Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Time After Time..."

"if you're lost you can look--and you will find me
time after time
if you fall I will catch you--I'll be waiting
time after time ..."

- Cyndi Lauper ~ Time After Time ~

Every day in day out, our schedule is the same.  Nothing much changes, unless we need to make an urgent run to the organic food store to buy groceries.  This usually means going to our favourite store in hopes of finding 50 lbs of carrots for the week (yes, you read that right)...So what exactly does my day look like ....

My DIET looks like this:

Breakfast: A bowl of rolled oats cooked in water with raisins and glass of fresh carrot juice.

Lunch: Bowl of Hippocrates, large salad, and a baked potato with homemade salsa

Dinner: Exactly the same as lunch.

I have all this plus 13 fresh veggie juices per day:

  • Four green veggies
  • Nine carrot/carrot and apple.

My DAY looks like this:
6:30am: Wake up and orally take 2 oz castor oil with half cup coffee (every second day)

7:00am: Coffee enema
8:00 - 8:30am: Carrot juice.  Breakfast
9:00am: Green juice, answer emails and start working on blog
9:30am: Carrot/Carrot and apple juice
10:00am: Carrot/ Carrot and apple juice.  Coffee enema
11.00am: Carrot juice. Walk/Yoga
12.00pm: Green juice
1.00pm: Carrot/Carrot and apple juice. Lunch 
2.00pm: Green juice.  Coffee enema
3.00pm: Carrot juice.  Walk/Yoga/Go to the Mall/Visit with friends
4.00pm: Carrot juice.
5.00pm: Carrot/Carrot and apple juice.  Coffee enema
6.00pm: Carrot/Carrot and apple juice. Dinner
7.00pm: Green juice, fill medication pill box for next day
8:00pm: Coffee enema 8.30pm: Get Coffee ready for next morning, drink peppermint tea, eat some fruit. 
Watch TV, Read, Blog, Band Rehearsal, Visit with friends...
10pm - 11pm: Sleep

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