Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Stretch ..."

Stretching out your tightness
good enough to make you grow
We are all in favour of this motion

stretching out your tightness
time to open up your whole

i'm a bird and i can fly away
i can shift in so many shapes
make it up as i go along
that way it is never wrong

~ Red Hot Chili Peppers ~ Stretch ~

Last night for the first time since my diagnosis I went to hot yoga.  Now I have been practicing yoga at home but this time I ventured to the studio with my girlfriend.  We figured if all else fails, I could lie there for one hour and pretend I was vacationing at a sunny resort far far away.  I was nervous about the whole thing too ... how would I handle the heat, would I remember any of the Vinyasa postures, would I feel ill, would I pass out ... all the crazy thoughts that go thru your mind.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only did I make through the class and postures, I made it MY practice ... ding, ding, ding ... yep the key to yoga ~ the courage you bring to your practice.  And I was loving the heat, the warm embrace, and the comfort.  It felt like getting back on a bicycle after a wee bit of a break.  It felt good.

The studio is my favourite ~ Hot Yoga on Crowfoot.  They have put a great deal of time, knowledge and care into creating a wonderful atmosphere.  They have clay walls that are natural and full of great qualities so that you are breathing in all the good you can.  And believe me, you are really breathing hard during these classes.  They also have fresh air circulating through the studio and the flooring is ergonomically designed to prevent injuries.  If that isn't enough, they clean with environmentally friendly products and are eco friendly when it comes to their showers and toilets.  

Within this one hour class, I was visualizing the release of toxins and poisons from my body, flushing out ~ an overall cleansing effect.  Now the Gerson therapy cautions us to over exert ourselves, making sure our energy is used to fight our illness first and foremost.  I was fully aware of my limitations and listening to my body, making sure to meet myself where I was at that moment with no judgement.  And I was so concentrated with my breathing, concentrated in my practice and a times felt like I was the only one in the room.  So, I have set my intentions to once a week and am excited to re-introduce this in my life.  Yoga is the connects the mind and body with conscious breathing, without,  it is just a bunch of shapes and sorts on a mat.

As I continue on this journey, I realize that change is not something that we should fear, rather it is something we should welcome ~ otherwise nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom ... possibly missing the opportunity to move forward to become the person we're meant to be.

"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape"

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Work It ..."

"Is it worth it, let me work it...
I put my bang down, flip it and reverse it...
If you got a big deal, let me search it...
I'd like to get to know ya so I could show ya...

Just make sure you ahead of the game..."
~ Missy Elliott ~ Work It ~


Yesterday I looked at the calendar and the weeks I have been on the Gerson Therapy ~ finishing off week 29 yesterday and starting WEEK 30 today.  Yep, completed 29 weeks ~204 days ~ 4,896 hours ~ 293,760 minutes ... and counting!  Since the inception of the programme there has been a few changes in regards to the reduction of medication and coffee "treatments", and the addition of certain foods again.  But really the changes have been physical ~ my energy levels are better, my skin tone is better (carrot glow y'all), and my body has changed.  There has been a significant shift in the last couple of weeks.  It is hard to describe but I what I can say is that I feel like I am truly healing.  One of the naturopath's I have been seeing said to me last week that "Once you start living your life instead of preventing your death, healing begins".  And it struck a cord, an aha! moment ... now I think I have already adopted that attitude, and have had to in a way due to the severity of the situation, but it is interesting when someone else says it to you in a way that just makes sense.  Hopefully it does for those of you that are reading this.  

Every day I work my programme.  I don't know how else to explain it - not much changes in the routine ... I am still on 13 fresh juices on the hour, every hour ... I am still on 4 coffee enemas ... I am still have oatmeal with fruit for breakfast ... I am still eating the special Hippocrates soup, baked potatoes and veggies for lunch AND dinner ... I am still on castor oil twice a week ... I am still on the Gerson medications combined with herbal and homeopath meds.  My days still begin at 6:30AM and end at 8:30PM ... I do have time between 9:30am and Noon & 2:30pm and 5:00pm for phone/personal visits, yoga, walks, meditation, blogging, and writing ~ staying pretty close to home though.  My day continues to be very structured, and I really don't mind the routine because I know what is coming and so does my body.  This is the biggest job in my life, my pivotal moment ... to heal my body.  

If you think about it we plan a great deal in our lives .... school, vacations, celebrations, investments ... yet if we don't really plan how to truly take care of ourselves ~ our bodies, our minds ~ the rest may never come.  This is not to be pessimistic, but merrily going along, going thru the motions, thinking that we will never get sick, nothing bad will happen and it won't be me, is probably not the best approach.  That is the approach I had.  I NEVER thought I would be in the situation I am in now, battling cancer.  Yet as I have said before, this is truly a blessing in my life.  Really because, I was so detailed oriented, so focused on the small stuff, and missing out on the big picture.  That has completely changed now.  And maybe this is all happening because I had to stop "sweating the small stuff".  My mind was cluttered with detail conversations about "stuff" ~ what she did, why he did that, what did that really mean ... and internally feeling like it was "all happening to me" because I just wasn't good enough.  A very familiar pattern of thinking in my life ... a pattern that has now thankfully ended.  Ended because over the last 29 weeks I have worked really hard to understand and make those changes.  

