Friday, August 30, 2013

" Fading Away ... "

If I can't see what's in front of me
It's a mystery
Well than apparently
Things just ain't the same ...
Can't you see that your fading
And I finally realized ...
You're fading away
~ Rihanna ~ Fading Away ~

I read something powerful today ... “Running away from any problem only increases the distance from the solution ... the easiest way to escape from a problem is to solve it.”
Right ... now who is going to voluntarily sign up for conflict?  Well I guess if we view a problem  as measurable milestones than it isn’t the monumental tasks it originally appears to be?

Believing that almost all challenges and problems can be overcome is the key ... and then comes determination, focus, discipline, execution and ... patience.  Yet most people have problems with conflict and will avoid disagreements at all costs.  And the issue is that never talking things through and resolving differences is also unhealthy for other relationships.

... becoming flooded with conflict and prone to struggle with how to remain in difficult conversations in calm and productive ways ...

Scenario 1: some people directly refuse to discuss an issue and will use comments like “You are being unreasonable and I refuse to talk with you about this” or “We never get anywhere when we argue and I am not going to talk anymore.”
Scenario 2: Other people might actually leave the room or leave the conversation emotionally and it is clear that the conversation is one-sided. 

... avoiding a lengthy give-and-take conversation does not lead to “buying in” to a decision ...

It is easy to imagine that it will take too long to solve a situation/problem and go into an experience of helplessness and gloom.  But realizing that this is self manipulation to not take responsibility and face your reality.  You know the decisions that lead to a prompt leave from responsibility ... direct yourself to seek a way out ... creating a point of easy way out by finding excuses of what you need to do, a distraction from what you could give energy to.

So stop and breathe ... and believe that resolution is possible.  And be selfish about it ... it is better for you to confront so you can heal.  You don’t want to be swallowed up by your own bitterness or sense of injustice.  Because if you are unforgiving, you may subconsciously bring left over negative emotions into new experiences, you may lose joy in the present moment, you may feel your life lacks meaning or purpose.

Forgiveness is a doorway for change.  
And think about a time when you were in their situation ... 
practice empathy.

Begin by reflecting on facts of the situation, how you've reacted, and how this combination has affected your life, health and well-being.  Then when you are ready, actively choose to forgive the person who offended you.  The key is to move away from your role as victim and release the control and power the offending person and situation have had in your life.  Letting go of grudges gives you the allowance to no longer define your life by how you’ve been hurt, rather by who you truly are.

Monday, August 26, 2013

" Where do we go from here ... "

We're at the crossroads my dear
Where do we go from here
Maybe you wont go maybe you'll stay
I know I'm going to miss you either way
Its such a lonely road

Usually not the kind of girl who's lost and looking for direction
Who could this be staring at me
When I'm looking in the mirror trying find the resolution
Were to far gone to find our way home

Where do we go from here ...
Follow the tracks of my tears ...

~ Alicia Keys ~ Where do we go from here ~

You know the saying “think before you speak”, well is it just a quote?  I ask because it is so hard to practice.  Sometimes when you make a spontaneous decision, you look back at the consequences and have regrets.  So how do you limit the consequences ... by learning to think before you act. 

Just think about it ... a strong opinion, the tone of voice, the look across the table, body language ... anything that can set you off to think you are being judged.  And instantly you react.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  But is it true or is it your own insecurity?  And is it necessary?

The art of conflict is just that ... an art.  Some are good at it others not so much.  It can provide clarity or complications.  It can resolve issues or create new ones.  Nothing test our character like an emergency or crisis.  It is moments like these when our reactions or actions becomes increasingly crucial to the outcome.

And really can’t the whole spectrum of human behaviour can be put between two bookends of action and reaction.  Everything we do is either one or the other ... spaced out by time.  We fluctuate between the two with degrees of control of ourselves or the situation.  

The more we shift towards action, the more we are in control.  
We are decisive and have purpose.  
We know what we want and how to get it.

The more we shift towards reaction, the more we are being controlled.  
Reaction is an effect that follows a cause.  
It lacks decisions with clear thought and is selfish.

Being single-minded in one’s goal should not lead to being close-minded to everything else.

When it feels that the problems just keep coming and there is never an end to the troubles that plague us, where do we go from here?  

Finding the root cause.  Effects are seldom aware of the causes that trigger them because troubleshooting can provide immediate solutions to apparent symptoms but what’s to prevent it from showing up again.  

“It’s like putting a finger through a leaking hole to stop the whole dam from collapsing. Soon enough another leak breaks and before you know it you’ve used up all your fingers.”

