Monday, July 28, 2014

" Redefine ... "

Imagine your brain as a 
canister filled with ink ...

It's in your nature, 
you can paint whatever picture ...

Picture the scene, where whatever you thought, 
would, in the blink of an eye, 
manifest and become illustrated 

Lets figure out what the f$ck it's about 
before the picture we painted 
chews us up and spits us out 

I'm sick of painting in black and white 
So sick of limiting myself 
to fit your definition 

~ Incubus ~ Redefine ~
I think we are conditioned not to step out of our comfort zones.  To sustain life and comfort as we know it ... stay put!  This is what supports the patterns and habits we develop.  This supports the results we obtain.  

... there are always possibilities to redefine your comfort zone ...

One of the reasons I most love travel is that it changes your perspective on pretty much everything.  As we explored the Costa Rica rainforest's, we encountered different ways that people live and came face to face with new and challenging experiences.  Challenging experiences such as 8 varieties of snakes, 2 being poisonous to be aware of where were staying, that is ...

And I kept telling Russ that I am out of my comfort zone.  But here is the funny thing ... I was EXACTLY where I needed to be.  I LOVED the rain forests with over thousands of species.  It was alive, breathing, creative, healing, nurturing ... a part of me, a part of all of us.
I ended up seeing a new world – and my own place in it – in a new, more enlightened, way.  Traveling, at its core, forced me to constantly redefine my reality, my outlook and my actions ...

The simplicity of nature and its occasional challenges.  Nature invites meditation.  Nature breeds reflection.  Nature can bring you to a place of acceptance.  
The benefits of pushing through your perceived comfort zones are great.  Because they are exactly that ... perceived.  Personally, whether it be Costa Rica’s deep forests or the sandy beaches, I filled my lungs with fresh air and pumped endorphins into my brain just by the experience.  
My intentions were for my mind and soul to be at ease as I reconnected with Mother Earth, where we all come from and where we will all return.  And the satisfaction of accomplishing something and of pushing myself past my comfort zone was the greatest reward of all.  I felt empowered, like I could take on any challenge brought my way.  Even cancer ...

... we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us ...


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Monday, July 14, 2014

" Growth ... "

The only thing constant in the world is change
That's why I stay, I take life as it comes

~ India Arie ~ Growth ~ 

For those of us that are involved in personal and spiritual development work, the path can be rough and challenge us in different ways ... especially when it comes to relationships.

Inevitably there will be people in our lives that are not interested in this sort of thing.  They would rather go out late and party, sit around and gossip, or procrastinate about their career or do anything else but.  

You see, once you plunge headfirst into finding out about your life, your intentions, your motivations, your thoughts ... you begin to face what you need to heal and then you have a chance to release and let it go ... you change as a human being ... you are not the same as you were.  You see the illusions, you attempt to lift the veil ... and those around you that are not on the same path may find you just plain ... odd?!

Why ... well you engage in different kinds of conversations, where it seems impossible to pretend any more ... no matter who long you’ve “known” each other.  You are more comfortable with space, silence, introspection ... others feel awkward, uncomfortable and anxious.  

So, no one said this was going to be easy ... 
if you find yourself in a similar scenario there are some ways to cope.

Start by stopping ... the urge to convert your loved ones.  And this is a tough one, because personally speaking, this path has enriched my life and I want to share it.  I want everyone to come along for the ride.  But pushing does more harm than good by pushing them away.

Second, not everyone is interested.  Interested in your experiences that is.  I have found that those that aren’t are looking for the quick spiritual fix because they don’t have much time.  That is not to say that the thirst for inner peace is not present ... just not everyone is interested in what you have to say.

Last but most important ... don’t let other’s choices define your experience.  In embarking on the path of spiritual and personal development you have made a choice.  A choice that freedom matters to you.   That you are tired of the crap ... the one you carry around and also that others so graciously bring into your life.  Respect each others paths.

Staying true to your choices and what best for you is what matters.  You are worth the investment ... trust me.  You will find a whole new group of people who are willing to meet you exactly where you are, in this moment.  Go ahead and surround yourself with a community of people who are "awake, conscious, inspiring, and changing the world in their own unique and extraordinary ways".  

These people make a choice that lead them to a life full of gratitude ... 