When we create harmony in our own minds and hearts, we find it in our lives.  And sometimes it takes the earth to move, or the rug to be pulled beneath us, or the universe to make us just stop for this to happen.  The signs are always there, but when your head is buried in the details, you miss it.  So if you can, take a moment to just be present, and open yourself up to these signs.  You will know what they are ... if things don't feel right, don't ignore it, act on it now.  Don't wait for a painful defining moment in your life to force you to make those changes.  Trust me, I know. 

  Heal your past, Live your present, Dream your future 

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Hello Fall ..."

"Hello Fall, my new old friend
Found me here again
Hello Fall, from green to red (mellow)
Push me higher, did you go anywhere as well
Spaceman he flied
I heard sirens, I felt the signs
Hieroglyphics in my mind"

~ Lord Jungalee ~ Hello Fall ~

Today is the first day of Fall or Autumnal Equinox 2011 in the Northern hemisphere.  The stars and planets line up for the change of seasons.  And, I always love this time of year.  This is the time of year Russell and I married, and it reminds of that amazing time 10 years ago.

For some  it is a reminder to renew ourselves, and many of us relate this to starting school, programs, courses, detox and healthy lifestyles.  It is a great time to set new intentions too.  For some a do over, for others a fresh start.

So what exactly is an equinox?  An equinox is an astronomical event, which dates back to our ancestors and their ability to build the first observatories to track the suns progress.  It is when the days and nights are equal in time.  It is the time of harvest and the gateway to autumn.  As our earth is in transition and those changes will be seen in the days to come ... leaves changing from green to red.

And we can benefit from this transition as a type of healing during this equinox.  In this moment, we can chose to calm our minds and listen to the heartbeat of the earth.  And regardless if you hear anything, we will receive a profound feeling of being here.  When we allow ourselves that shift we have the opportunity to bring more of our attention, focus and energy into the here and now ~ an amazing body and spirit connection.  You see from an intuitive perspective we too are in transition, and it serves us to take the time to rebalance and restore for our body, mind and spirit.  Deep inner reflection with the simple idea of finding your center and standing your ground ~ search for enlightened truth.

Like a chapter in a book, this equinox is full of intrigue, adventure and healing if we allow it.  By taking part in the purification, detoxification and allowing the healing to soothe, we can embrace the joy and real empowerment gifted to us.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Same Difference ..."

"the more I know 
the less I doubt
that you know less
the more you are finding out
same difference everywhere"
~ Entombed ~ Same Difference ~
The other day when my sister and I were chatting, she shared with me her recent purchase of Coconut water.  She asked me if I knew the difference between Coconut water and Coconut juice and for that matter, Coconut milk.  I guessed that juice meant sugar added and milk and water were one in the same.  But I really didn't know for sure.  So being the curious one that I am, I started to look into the difference and if they were one in the same.

So what did I find out ... well Coconut water can also be called Coconut juice in some circles, while in others, sugar IS added, so reason to read your labels!  Coconut water is only found inside the tender young coconut as you must get the coconut off the tree before it matures.  At this early sage, a green husk hides the clear water inside the fruit.  As the fruit ripens, the inner coconut grows sweeter, developing first into a soft substance called coconut jelly, then into the harder meat.  Coconut milk is the water that comes from the meat/shell of the coconut.  The color and rich taste of the milk can be attributed to the high oil content.  

And what is the hoopla about coconuts and the health benefits associated with it ... well they have loads of vitamins and minerals.  A few key nutrients include lauric acid, chloride and iron.  As well as important electrolytes potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorous.  In fact the potassium content is twice the level than a banana ~ and we know electrolytes are important for optimal health of our muscular, cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems.

Some studies have shown that the water/juice of a coconut may help with a number of minor to severe health conditions because of the antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory antioxidant activity within. Whew!  say that 5 times fast.  But seriously, this drink has been used to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as boost energy levels and increase metabolism in the body.  And unless you have an allergy to coconuts, there appears to be no side effects.  

So where do you buy this magical liquid ... well it is readily available in cans or bottles from many grocery stores of online retailers.  Again, check your labels regarding sugar content.  Fresh plastic wrapped coconuts can also be purchased at many Indian and Asian grocery stores during the summer.  When buying fresh coconuts with green husks, look for those with some light brown spots as well since these are considered to have the greatest water content.  On a side note, some have noted that the water from Indian coconuts tends to be sweeter than Thai.  Also, when using fresh coconuts, try to drink the water as soon as possible since the nutrients can begin to dissipate after being exposed to air.  And similar to other liquids, it can also be refrigerated for 10 to 12 hours if it is sealed in a tight container.

