... gut instinct.

Oprah talked a great deal on intuitive communication and how it plays a significant role in guiding us through our lives.   Yet, how clearly it communicates and how clearly you understand the message depends on whether you tune in regularly and whether you trust the message.

Intuition ... during those quiet moments, ideas and directions popping into my thoughts, strong emotions and feelings alerting me towards a better path ...

There are times we feel that we know better, with rational thoughts and intellectual strategies, to work life out.  And for some this is all you need ... but I am learning that planning a life without consulting my intuition can results in a plan that doesn’t “fit” who I am.  And as Oprah asked ... “Who are you?” ... not the roles you play, but “Do you know who you really are?”

Life is always communicating with us through our internal intuition and through external physical signs and symbols.  So why then is it a whisper?  Because we rarely trust what we see, hear and feel.  We live in a world dominated by rational thought.  

Check your belief systems ...

We should work on developing and listening to our intuition and the energy of the universe.  Trusting this guidance and acting on it.  As we listen to this voice, the insights it articulates will likely become clearer even when worldly distractions threaten to drown it.

Oprah talked about seeking the wisdom that lies within through quiet reflection.  She accesses that quiet inner voice often which guides her forward in a mindful manner.  She is an example of how this has provided her a “glorious” life, a life she has chosen to share with us through service, a paradigm shift, where the magic happens.

So realize that there is more to us and our intellect and that we have all the guidance we need.  There are parts of us and our universe that we cannot see, know or yet understand.  Yet if we practice tuning in, following the guidance we can witness the mini miracles in our lives.  So ask yourself, what are you whispers and what's whispering to you now ...

❤ Thank-you Oprah for your radiant energy, guiding light 
... and spreading so so much LOVE 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

" The Look of Love ... "

When your world is full of strange arrangements 
And gravity won't pull you through 
You know you're missing out on something 
Well that something depends on you ... 

That's the look, that's the look 
The look of love ...
Then your dreams fall apart at the seams 
Your reason for living's your reason for leaving 
Don't ask me what it means 

Who's got the look? I don't know the answer to that question 
Where's the look? if I knew I would tell you 
What's the look? look for your information 
Yes there's one thing, the one thing that still holds true ...

That's the look, that's the look 
The look of love 

~ ABC ~ The Look of Love ~ 

Last night at a social gathering I experienced some interesting dialogue.  Having had some rough days and months past, dialogue I was more aware of.  While my outer appearance was calm, cool and collective, my inside was of another variety.  Again, having had some rough days and months ... if they only knew.

Picture this ....

Person: “you look pretty good”
Me (outside): “thank-you, that is very kind of you
Me (inside): “actually, I feel pretty bad”

Person: “keep up the good work”
Me (outside): smile, “thanks”
Me (inside): “it sure does feel like work all the time”

Person: “you’ve lost weight, what is your secret?”
Me (outside): “thanks, healthy eating”
Me (inside): “you have noooo idea”

Person: “aren’t you going to have dinner or are you on a diet?”
Me (outside): “oh, I’ve already eaten thanks”
Me (inside): “you have noooo idea”

And it goes on ... you get the idea.  I realized as well that once again, just when you think EVERYONE knows what you are going through, they don’t.  And it’s not because they don’t care, but because they themselves have their own challenges they are dealing with.  And right then and there you realize ... your life does only revolve around you.

I will admit I was bit tired by those that did know and how uncomfortable it still makes them.  When you they ask you “how are you doing”, they really don’t want to hear that inside voice in your head, the honest one, the vulnerable one.  Mainly because that would be uncomfortable to hear.  How many people truly know how to cope, manage or deal with another person’s adversity?  When the response is something other than what they expect, what are they suppose to do with it?

Since my diagnosis, I have had friends that have vanished, or maybe a nicer way of saying it ... “are soooo busy”.  And it is not because they don’t care, it’s because they don’t know how to deal with it.  It makes them uncomfortable dealing with the idea of mortality, mine or their own.  Oddly enough, it doesn’t go away because it is the elephant in the room, causing each subsequent conversation to get more and more difficult.

The look, your look says a lot about you.  But we can all fake it and most of the time we do.  We look the part and act the part but do we really feel the part??  Aha ... yeah, that is the key.  Working on what is going on inside.  And while we are all “strive to survive”, sometimes survival is acting the part so that we can make do.  Just think if we went to work and really acted how we were feeling ... chances are, we'd be unemployed and probably be escorted to the nearest mental health office for “assistance”.  But I'm pretty sure we'd have a great deal of company.

Of course if we need professional help we should seek it.  Yet sometimes we just need someone to listen to what our hearts are saying.  Instinctively, I feel we really do know when others are in pain, suffering and in need of help.  It is whether we chose to do something about it or just ignore it.  