Fear, panic, anger, envy, jealousy, false pride lead us to say and do now and regret later because they provide us instant relief to our pain.  A thoughtless comment from you sets off biting remarks from another which in turn irritates you to the point of doing something rash and the other person naturally retaliates.  Down the line it becomes a full blown hostility and neither of you probably don’t remember what started it in the first place.

When it feels that the problems just keep coming and there is never an end to the troubles that plague us, where do we go from here?  

Pause, reflect and take a deep breath.  Then ask yourself ... what am I doing and why am I doing it?  We can only take control of a situation when we take control of ourselves.  

Understanding the self is a start.  When you know who you are then you know what you want and from there clear decisions and productive actions follow.  Obstacles become secondary and are details that simply need to be worked out instead of main concerns that preoccupy our mind and dictate our every move.  Acting involves making a choice, reacting allows someone else to do that for you.

“A tactician may only see the battle in front of him, 
a strategist sees the whole battlefield.”

But we are only human.  And we will probably find ourselves in situations where we are forced to react.  There will be times when we can’t help but give in to a negative emotion.  But there is always an opportunity to start again.  It is whether or not you have the will to do so.

So instead of feeling like a failure when you make a mistake, use the failure as a tool to take back control of your life.  Do not make excuses and allow your failures to be reasons to continue making mistakes.  Just deal the best way you can and accept it does happen ... the more shocking your circumstances, the great the opportunity to learn

Sunday, August 11, 2013

" Intentions ... "

The intent. I intend. The intentions of one will guide.
I strive to speak what I have learned 
and learn from those I see.
To step out of this life is my ambition.
To speak out and show you what I have seen ...

Stand with me and see what my eyes have seen.
Take my hand and let me show you what it is to love.
The intent. I intend. The intentions of one will guide ...

For you cannot love one until you have learned to love all.

~ We Came As Romans ~ Intentions ~

We get a vibe or a feeling ... we question if it is curiosity or care ... we don’t know if we should have faith or if we are being played.  True colours always prevail in the end.  As the best of intentions can just get in the way.

How so?   Just take a look at self-proclaimed motivational speakers, fitness “professionals” and religious leaders who strive to “inspire” you.  Yet their behaviour dictates otherwise and they don't practice what they preach.  Thankfully you can choose to release and move on into a more authentic environment.

So it begs to differ ... do you know what YOUR intentions are?  You see there are personal intentions and also intentions with regards to others.  I think it is best to consider your own intentions because the rest will fall into place.  Clear intentions have a way of assisting you to take greater control of your life ... and all the forces of the universe can align to have a miracle happen ... IF your intentions are pure.

Hope >>>> Possibility >>>> Actions >>>> Results

Some feel that intentions are too dream like and it is important to be realistic.  Because dreaming clouds our present reality, where we are at this moment, Here & Now.  But if you combine them ~ where we are (reality) and where we want to be (dreams and intentions) ~ we can make it happen.  And the beauty is, you don’t have to get anyone’s permission, you just have to allow yourself to receive.

Setting intentions every day is a great exercise ... as when you focus less on the unknowns and more on what you want to manifest.  An example for me is last year when I was faced with my disability claim ending, a job I didn’t want to go back to and the financial impact ... with clear and pure intentions, I put forth what I wanted, I set my intentions and made it happen.  

Freedom >>>> Flexibility >>>> Happiness

You see we are never too old to make a dream come true because when you set an intention and then act on it to demonstrate your commitment, AMAZING things occur ... Personally intention has helped me maintain composure & sanity, provided me fortitude ... and most importantly, a sense of humour.  Because sometimes you just got to have a good belly laugh and know all is well & life has, does and will go on.

You don’t need a major life goal to set intentions.  Intentions can be set on a daily basis.  I set mine in the morning when I wake up ... like to have a fun day, spend quality time with my loved ones, have a safe journey, learn something new, excel at a new song with the band, make a great presentation, be grounded .... it really can be as monumental or as simple as you want.

And I follow up with action ... demonstrating my commitment to my intention.  I acknowledge I did what I said I would ... making it clear to me and others just what I plan to do.  That not only can they can count on me but I can count on me.  So next time you set an intention, redefine what it means to be serious about your dreams ... don’t just act the part, be it.

