Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Ironic ..."

"It's like rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
It's the good advice that you just didn't take
Who would've thought... it figures"

~ Alanis Morissette ~ Ironic ~ 

Well here's a health update ... on week 15 and another consultation with the doctors.  Laboratory results look good, they are really happy with my levels and numbers and slightly tweaked m programme.  Big news, I get lentils twice a week now - oh yeah!!  that is SO exciting for me ... variety!!  My next consultation is in two months now ~ August ~ 6 month mark.  I asked about my ultrasound and when I should schedule it.  The doctors in Mexico explained once again how I am detox mode, intense detox.  How the tumour has been aggravated, is probably inflamed and if any diagnostic testing is done at this time, the tumour could be bigger, tumour marker could be high and would lead to depression, and pressure to take on a more severe treatment (i.e. cut, poison and burn ...) ... but after some discussion, they indicated that it would be "okay" to have the ultrasound results for the next consult.  So my plan now?  well, continue on the therapy as directed, and continue to heal my body.  Yes there is anxiety, yes there is fear, but do I choose to live in a what if world?  Absolutely not ... all we know is NOW.  So overall, I focus on the positive and encourage myself every day because for the believer, there is no question and for the non-believer, there is no answer ...

But, Today my thoughts are with one of my inspirations during my current journey .... The Wellness Warrior, Jess Ainscough.  Jess was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive cancer called Epithelioid Sarcoma in her left hand and arm.  She has endured an amazing journey to health and wellness, and I am in awe of her.  Currently, Jess is on month 14 of the Gerson Therapy and was looking forward to the 18 month mark to start easing back into regular life, a better life.  Along the way, she has also become a Holistic Health Counsellor ...And as I read her blog EVERYDAY, I felt my stomach drop when I read her blog title "Two Years of Gerson Therapy suddenly becomes Three" ...the irony is that her Mother was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Unbelievable!  Her parents have been her support, her pillars, and specifically her Mother has been her primary caregiver.  My heart just hurt when I read her blog ... how can life be so cruel, how can this be happening, have they not endured enough ... yet there is a part of us that know, things happen for a reason, what the reason is, is for us to find out.  So once Jess is off her therapy, roles will be reversed, and she will be her Mother's primary caregiver.  At the present time, her father has stepped in to help Jess and her Mom on the therapy.  Jess is a wonderful example as to how our bodies heal, cancer is curable, and this horrendous dis-ease can be driven out of our bodies naturally.  Her Mother is armed with the best possible knowledge and will battle the disease with the help, grace and guidance of her.  

Prayers and Love go out to your family right now Jess 
... keeping the faith and knowing that there is a cure, you are living proof. 
♥ we must have courage, whatever the test, however many times we fall, stand up just once more ♥ 


  1. Congrats on good test results. I agree, scans are damn depressing. I have lymphoma and my tumors are always shifting, which makes the oncologist go "ah ha" you are worse, when in reality it's just a result of all the detox and in some cases, tumors literally pushing their way out of my body. Keep it up, you are so brave!

  2. My gosh, I have tears in my eyes right now. Thank you so much for writing about me in this beautiful post!

    And congrats on being allowed to eat lentils twice a week now - I know how exciting little things like that are haha.

    Sending lots of love and gratitude your way. And wishing you an inspired healing journey.

    Jess xx

  3. Thanks Shanna, I appreciate you support and words of encouragement!

  4. Jess, you are a true inspiration to me and you are very welcome - it is an honor to blog about you and your healing journey. We hope our little contribution to your blog will help you and your family. Much Love my friend :)