Active Compassion versus Passive Empathy ...

When you read between the lines, understand another's pain and suffering and act on it with assistance ... that is active compassion.  When you feel sorry for someone, wish them the best but don’t get involved, and are happy it isn’t you ... that is passive empathy or pity.  There is a difference.  A big difference ... compassion creates connections where pity creates distance.

Compassion becomes active when it is worked like a muscle ...

“Every moment offers us a chance to be gentle instead of sharp, thoughtful instead of insensitive.  Making compassion an automatic response, by directing consistent attention and effort in every situation is to consciously practice incorporating it into our lives.  But we must choose to naturally sink into a rhythm of words and behaviors that reflect this loving kindness in everything we do”.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

" Choices ... "

I've had choices
Since the day that I was born
There were voices
That told me right from wrong
If I had listened
No I wouldn't be here today
Living and dying
With the choices I made

I guess I'm payin'
For the things that I have done
If I could go back
Oh, Lord knows I'd run
But I'm still losin'
This game of life I play
Living and dying
With the choices I made

~ George Jones ~ Choices ~

Do you believe you are capable of making the right decision?  Do you feel confident and at peace with your choices?  And are you comfortable making mistakes?  

Tough questions ... but the truth is once we have made a decision we need to learn to be at good with it.  Not long ago I faced making a difficult decision.  My treatment plan.  I spent days and weeks worrying over the decision.  And I there are times I still wonder if I made the right decision.  At the time, I knew what I thought was the right thing to do ... but I wasn’t sure.  And I am not sure I could ever be.  How do you know what works unless you try it ... but at the cost of your life?

I have read that no decision is set in stone and if tomorrow we find out that a decision was disastrous we can go back and sort out the consequences.  But what if it’s too late and those consequences are irreversible?

I guess the real question to ask yourself is “Are you willing to live with the worse case scenario?”  Because it is not about how unpopular you may become with this choice but if the decision still feels right despite the consequences.  

Reflecting back, I l did look at other possible decisions but none of them felt right to me.  I had to be at peace with it and quit worrying over it as it was the best decision I could make in the circumstances at that time.  Generally we do the best we can at the time ... we move on and live with it.

So why the second guessing then?  Hello inner critic.  I believe that unhealthy inner criticism is born of perfectionism and trying to live up to other people’s expectations.  We experience harsh judgement of ourselves when we don’t accept ourselves as we are.  Just think how toxic it is when you have been berated by others until you believe what they said about you or you compare yourself to someone else.

When our inner voice is no longer acting as an objective voice of reason, we feel discouraged instead of challenged.  And when our inner dialogue turns from honest and humble to minimizing and belittling, we have a problem.

So how do you make peace with your inner critic?  We can start by focusing on our actions and not our results.  This is a real tough one for me.  You see my inner critic has been focusing on the outcome over the action, understandably.  But you learn and grow by doing ... and judging the results of your efforts keeps you from trying.  I keep having to remind myself to celebrate the accomplishments of my efforts instead of the outcome.

Basically, there are times you just have to push through the fear and criticism in your head because getting your mental “chatterbox” to simmer down is challenging.  Seriously it will never run out of material.  

So I am trying to look for ways to turn my inner critic into my inner guide.  I am trying to let go of what doesn’t serve and cultivate what does ... and then know it, embrace it, love it and let it melt into the whole of me.   Hopefully then I can be more at peace with my choices because with you know better you do better.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

" Manifest ... "

Complete your name with accents I can't place
That stumble where the syllables combine
Take depositions from a stranger's face
Paint every insignificance a sign

So tell me nothing matters less or more
Say whatever we think actions are
We'll never know what anything was for
If near is just as far away as far
And I'm permitted one act I can save
I choose to sit here next to you and wave

~ The Weakerthans ~ Manifest

Manifestation ... the results of your thoughts.  And in order for it to work, you must believe it and live by it ... because what we focus on expands.  Simple enough right ... just take this exact moment ... what are you thinking about or manifesting?  See, careful what you wish for!

Regardless, we are all experts in manifesting.  And all the experiences that we have been having, are a result from our thoughts.  I know, believe me ... hard to understand especially when dealing with an ill-ness.

Yet, this is something I am trying to work with.  Because if I can move forward from the belief that I am already creating the things that are in my life, couldn’t I also think that it is possible to “change” what I am manifesting?  I have others around me say “Focus on what you want” and feel positive about it and about having it.  But I’ll tell you, it is a MAJOR struggle for me.  

You see there are days I STILL wake up startled, almost shocked that I am still in cancer therapy ... and then wondering if this could possibly be my last day.  Yes, a change is definitely needed because at that moment my focus is upon not having something and that is an important point.