And send blessings to those who choose a different path and adventure.  Their view of security, safety and reliability will match your embrace for freedom and the unknown.  Both are beautiful in their own way.

... Loving with an open palm is the way you bless others ...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

" Responsible ... "

If for just a moment, you had to be responsible
For all the things you've said and done.
Would you sit back and relax or fasten all your safety belts?
Everybody's judgement comes.

Maybe in this moment you're feeling irresponsible
for all the things you've said and done.
"I am a wrecking ball, I've run the guillotine, 
and I blame everything just to keep my hands clean.

Maybe for a moment you need to feel responsible
for all the things you've said and done.

~ Cloud Cut ~ Responsible ~ 

So if no one is in charge of your happiness but you ... 
can you make yourself happy? ...

In the past, looking to others to boost your mood is a recipe for disaster.  Waiting for others to notice that you are down and expecting them to make you feel better.  You see, relying on others actually made me feel worse, because it was impossible for them to know what would make me feel good.  And even if they tried, it was never truly satisfying ... and conditionally on them, where you lose your own power.

Acceptance ... it was up to me to make my day and life better.  
And I had come to this realization but had no clue where to start or what to do.  
So I started by being still and listen.

I realized it was about taking responsibility ... because others had their own responsibilities, themselves, to be concerned with.  Figuring out what makes you feel good, what makes you smile again, requires honesty ... real honesty, with yourself, rather than blaming someone else.  Once you are able to make yourself feel better than you no longer need to wait for it ... you can create & enjoy it on your own.

I realized it was about listening to my needs ... too many times of waking up in a funk, feeling tired, down, and just plain blah.  So I asked ... what would make me feel better now ... and I wait for the response in stillness where it presents itself.  By asking the question and then listening to what you need means you not only devote your energy in the moment to caring for yourself but also start to trust that you’ll be able to take care of yourself consistently, no matter what is happening around you. 

I realized it was about being grateful for what I have ... because what makes me think I would be happier with having more?  Practicing gratitude helps to shift your mood, helps to get you unstuck and simply gives you a new perspective on whatever it is that is consuming your life.  

We have the choice to live in the world, each day, as we wish.  We can either be dragged along with it or take responsibility for how it unfolds.  Make the commitment, take the time and turn making yourself happy a daily practice of self- care, because frankly, it is YOUR responsibility to bear.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

" Virtual Insanity ... "

Futures made of virtual insanity 
now always seem, to be governed by this love we have 
For useless, twisting, our new technology 
Oh now there is no sound for we all live underground 

And I'm thinking in what a mess we're in 
Hard to know when to begin ...
That's not nature's way 
Well that's what they said yesterday 

Living - Virtual Insanity 
Living - Virtual Insanity 

Virtual Insanity is what we're living in

~ Jamiroquai ~ Virtual Insanity ~ 

Our identities have now been extended further by virtual communities.  And this every increasingly world has made it easy to either fake an identity or proceed without one at all.  So why does it matter ... well the power of anonymity can create long-lasting social shame with little to no accountability.
Anonymity empowers people to behave differently then they usually would.  This is because there is a feeling of confidence and courage to express their opinions directly ... it just feels safer because face to face confrontation is difficult for most people.  
In a virtual world, our identity is composed of information rather than matter.  This lack of physical presence changes the rules for users. Oddly, the social rules, norms and expectations which are accepted in the physical world, are not always applicable in the virtual world.  
So the question is ... do you really care?  Do you care about the implications of identity, deception an anonymity on society?  Because basically there is generation of kids who have grown up always interacting with the virtual world.  Their access to digital media and the virtual world have enabled unacceptable behavior to occur frequently.  Mean and defiant behavior is facilitated through the virtual world ... example: cyberbullying.

“ ... the internet is an unsupervised area, where nothing brings consequences ... ” 

Where do we go from here? ... it is about finding the Middle Way.  It is about having the ability to know when you need one-one-one human time.  It is about actually talking to people rather than texting, emailing, tweeting, blogging ... no technology will replace human contact.  Because energy called LOVE, expressed from person to person, is still yet to be truly capture within our cyber world.  
The power of a hug, a touch, eye contact and presence communicates far beyond an email being sent across the world.  Take the time to write a love letter, call a friend, visit family and just BE truly present ... because the greatest gift you can give anyone is FACE time.