If you are shopping around and looking for a good brand of coconut water, Jess Ainscough, the Wellness Warrior (also a fellow Gerson patient) wrote a great blog post recommending a Coconut water company in Australia, C Coconut.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Be Good to Yourself ..."

"Runnin' out of self-control
Gettin' close to an overload
Up against a no win situation
Be good to yourself when, nobody else will
Oh be good to yourself
You're walkin' a high wire, caught in a cross fire
Oh be good to yourself"

~ Journey ~ Be Good To Yourself ~

With the Fall season upon us here in Calgary, there is a lot of things starting up again.  School, sports, projects, and "gettin back to the grind", whatever that means.  I have seen at my favourite hot yoga studio a 30 day challenge and have heard through a few friends that this is being initiated again thru many yoga studios in the city.  It's a great idea, and helps to discipline us and provide focus to meet a challenge and succeed.  Since my schedule is so strict, I don't have the opportunity to actually partake in the 30 days at the actual studio.  But all this talk of challenge and success, allowed me to think about a 30 day self-LOVE challenge.  Yep you heard me a 30 day self-LOVE challenge.  

So what's this all about?  

Well, springing off the above idea, What if you commit to the next 30 days to practicing love, compassion and gratitude towards yourself.  Love heals, restores and balances and always present in our hearts.  We can glow with confidence knowing we are loved.  Yet sometimes, when we are overloaded with other people's stuff, sorting out their crapola, feeling like our backs are up against a wall, and having little to no time for ourselves, well ... we forget.  We forget how amazing we really are and how loved.  We beat ourselves up daily thinking we are not a good enough spouse, friend, or worker.  Stop the critical inner voice and commit to this challenge.  The great thing about the 30 day self-LOVE challenge is that you don't have to go anywhere, to no special class or gym, enrol in any "official" programme, or roll out some cash.  This can all be done in the comfort of your own space and allowing you to make a promise to yourself.

So how does this all work?

Initially decide if this is something that interests you.  Then make the commitment for the next 30 days.  Start first thing in the morning as this works best for me, but again you decide.  This time helps me set my intentions for the day.  A kind of mantra if you will.  I wake up, take a moment to thank Him for my life, my family, my friends and send blessings to all.  Then I set my intentions by choosing a positive, powerful affirmation that resonates with me.  I draw from the readings I do within Yoga journals, websites and inspirational books.  Just about anything that allows me to appreciate who I am.  The key is that it must involve Love, Compassion and/or Gratitude and be directed to yourself.  Below are some affirmations I have practiced that might give you a head start ...

I turn every experience into an opportunity.  Each problem has a solution.  All experiences are opportunities for me to learn and grow.  I am safe

I now go beyond other peoples fears and limitations.  It is MY mind that creates my experiences.  I am unlimited in my own ability to create the good in my life

I claim my own power and I lovingly create my own reality.  I ask for more understanding so that I may knowingly and lovingly shape my world and my experience

I slowly and deeply breath in and out and find my body relaxing and my mind calming

We are guided throughout our days in making the right choices. Divine intelligence continuously guides us in the realization of our goals.  We are safe 

Being able to practice these types of mantras daily, by writing them down for times when we really need it, will help you get thru the days.  Don't get down on yourself if you can't remember exact words, just know that your intentions are pure and authentic.  

And the end of the 30 days, what an amazing feeling you have.  I would love to hear how this goes for you, and your beautiful affirmations  ~ with the intention of lifting your spirit and your soul, recognizing again, just how truly amazing you really are.

Monday, September 19, 2011

"I Don't Know ..."

" I don't know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don't know how I’m meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
'Cause I’m being taken over by fear"

~ Lilly Allen ~ I Don't Know ~

Over the past year I have had various conversations with family and friends regarding certain foods and if they are "good" or "bad".  And I started to believe that food is not necessarily bad, it's just that we have bad behaviours when it comes to food.  This is assuming we are talking about wholesome, natural, organic food.  When we start to look at genetically modified foods, well then it's a whole different ballgame.  And one food in particular has got my attention ~ SOY.  And what I have found is that when it comes to Soy, it's not as healthy as we all once thought.

You see Soy was first used as a food during the late Chou dynasty.  At this time, the soy plant was initially used as a method of fixing nitrogen in their soil.  Soybean did not serve as a food until the discovery of fermentation techniques to make foods like tempeh, natto and tamari within the Asian cuisine.  Asians consume soy foods in small amounts per day as a condiment, and not as a replacement for animal foods.  But have you noticed that soy is now found in most of the products we buy ... from protein shakes, to bakery goods to energy bars.  Soy whats wrong with Soy then?

