Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Keep on Growing ..."

"Cause time is gonna change us, Lord, and I know it's true
Our love is gonna keep on glowing and growing and it's all we gotta do

Keep on growing, keep on growing
Keep on growing, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keep on growing, keep on growing
Keep on growing"

~ Sheryl Crow ~ Keep on Growing ~

In the last few days, Russell and I have been discussing growing an organic veggie garden.  Now if you read one of my previous blogs on the requirements for the full Gerson therapy, we need a LOT of veggies. Just an example, we go through 75 lbs of carrots alone in one week, this includes 3 juices a day extra for Russell.  He is in prevention mode, which is so wonderful, because from my experience, you want to be proactive and not reactive.  

Anyhow, we decided that we should plant veggies in a raised garden bed.  So we started to do some research on the internet and found some great information.  We watched a simple video by The Garden Girl Basically, raised bed gardening is a garden built on top of your native soil.  They can be made with wood or stone keep your bed intact.  Some advantages are they drain better, they spring quicker, don't get compacted and are easier to tailor.

We ventured down to the Totem store and bought ourselves some wood and nails.  It is important that when you are planting organic vegetables, your supplies are untreated.  As obvious as this sounds, we made sure to purchase the correct supplies.  The awesome part of this experience is that the staff at the store was amazing, so helpful and proficient.  Russell did the driving as I ensure our load was not going anywhere but home ... hanging on tight!  It actually reminded me of the commercial with the couple holding on to the mattress on the top of the car and driving wild.  We were a bit more safer, driving with hazards on, wood tied down and a load flat to boot.

Once we got home, we followed the steps to how to make a raised bed garden:

Step 1: Select your site
Step 2: Determine the size or shape of your garden
Step 3: Prep your site
Step 4: Construct the bed
Step 5: Level your frames
Step 6: Fill your garden

We got to Step 5 and it was pretty excited.  Well, actually Russell did the construction of it, but we both planned the site area.  We realized that one, it can be done and two, we need more.  So this weekend we are off to purchase enough for 4 raised beds.  Our plans are to plant lettuces and maybe a fun food like snow peas.  Since there is no way we can plant enough carrots, we figured the others are manageable.

Never would I have thought I would go from a project position in the Calgary oilpatch to planning a garden.  Life changes within a second.  You accept it and move through it ... this a great project, since this we are literally planting the seeds to our health and well being.  What a wonderful feeling.  Feeding our bodies what it deserves.

I heard Charlotte Gerson speak this week during an interview with  She said something that just makes sense, and simply puts where we are today...

"Take care of your body so it can take care of YOU ..."

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