I think back to the experiences I have had and how I felt about them before they were delivered.  The things that came easy and the things that were difficult.  Focusing on the idea that I should have it or not having it manifests my outcome.  

Conscious manifestation 
* realizing you created all your experiences *

I recently read that it is more beneficial to focus on health and wellness than it is to think of healing.  Interesting.  You see that thoughts of healing are an improvement over thoughts of sickness, which is obviously a step in the right direction.  Yet, our attention on the need for healing still focuses on the problem because healing is the process of “fixing” something that is not well.  So the creative power of our thoughts is less effective when directed towards not being well.

* A brown leaf never turns green
* Focus on what will determine the future content, 
which is the context ... Grow a new leaf ...

So I am trying to turn my thoughts towards what I want and not the lack of it because I really need a re-boot at the moment.  With all the cures, medications and “fighting” the problem campaigns, perhaps it’s better to give more thought to the way I want to feel.  

My goal is to change those startling morning moments to positive health affirmations by believing that I am healthy, whole and complete, I am living a long and healthy life, and I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life.  

* Visualizing wellness
* Notice the change in your thought vibration
* Manifest the perfect health that you desire

At this point, baby steps ... just celebrating tiny victories by taking advantage of every opportunity to think and feel better ... and the realization that I can get closer with manifesting every step.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

" Continue ... "

Somehow things happen
With time in mind we can't stop moving
Deep meditation has taken me to a higher placement
And mocking the entrance for once,
we're gone, reincarnation

Of the distance I see the light I see its brilliance
What is its nature, is anything what it seems? ...

The questions that I ask can never be truthfully answered,
by any human who thinks himself to be a master
Nothing is what is seems, sometimes I see no point in walking
Woke up in my dreams ...

~ Union 13 ~ Continue ~

Russell and I had a conversation today about what my health journey thus far has taught him.  He said, perseverance ... “a steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles or discouragement.”  He said that although he is not going through the actual therapy, he understands the depth as to what is required to stay on path ... which strengthens his resolve to stay on his path, despite the odds.

For those of you that have followed along, I was diagnosed in early February 2011 and started the Gerson Therapy on March 7, 2011 in Mexico ... as of this moment, I am on week 96 or 22 months and counting.  

Some may think inspiring, others do think insane ...

The therapy is to be considered for a minimum of two years, depending on your type, stage and other potential  complications associated with your condition.  I can say that year one was like a walk in the park compared to year 2.  Year 2 has been full of extreme symptoms, emotionally and physically.  And from what I have learned, this is to be expected when self-healing difficulties, obstacles and discouragement.

So how do I stay on course?  Well depending on the day, the answer varies.  Some days I feel great, and think I can take on the world.  I just do what it takes, it is part of my day, a schedule, a routine and I believe and know I am blessed to truly heal.  Other days I feel awful, am in pain, or cry uncontrollably and feel like a real victim, deprived, and deserving of punishment.  As I said, extremes ...

Extremes ... experience of immense generosity, and love and support.  An abundance that I didn’t know was available to me and for me.  And experience of profound loss, sadness and depression.  Lower energies that I guess are necessary to appreciate higher vibrations.

Perhaps this is what happens when your awareness is heightened.  Everything seems to vary in great degrees. 

... Faith ... Hope ... Strength ... Courage ... Compassion ... Gratitude ...

Perseverance in the face of uncertainty, on a path of unknown.  Some feel the future is written for us ... fate.  Others feel it is unwritten and for us to scribe.  Viewing it as regardless what we do, it will happen or based on what we do, it will happen.  Either way, the guarantee is it will unfold, setbacks et all.

I realize that trying to hold on to the oars and steer this raft feels pointless at times.  Releasing and allowing my soul to live ... yet relinquishing this control feels so out of control at times.  Is letting go equivalent to giving up or recognizing there is only so much we can control?

Reoccurring messages stating "Don't quit before the miracle happens" ... trust to keep doing what I am doing because it is working ... all in perfect timing ... believe in the process and that GOD is always right ... this is truly how I continue ... at least at this present moment 

Monday, January 7, 2013

" Drive My Soul ... "

When you are gone
Will I lose control? 
You are the only road I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul? 

You make the street lights reappear
I feel bright when you stand near
I know what I am when you are here
My place becomes so clear

Will I lose control? 
You're the only road that I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul? 
Drive my soul

~ Lights ~ Drive My Soul ~ 

I strongly believe in Divine Guidance and I know it can come as a song on the radio, a conversation with a stranger, an article I have read, voices in my dreams or inspired ideas.  Simply a message.  But what is not so simple is knowing if it is truly a message from the Divine.