  1. Most modern soy foods are not fermented to neutralize toxins in soybeans, and are processed in a way that denatures proteins and increases levels of carcinogens.  Cancer patients are being warned to avoid foods rich in soy because they can accelerate the growth of tumours. 
  2. Soy isoflavones are phyto-endocrine disrupters. At dietary levels, they can prevent ovulation and stimulate the growth of cancer cells.
  3. Soy foods can stimulate the growth of estrogen-dependent tumors and cause thyroid problems. Low thyroid function is associated with difficulties in menopause. Soy will destroy your thyroid. Many foods are goitrogenic (thyroid suppressing), but soy is king of them all. Goitrogens work by preventing your thyroid from getting the necessary amount of iodine. Eating as little as 30 grams (about 4 tablespoons) of soy per day can result in hypothyroidism with symptoms of lethargy, constipation, weight gain and fatigue.
  4. A recent study found that women with the highest levels of estrogen in their blood had the lowest levels of cognitive function; In Japanese Americans tofu consumption in mid-life is associated with the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease in later life.
  5. Numerous animal studies show that soy foods cause infertility in animals.
  6. The soybean also contains hemaglutinin, a clot promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together.
  7. Soy contain protease inhibitors, which as the name suggests, inhibit the action of proteases (including trypsin). Protease are enzymes that are involved in the process of dismantling proteins for use by the body. Studies show that soy contain trypsin inhibitors that inhibit protein digestion and affect pancreatic function.
  8. Soybeans contain very high levels of phytate and their are numerous reports of reduced bioavailablity of various metals such as calcium, copper, iron, manganese and zinc. This has particular significance for vegetarians and infants fed soy-formulas. Soy foods can cause deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D.
  9. The soybean plant has the ability to absorb manganese from the soil and concentrate it to an extent that soy-based infant formulas can contain as much as 200 times the level of manganese found in natural breast milkIn babies, excess manganese that cannot be metabolised is stored in body organs.  Around eight percent of the excess manganese in the diet is stored in the brain in close proximity to the dopamine-bearing neurons responsible, in part, for adolescent neurological development.
  10. The implications are that the one in eight infants raised on soy formula during the first six months of life may be at risk of brain and behavioural disorders that do not become evident until adolescence.
  11. Vitamin B 12 deficiency has been recognized as a serious result of soy consumption for many years.
  12. Soy is deficient in Vitamin B1.
  13. Numerous artificial flavorings, particularly MSG, are added to TVP products to mask their strong “beany” taste, and impart the flavor of meat.  MSG, (also called free glutamic acid), a potent neurotoxin, is formed during soy food processing. Many soy products have extra MSG added as well.
  14. Fragile soy proteins are exposed to high temperatures during processing in order to make soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein, making them unsuitable for human digestion.
  15. The GMO Compass database records that as of 2008, 92% of soy crops in the U.S. are genetically modified varietiesGMOs are continually shown in independent studies to cause serious harm in the human body, a frightening prospect when considering that soy derivatives are found in virtually every processed food product

For some vegans, SOY has become a prefix for almost every other item in their diets—from soy milk and soy ice cream to soy nuts and soy burgers. Yet after reading the long list above, why take the risk?  And since there are so many other options to choose from, we realize that one doesn't need any soy to follow a healthy vegan or vegetarian diet.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"It Takes Two ..."

"It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it outta sight
Hit it!
My name is Rob, I gotta real funky concept
Listen up, 'cause I'm gonna keep you in step
I got an idea, That I wanna share
You don't like it? So what, I don't care ..."
~ Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock ~ It Takes Two ~

It's saturday morning here and I am feeling so good.  It must be because of yesterday.  You see our band, REWAVE, auditioned yesterday for Canada's Got Talent in Edmonton, Alberta.  We were pretty excited to get a pre-registered time for 1PM on Friday after hearing the crazy wait times for the walk-in talents.  Interesting how it all played out though.  Another friend of ours told us about her son's experience on a couple of days earlier, basically waiting close to 4 hours to audition.  Mainly because you may have a pre-registered time of 1PM, BUT so does another 300 to 400 people.  And you get 90 secs of your BEST to wow the judges.  Plus we had to drive 3 hours to the venue ... you can imagine the planning that went into this.

So Russell and I were up early, I doubled up my green juices and my coffee treatments, packed all my carrot and carrot apple juices, meds, potatoes, and soup and upon arrival at home later that night, would double up on my green juices and coffee treatments again.  A bit of re-arranging, and not recommended, but for one day, and a chance to audition for a $100,000 with my bandmates, it was worth it.  We picked up Joelle and started our journey.  The ride up was full of great conversation, vocal exercises and naps (for moi!).  Once we got there, there was a cattle like maze we had to enter with our pink CGT wrist bands brightly displayed.  And as destiny would have it, Russell met a fellow New Zealander named "Louman but you can call him KIWI".  Super nice guy, full of conversations and stories and another supporter of the All Blacks rugby team.  We stood outside in line for less than an hour and then made our way into the ballroom where yet another lineup for registration awaiting.  

