Wednesday, November 16, 2011

" You're A Superstar ..."

"Reach for the sky, and hold your head up high
For tonight, and every night, you're a superstar
And don't you be afraid
Think of all the friends you've made
Like any other night you've got your name in lights
You're a superstar"
~ Love Inc ~ You're A Superstar ~

When my wellness journey started, I had a real choice to make.  Would I curl up and hope it would all go away ... or would I share.  Initially my blog, WalkStrong, was set up for my walking club and to support my keen interest in fitness.  Also, to display a compilation of articles, news and general information regarding health and fitness.  After my cancer diagnosis, I decided to really work my blog.  "To share a collection of thoughts, experiences and emotions regarding a natural therapeutic and wellness approach to beating cancer" ... that is what I came up with for a "description" when recently asked.

Starting from the beginning, treatment at the Gerson Clinic in March 2011, and now, a continuance of frequent updates about anything from natural supplements, emotional detox, spirituality and awareness ... to rants and discussions to give you food for thought.  

And during this journey, I have had loads of feedback ~ private messages, comments, emails, notes and calls, giving me the thumbs up.  I have been so humbled by the idea that I inspire others.  It is a real honour to write, share and help others.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, it truly motivates me to continue with the path of communication.

I continue to write outside of this blog too, compiling my "story", the one I will choose to share perhaps one day on a grander scale ... an interesting journey that has been painful, playful and liberating all rolled up in one ... and still a work in progress.

So this is to thank YOUs for your support and asking that you keep it coming ... you've made me feel like a "superstar", holding my head up high at the times I need to the most.  I am surrounded by an exceptional number of incredible people, I like to call Earth Angels ~ you know who you are!  Much Love 


  1. Meena, you're doing us a favor by getting the word out there about Gerson, and your life experiences and stories, so thank you! As a fellow Gerson person, I'm also thankful to have connected with you, and to see you progress on your wellness journey. Much love x

  2. I am humbled by your words and also so thankful that we have connected Lucie ... another beautiful blessing in this wild journey we are on. Hang in there my fellow Gersonator ... we are healing!!