"mean what you do, do what you say"

Saturday, August 10, 2013

" Nutrition ... "

I've got nowhere to go
Just hang out on the street
My folks say I've got no ambition
At least I give a ...
About the stuff I eat
Yeah! I care about nutrition ..
It's good for me
I've got vitamin C
I care [x3]
I give a healthy ...
~ Dead Milkmen ~ Nutrition ~

Today I read an article on the Natural News website about commercial protein powders and shakes.  As we know they are extremely popular within the fitness industry, professionals and every day folks that are looking to get that extra protein kick.  What was alarming though was the ingredients found within that can compromise your health.  

How can something that is suppose to be “good for your health” be contaminated with heavy metals and MSG?  It seems unreal and perhaps some won’t believe it.  Yet from what is considered the “Consumer Reports”, test samples of 15 protein powders and shakes contained trace arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.  As for mono sodium glutamate, during the processing of high protein foods, MSG is created.  So it is not an additional ingredient but a byproduct of the manufacturing process ... which does not need to be labeled.  They attempt to minimize the creation of MSG by low temperature drying but the end result is still a denatured protein.

And if you are unsure of the affects of these, do your own research, understand the potential damage and if  you are wiling to take the risk ...

Sadly, prior to my diagnosis, I was a fan of meal replacement protein shakes, powders and bars.  I now believe I was eating “healthy junk food”.  Chemicals that my body did not know what to do with.  Toxic.  You know the saying ... 
if it comes FROM a plant, eat it ... 
if it was MADE in a plant, don’t.

Thankfully, I read an alternative protein source is nutritional yeast which has 8 grams of protein per serving.  Sold as flakes or powder, it is a deactivated yeast that is low in fat and sodium, free of sugar, dairy and gluten and a complete protein (all nine amino acids).  In regards to flavor, it is described as nutty, cheesy and creamy and a great substitute for cheese (yay vegans!).

In regards to “nutrition” it is packed with B-vitamins, folic acid, selenium, and zinc too.  As well, nutritional yeast does not have MSG but has naturally occurring glutamic acid which is an amino acid found in many fruits and vegetables.  And you may not be so keen to put a scoop of it in your smoothie but some other options are adding it to mashed potatoes, sprinkling on a pasta dish or popcorn and other savory options.

After all, we are in search of good, wholesome foods and knowing that there are REAL FOOD options that can provide us what we require to thrive is the key.  You decide what is right for you ... but remember to respect yourself and truly listen to your body.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

" Spirit ... "

To live with grace, to ride the swell
To yet be strong of will
To love the wind, to learn its song
And empty space to fill ...

A winters journey from the moon
To reach the summer sun
To rise again, to sing for you
A song that's yet unsung ...

His spirit joined and so was formed
Ten thousand years ago
Between the swan and Hercules
Where even dark clouds glow

~ John Denver ~ Spirit ~
It seems that there is more and more information available about detoxifying your physical body.  Cleanses, shakes, supplements and foods.  But what about your spirit?  
Our spirit is suppose to be perfect and divine.  Yet sometimes we need to cleanse our essence after experiences.  You see each one leaves an imprint and therefore the impact remains, perhaps at a subtle level.  
If we were perfect, we would be in alignment with our true self at all times, even after difficult events.  But we know that this isn’t the case as the life happens and our emotional reactions occur.  We generate thoughts and they mingle into our emotions which create thoughts and patterns ... muddling our spirit.  And our soul expresses itself through our energy field with the brightest presence being our essence.  Hence when our energy field can affect the clarity of our light.

Recognize and Let go of Things That No Longer Serve You ...

Analyze your attitude and behaviours ... how do you view the world?  do you need to take out pettiness and cultivate generosity instead?  try to drop the negative and grow a positive outlook.
Analyze your relationships ... what is causing you stress? can you fix the issue?  are you willing to renew your commitment or is spiritually strong to let go?
Analyze your time ... what activities occupy you?  do you receive strength from what you do?  do yo burden yourself with too much senseless activity?  make more time to nurture yourself.
Analyze unfinished business ... do you have long-standing issues with someone?  can you approach them with love, warmth and honesty?  can you share a solution?  can you let go of grievances?
Analyze your abilities ... do you have unrealistic expectations of yourself?  do you compete against others or yourself?  strive for personal best that are in tune with your talents and let others shine where you can’t.
Analyze what will quiet your mind ... can you make peace with the past?  can you seek joy in the future?  forgiveness allows miracles to occur.

Cleansing our spirit allows us to embrace what is present, here and now, for our enrichment.  We release patterns that clog our aura.  And when we reach inside ourselves for strength to live each day to the its fullest our world shines a little brighter and our soul flourishes.