Engaging with other talents around us, it was so easy to spot out the "what sells TV" people.  And yes, we were some of them ... WE were in full costume gear, with color, glo fur, sparkle and bling to attract a few photos and whispers in the crowd.  Plus the big east indian Dhool drum Russell was carrying was sure to get people going.  You see REWAVE is a synth-pop, Diva, old school hip hop band ... but we had to audition acoustically because they had nothing available to us but a powerbar.  And this was all disclosed to us the night before ... being professionals, you improvise .... and you guessed it ... that didn't stop us as once we got to the actual audition room, we did "It Takes Two" acoustically, and it was just awesome!  Our energy was raw, organic and electric, and our little audience was moving and bobbin their heads to the groove.  MissJ layed down the smooth rap vocals, Russell played a tribal rhythm that grooved your soul and I supported the whoo /yeah's background sounds and beat.  Afterwards the producer was excited and eager to view our DVD showcase of our synth-pop performances.  

Our feelings were electric, we were re-charged and basking in the moment we had just created.  We had another 3 hour drive home, but it didn't matter, because it was a chance to move to the next level of stardom.  And if we don't move to the next round of auditions, it doesn't matter, because truly it was an unforgettable experience, once in a lifetime to share with family and friends.  Hit it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Human Behaviour ..."

"If you ever get close to a human
And human behaviour
Be ready to get confused
There's definitely no logic
There's no map
To human behaviour
They're terribly moody
Then all of a sudden turn happy ..."
~ Bjork ~ Human Behaviour ~ 

Do you ever have some of those moments when you scratch your head and wonder about some people, like WTH?  Yeah, I know common sense is not that common.  I guess where my confusion lies in general human behaviour.  The moodiness of humans, how they can be sweet as pie to one person, and turn around and be quite nasty ... all in a split second.  Hmmmm maybe a split personality?  And in the instance I am referring to, names are not important, really, because all I think is, "Really?!?  you have SO much more to be concerned with ..." but the gosh honest truth is that it still confuses me.  
And I still just don't get it.

You see with this individual, we are connected, albeit more recently, due to circumstances.  And I extended my hand, provided a shoulder to cry on even when mine where not strong enough for me ... and in turn, I have got very little compassion, concern or care.  I guess I figured because we are in the same predicament that maybe just maybe we would have a connection.  But I guess when you assume you make an .... well you know the saying.  Yet the beauty of this situation is .....I started to recognize that this is a situation I have had in my life before and you may be reading this and identify with this.  In the past, my reaction has been hurt, anger and wanting to project that back to them.  
Well, not this time.  No, not this time.  

This time around, I send blessings and love to them.  I hope that their sort things out for themselves, on their own time, because really there must be a whole lotta going on in their head, things they need to sort out and not for me to take on.  Because when we take things personally, assume that it must be "me", it's our ego taking over.  Their life doesn't revolve around you.  And the more energy we put into figuring it out, discussing it to the ninth degree, and super analyzing, we drain ourselves of so much goodness we hold.  

I decided to replace my fear, where hurt and anger stem from, with gratitude.  And life presents us with amazing opportunities to practice what we learn.  Lessons learned ... now thats not saying that it's easy, but the next time you feel slighted, used, hurt, or angry, recognize it, make a little room for it and then let it go .... moving it aside.  Then we can think about all the things we are grateful for.  If anything, it is a great distraction from the current situation, and once you turn back to what was bothering you, the intensity of the situation subsides.  For me, I write and write ... as I have said it is therapeutic ... and blogging is like "dear diary" but with an audience!  Afterwards I let out a *sigh of relief and again scratch my head and ask myself ... hmmm, what was it I was so confused about again?!?"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Breath ..."

"Oh, tonight began with anything.
Shaft of a light. A warm breath and a scream...
Oh, tamper if you like between the doors...
A breath and a..."
~ Pearl Jam ~ Breath ~ 

Who would have thought that those little cloves of garlic provide some amazing health benefits.  Some of you may be familiar with the Gerson diet and all it's restrictions (for valid reasons), but one thing I am SO thank-ful for is GARLIC.  Ahhhhhhhhhh a stinking rose it is really?!  You see I use to eat a lot of garlic prior to my diagnosis, but it was usually in some sort of pasta dish, smothered with cheese, cream and cheese.  Other times my garlic was mashed to pieces within an authentic East Indian dish.  Looking back, I think the other "stuff" in these rich foods negated the true benefits of garlic.  But now when I use garlic, in lentil dishes, as a green sauce (my absolute fav!!!), in Gerson soup, I just LOVE the flavour!!