Over the years, I have awareness in seeing it as a natural part of my daily life ... I recognize, trust and act on this guidance.  Yet my ego does like to mess me up time to time and settle me in a place of confusion.  

Thankfully there is a great deal of resources around me as well as online.  Doreen Virtue, Ph.D speaks clearly in her book called Divine Guidance about this very thing.  Distinguishing true guidance from false guidance and how to more fully open up your channels to receive Divine messages.

She talks about the difference between true higher guidance and false lower/ego guidance.  Here are a few to consider:

  • True Guidance is supportive and motivational
  • False Guidance is fearful and inspires doubt
  • True Guidance is consistent
  • False Guidance switches impulsively
  • True Guidance refers to your life purpose or mission
  • False Guidance refers to competition with others
  • True Guidance wants joy in the present
  • False Guidance wants to delay happiness for the future
  • True Guidance is strong and powerful
  • False Guidance is insidious and sneaky
  • True Guidance is familiar
  • False Guidance is out-of-sync with your lifestyle
  • True Guidance speaks in second person
  • False Guidance uses the word “I” constantly 
  • True Guidance empowers you
  • False Guidance weakens you
  • True Guidance comes suddenly and completely in response to prayer/meditation
  • False Guidance comes gradually in response to worry
  • True Guidance never puts you above or below others
  • False Guidance says you are better or worse than others

Ultimately knowing that Divine Guidance is available to us at all times is comforting ... these messages are always loving, uplifting and peaceful.  Our willingness to receive and be open to hearing in a way that we can understand is the key.

I have been told to have the intention to receive guidance that is for my highest and greatest good and trusting that the answers will come.  And of course be grateful for the Divine assistance.  Regardless, you have to just believe intuitively what is right for you ... 

Friday, January 4, 2013

"OM ... "

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

The Earth turns slowly round
Far away the distant sound
Is with us everyday
Can you hear what it say
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

~ Moody Blues ~ OM ~

Some of us have chanted OM hundreds, maybe thousands of times ... and the symbol is everywhere.  I have the symbol on my jacket, on my water bottle and sometimes I even wear it as a pendant.  But not until recently when a friend inquired as to it’s true meaning, did I want to explain how OM makes a yogi wholeheartedly chant its glory and live in its symbolic presence.

As per ancient Indian Vedic scriptures, OM or AUM is the symbol of the Absolute.  It is of paramount importance in Hinduism ... and is a sacred syllable representing the omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence. OM represents both the unmanifest and manifest aspects of God.  That is why it is called "pranava" ... to mean that it pervades life and runs through our prana and breath.  OM can also be found in the traditions of Buddhism and Yoga.  

The symbol and sound of OM represents the creation, existence, 
and dissolution of everything in the universe ...

A simpler way to deepen our knowledge of this ancient sacred symbol is by understanding the following:

  • the sound of OM encompasses all words and sounds in the human language
  • in Sanskrit, the sound “O” is spelled “AU” 
  • AUM represents the three fold division of time
    • A - waking state
    • U - dream state
    • M - state of deep sleep
  • at the end of AUM is a pause or silence 
    • representing the state known as Infinite Consciousness
  • the visual symbol OM visually consists of three curves, one semicircle and a dot
    • large bottom curve symbolizes the waking state
    • middle curve signifies the dream state
    • upper curve denotes the deep sleep
    • dot signifies the Infinite state
    • semi circle represents Maya, obstacle to realization of the Highest  
  • the physical form of Lord Ganesha is said to be that of OM
    • upper curve is the face
    • lower curve is his belly
    • twisted curve on the right side is his trunk

 Om represents the fundamental vibration of the energy 
of the universe, and is the root of most mantras ...

Personally, I believe that OM is a mantra or prayer in itself ... with practice and the correct intonation, it resonates through out my body, allowing the sound to penetrate to the centre of my being, the "atman" or soul.

And from experience, the power of chanting OM releases tension by the ultrasonic waves directed from your vocal-chords softening the pressure built up within your body.  During my meditation, chanting OM, I create within myself a vibration that attunes sympathy with the universe.  It is a moment when the petty worldly affairs are lost in the desire for the universal ... such is the immeasurable power of OM ... 

Gayatri Mantra
Om bhur bhuvah svaha

Tat savitur varenyam
Bargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yona prachodayat ...

"I reflect on the unity of Divine Spirit, 
which pervades everything in the earth, 
the atmosphere and heavens.

May this Supreme Consciousness protect me 
and illuminate my intellect that I may realize my inherent oneness with That.
I meditate on the great luminous light that enlightens all three worlds.
May it enlighten all" ...