So what is the big deal about garlic?  Well for one, garlic is known to fight infections and kill bacteria.  In raw forms, some tests have shown it to be more powerful than penicillin.  According to one account, seventy-two separate infection agents are defeated by garlic.  A researcher said: "Garlic has the broadest spectrum of any antimicrobial substances we know of. It's antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiprotozoan and antiviral"

As well, garlic boosts our Immune System.  According to the Akbar Clinic and Research Center in Panama City, Florida, garlic in raw and extract form called Kyolic, dramatically increase the powers of the immune system's natural killer cells.  These killer cells are the first line of defence against infectious disease and cancer.  It seems that the killer cells derived from the blood of those eating garlic or garlic extract were mixed with cancer cells and were able to destroy 140 to 160% more cancer cells than did killer cells from non-garlic eaters.  Awesome news for all of us whether we are with OR without an serious illness.  Think of preventative measures that you and your family can take NOW by simply adding more garlic to your diet.

Now some of you may be concerned about how to rid the smell of garlic breath, considering not everyone is going to be eating loads of garlic ... well besides the usual breath mints and gum which contain aspartame and is deadly, consider chewing ...... parsley.  Yeah, you heard me, parsley.  And just in case you are considering garlic pills, capsules or garlic oils instead, well unfortunately experts warn that many of them have none or very little of the active garlic compounds.

So my advice, enjoy it with your family and friends, so nobody will notice the smell and sure to warn off any lurking vampires in the neighbourhood!

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Pop A Pill .. "

Well look at this
I see clearly now
Look at this
I can feel it now
Is seldom found
Pop the pill"
~ Korn ~ Pop A Pill ~

One of the fortunate things of being on the Gerson Therapy is the early mornings.  As odd as that sounds, I get an opportunity to see beautiful sunrises, and honestly they are breathtaking.  This morning when I woke up to take my castor oil, ahem which is not so beautiful, I looked out of our bedroom window and the sky was a blend of orange and pink.  Funny how It reminded me of my favorite sherbert flavour growing up.  How delicious they both are, comforting and calming.  I then looked out of the spare bedroom window and saw a full moon.  It seemed like time was standing still, the streets were quiet, and the air was calm.  I quickly crawled back into bed to squeeze a few more moments of snuggles and comfort before getting on with the regime.

Next comes my usual morning coffee break when count my blessings and set my intentions for the day.  Making my way downstairs to our kitchen, I find Russell listening to the daily news, juicing away and prepping our breakfast ... with a gorgeous smile on his face.  For a brief moment, I take in the present, take in the love.  Ahhh bliss! ..... 

Then I get on with my routine of filling my pill box ... Oiy!! nice why to ruin the mood eh?  Yep, this part of the daily routine is definitely a reminder of the therapy with no if, ands or buts about it.  I open up the cupboard to find fully stocked shelves of pills and capsules and liquids and ... well you get the picture.  I started to think about how many of these are ingest daily and seriously this will make your jaw drop ~ 80.  Yep that is right 8-0.  Crazy eh?  And that doesn't include the liquid meds.  I know this is nuts coming from moi, hippie chick, who didn't take a pill for headache.  Well, first of all they are natural supplements made up of herbs et al so they are not really the typical "medication" you are use to.  No artificial flavours, no synthetic components so take the image of downing a bottle of Tylenol, that is not what this is about.  The funny thing is that this is totally manageable.  Remember this is over the course of an entire day ~ 16 hours.  And the supplements I take are suited to me and my cancer in regards to 
dosage.  "All the medications are designed to support the diet therapy by increasing the energy capacity of the cell and increasing the rate of detoxification'.

So if you are a tad bit curious as to the mini-pharmacy we have here in the Cayzer household, take a look this post from one of my favourite bloggers, someone how inspires me daily and is my friend Jess, The Wellness Warrior.  

Believe me, I was not that crazy about popping so many pills, but once I heard about all the anti-cancer properties, my response was "open up and say ahhhhh".

Friday, September 9, 2011

Compliments of DailyOM ...

A Small Piece of Heaven

A new view of a situation is just what we need to answer a difficult question or see something we’ve been missing.

There is no greater way to escape the troubles of daily life than to ascend into the welcoming embrace of a tree house. Like a bird in its nest, we feel held and safe in the branches, cloaked within a curtain of green leaves. Here we can breathe more freely and think more clearly, our hearts and brains fed by the oxygen released by the leaves. We float above the everyday world of the ground, enjoying a bird’s-eye view of all that remains below.

We may choose to be alone or we may invite a special friend to join us. Either way, this is our private world in which we get to decide who comes and goes. It is our haven where we can fully be who we are, shed the masks required by the world below, and reveal our most hidden secrets, dreams, and desires. It is also an ideal vantage point on the life that continues below the branches. Often, a new view of a situation is just what we need to answer a difficult question, solve a challenging problem, or see something we’ve been missing. It is as if we have ascended into the heavens and are able to tap into a higher awareness. We can draw on this airy energy to revitalize us, relax us, and feed us new ideas. When we descend, we are ready to enter the world again, cleaner, clearer, and often more inspired.

If you haven’t been in a tree house for a while, now may be the time to make one for yourself or find one you can borrow. If you can’t find or create an actual tree house, think of other venues that could provide the same experience—a rooftop perch, a quiet spot in a grove of trees on a hilltop, a light-filled attic. Or just close your eyes and visualize yourself ensconced in your perfect home in the branches of your favorite tree.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"All Comes Out in the Wash ..."

"I should've guessed it would end up like this
I'll never say never again 
It all comes out in the wash
Who would've guessed it would wind up like this"
~ Thornely ~ All Comes Out in the Wash ~ 

Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you are using your favourite washing detergent, you know the one with the lovely scent ... well you could be putting your health at great risk.  Yep, just when you thought you were safe washing your clothes, never giving it a thought, you've been doing forever .... a report comes out today about your favourite laundry detergent and the toxic chemicals it emits.  Thats right ... you see, a new study published this week in Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health found that the air released through the vent while a dryer handles a load washed with a top-selling scented liquid laundry detergent and a scented dryer sheet contains more than 25 volatile organic compounds and two carcinogens.  The carcinogens where classified as acetaldehyde and benzene, where there is no safe exposure level.  And the disturbing thing is that detergent manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients used in fragrances, so it is difficult for researchers to document the origin of the toxic emissions.

It is estimated that by factoring in the top 5 brands of laundry products, dryer emissions account for more than 5% the acetaldehyde emissions of automobiles, but unlike cars, dryer emissions are unregulated.
So do we really care?  Well we should because these chemicals can go into the air, down the drain and into our water systems.  So why bother eating healthy organic foods, exercises,  and leading a balanced life when we continue to expose ourselves and our children to toxic chemicals.  Everything we do counts.  And if you don't care now, you may have to one day, Trust Me.

You may be reading this and wondering well then how do you propose we clean our clothing ... well there are plenty of viable options:

  • switch to natural laundry detergents - we purchase ours from the local Costco in bulk
  • avoid detergents all together - instead put a capful of hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 cup of vinegar whiten whites and get rid of stains
  • avoid dryer sheets and use dryer balls instead to naturally soften your clothes
  • hang dry your clothes instead of using your dryer - save $$ too on energy bills
  • add 10 drops of tea tree oil to kill bacteria, smoke smells and other personal odors

Take the time to find out what you can do to better your health, your childrens health and environment ... go back to the basics and start with how to wash and dry your clothes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Right here, right now ..."

"I was alive, and I waited, waited
I was alive and I waited for this
Right here, right now
there is no other place I want to be"
~ EMF ~ Right Here, Right Now ~

Well, had my follow-up consult with the Gerson doctors and in the words of Dr. Ramos, he is "very, very, very happy" with my latest round of test results.  I am responding well to the therapy, on we are on the right path to wellness.  Should we break out the champagne?  Hmmm not just yet, but get the glasses chilled cause we are on our way ~ oh yeah!

The last few days I have been surfing on the net, mindlessly watching my facebook wall updates from friends about the future and future events.  Very little is written about this moment ... right here, right now.  For me, I am forced to live in the present, in this very moment.  And in this moment, there is no other place I want to be.  I wake up in the mornings with daily prayers, thank-ful for little to no pain in my body, thank-ful for my husband, thank-ful for my family, thank-ful for the means to get good food and a safe home.  These may seem like the basics, but really, that is all that matters at this time, in this moment ~ staying present.   

Sometimes when we anticipate the future, we flood our bodies with emotions of anxiety and worry.  I recently read a great article about the current culture we have calling it "anxiety culture".  It becomes a bad habit ... worrying and we continue to do so until we perfect this art.  Just think about it, as we mature into adults, we are told "you had better start to worry about your future".  If you don't you are considered aimless and irresponsible.  Because somehow, the art of worrying is going to really help you figure out your future.  How is that worrying help you in making sound decisions, think rationally, and help you follow your dreams, fuel your passion and ensure you love the life you really desire?

Worrying is the most easiest and popular way to negate happiness.  
It handicaps us and diminishes us.  It can be a pointless and damaging activity because things never happen the way we imagine hem, we end up giving our power away, it distorts reality and more importantly it is very bad for our health ~ STRESS!

So, here are some simple and effective methods I am practicing in hopes to diminish worry from my life:
  • realize that I am in control of my reactions to what happens in my life
  • recognize that worry is a habit and can be changed
  • keep things in perspective
  • face my fears and what is real from fiction
  • stop taking myself so seriously
Worrying can be a dangerous thing, taking you away from here and now.  Easier said than done?  You bet, but if we start to acknowledge where we are, and setting our intentions as to where we want to be, we will stay PRESENT ~ Living more and Worrying less.

""Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." -Proverb

Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Exposure ..."

Space is what I need
it's what I feed on
Out in the open..."

~ Peter Gabriel ~ Exposure ~

I guess it is safe to say that when you blog about your life, you open yourself up to being overexposed.  I started this blog a long time prior to my cancer diagnosis when I started up a walking club called WalkStrong.  And walking strong we were.  As life evolves, and shit happens, it has now become my soapbox, so that I can express, rant, rave, advice, ponder, and share all that is going on in my life.  

In one of my last posts, "Point of View", I wrote about my recent test results after being on the Gerson therapy for almost 6 months.  I remember when I blogged, I thought to myself, "am I providing a bit too much information?", "are there too many details I am sharing?", and "should I really post this?".  And you know what they say, go with your gut ... what you intuition is saying to you ... your inner voice.    

You see, I have had many people write me emails and tell me in person that I have inspired them, that they are proud of me as to how I am handling the biggest challenge of my life, and thanking me for being so real, so vulnerable and speaking my truth.  And for this, I want to give oceans of gratitude back to you.  You really have no idea how those words, written or verbal, have got me thru this year.  Yet recently, after I wrote the details of my last round of test results, the feedback I got has fed my greatest fears.  I "expected" a wee bit of a celebration, more "yahoo", more "way to go M".  And, I guess as I wrote in my previous blog, it is all about point of views, opinions, perspective and really everyone is entitled to their own.  I can read into words, or what tones their voices take, or see into their eyes and try to "read" what they feel, but really it doesn't help anyone, especially not me.  And to be completely honest, I thought I was strong enough to handle all of "this" too, but I'm not.  

So I will continue to merrily blog as usual ~ express, rant, rave, advice, ponder, and share all that is going on in my life ~ but will keep the "details" of test results and sorts out.  But I am very open to anyone that is considering the Gerson therapy and needs some information.  Just contact me directly.  
Oh and no worries, I'll still be aiming to write a kick-ass blog, just wiser!  

Again I want thank EVERYONE for their continuous love and apologize if I have overexposed myself during this difficult time.  I hope it has not caused any discomfort to anyone as I always come from a place of compassion.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Cover Me ...

"this is really dangerous
cover me
but worth all the effort
cover me
i'm going to prove the impossible really exists "
~ Bjork ~ Cover Me ~

Most of us are bombarded with information about how it is so important to put the right foods in our bodies.  As you know, I am a huge advocate for the saying "you are what you eat".  Of course on the Gerson Therapy, there are loads of restrictions in terms of foods and for very good reasons (check out past posts for more information).  But there is also an emphasis on removing ALL toxins from our external environment.  You see, with the Gerson therapy, we create an internal environments that is healthy, so our bodies can fight all dis-ease.  And if you combine that with removing all toxins in your external environment, then you are truly living within  a pure, healthy and toxic free lifestyle.  Which leads me to the question "what about the clothes we wear and how does that help or hinder our bodies?".  

Now this may seem like an odd question, but the other day Russell mentioned reading about toxic dyes that are put in some jeans to give them the "look" and help sell the product.  Uh - oh!  I froze thinking about the pair of jeans I so proudly bought in California last year from Target.  I SO loved those jeans because they kinda-sort made my big butt look not so big ... and also after trying on about 50 pairs through the mall, I was ecstatic to find a pair that looked alright and were so cheap.  Hmmmm, now I know why they were sooo affordable.  And I remember reading on the label, dye may run into other clothes, wash separately.  I didn't think much at the time ... and I am sure by now, 10 months later, the dye is well washed out .... or, I absorbed it, ah yep, probably a combination of both.  

Our skin is the largest organ, and so what we lather on, douse or spray as well as WHAT WE WEAR, directly absorbs into our bodies.  So we may be negating all the good with the organic health foods we ingest by wearing toxic clothing.  There are plenty of environmentally friendly fashion outlets and brands out there.  Earlier this week, Greenpeace found highly toxic chemicals in brand clothing.  In their "Dirty Laundry 2" report, traces of toxic chemicals were detected in products made by 14 big brand top clothing manufacturers.  
"Greenpeace said it purchased 78 different branded clothing samples (most of them made in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines) from 18 countries around the world and subjected them to careful scientific analysis.  Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE)s were detected in two-thirds of the samples the group tested, including popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Adidas, Converse, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bauer Hockey, Cortefiel, Uniqlo, Gap, H&M, Lacoste, Nike, Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH Corp) and Puma.  This toxin has been proven to mimic female hormones, alter sexual development and affect reproductive systems."

Maybe it is time to take responsibility as to what is in our closets ... throw out the toxic clothing and wear eco and socially conscious brands ~ better for our community, environment and especially our bodies.

"Remember to take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"