Tuesday, July 28, 2015

" Cosmic ... "

“ ... I put these things aside for years
'Til laughter took the place of tears
It's like I was asleep yet now I'm here
I'm here ... 

I put these things aside for years
'Til laughter took the place of tears
It's like I was asleep yet now I'm here
I'm here
I'm here (it's cosmic) ... “

~ Kylie Minogue ~ Cosmic ~

For those that believe in the concept of karma, believe that our loved ones appear in our life due to karmic debt.  At least that is the Buddhist view.

“At present, we are closely linked with our parents and our children.  We feel great affection for them and have incredible aspirations for them.  When they suffer, or anything undesirable happens to them, we are more upset than we would be if such things had happened to us personally.  All this is simply the repayment of debts for the harm we have done each other in past lives.”- Patrul Rinpoche

Imagine ... the person you love in this moment, may have been someone you loathed in a previous life.  And they may become your rival in the next life.  As my teacher explains to us, this is the cosmic joke.  The endless cycle of attachment and aversion that eventually causes suffering for everyone involved.  And if you aren’t sure, observe how children turn on their parents and how your greatest love can become your ex-partner.

Equanimity ... loving all sentient beings equally.  It is about boundless love, which has the power to heal and transform.  And you begin by consciously expressing your love to your special ones ... and spreading this outward to those in your life.  

A practice, with a sense of humour that helps to deal with life on life's terms.  Personally, I am finding that a sense of humour is essential.  It keeps me from taking myself too seriously.  It helps me realize it is a cosmic joke and not a serious affair.  When we get serious, we are praised, respected and honoured.  But are we having any fun?

A sense of humour seems to be far more sacred than some other practices.  It requires a presence of mind, and the ability to stay present.  When you laugh like like a child you are ego less.

And so the cosmic joke continues ... there seems to be nothing more valuable than laughter.  Laughter brings you to the earth.  Laughter bring you to reality as it is.  Life as it is should be enough of a reason to laugh ... ridiculous and beautiful, absurd and wonderful ... all sorts of things together ... a great cosmic joke.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

" Words ... "

“ ... Let's start a brand new story
Now my love, right now 
There'll be no other time 
And I can show you how, my love

Talk in everlasting words
And dedicate them all to me
And I will give you all my life
I'm here if you should call to me

You think that I don't even mean
A single word I say

It's only words, and words are all I have
To take your heart away ... “

~ Bee Gees ~ Words ~

By listening to and analyzing the words I use on a regular basis, I can learn to stop unconsciously programming myself to have limitations.  My own words tell a tale.  And listening to the words I say, explains a lot about what’s going on inside my head.  

Mindfulness practice helps me to gain the ability to pay attention to these words.  I am discovering that I often use self-limiting words before I even had a chance to think about them.  My subconscious chooses safe words that make unimportant things feel huge, and words that allow me wiggle room to procrastinate safely.  Simply put ... weak language is a subconscious attempt to avoid responsibility.

And I am called out on it, frequently, by my teacher.  Words that make me weak.  Words that make me sound like a victim.  Words that give me an easy way out to blame someone else when it all falls apart.

... clear speech means clear thinking.  And clear thinking means clear execution ... 

Need, Can’t, Try and Bad ... within these words tell you different than reality.  An unconscious box around solutions, limiting my creativity and failing to accomplish anything useful. Unaware of how I may be robbing myself of my power or destroying any hope for innovative thinking.  

... setting yourself up for learned helplessness ... 

I am learning that unconsciously our brains listen and because it cannot understand context, it creates confusion and subtle stress.  I am learning that using words that mean the same thing to my conscious brain and my unconscious brain, feels good.  

... words, actions and thoughts matter ... 

My ego took a good bruising last night when I got called out on the specific word, try.  Try seems to be a word that has two meanings.  Growing up, we were told to learn something, practice it and keep trying.  Seemingly a ‘normal’ way to encourage to do better.  Now, trying seems to presuppose a likelihood of failure, subconsciously planning to fail.  The advice ... don’t try, DO  

The language we use is a part of our software.  So using it consciously and with precision can allow us to achieve things that we didn’t know we could. We begin to shift that internal monologue, chatter, script to a more compassionate path.  We begin to believe we are capable.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

" Wandering ... "

On the eve of another birthday, my mind is wandering.  Wandering, wandering ... I never really thought I would get to the age of 46 ... not because I am a pessimist but because of being cancer-ed.  

Ah yes, for those who have had a similar experience, you don’t really forget.  All the memories of ‘that’ day, being diagnosed, can come rushing back at any moment, triggered by anything remotely to do with the dis-ease.  But rather than choosing this to be viewed as a weakness and being a ‘victim’ to the thought, I am opening to the insights offered.  

My most vivid ‘memory’, the one that did the most damage was my prognosis ... 5 years at best.  I have this attachment because I speak to it, still to this day.  And I write about it, as here present in these words.  Load on the intense programming, patterning and hypnosis of how, what, where, when and why an ill-ness is an ill-ness.  The triggers are present because my mind has been so deluded to the idea of being cancered.  

And so here we are ... on the eve of another birthday and 4.5 years being cancer-ed.  My mantra ... so far so good ... probably because it is a bit of a safety net, a precaution or a disclaimer.  With no claim to being “cured” because, I am not.  

So why back to the wandering mind ... well with an assigned dis-ease, you really are not sure what you will get.  AND cue insight ... that’s what life is all about.  Not really sure what what you will end up with right?  Whether it be an ill-ness you manage, a relationship you tolerate, a burden you carry, or a void within your heart ... pretty much anything can be your demise IF you allow it.  An ill-ness or dis-ease just has intense assumptions that go along with it.

In those moments of weakness, when I say aloud, I don’t know how much more of this I can take, I hear within, count your blessings, they will multiply.  But how?  Begin with breath.  Our sacred connection to the Divine.  And that is where my gratitude begins.  And so tomorrow at first light, I hope to graciously take my first breath, arms and heart wide open ... birth of a new day.

Blessings xx


Sunday, July 19, 2015

" Frequency ... "

“ ... Everything you know
Somebody else has taught and told you
Deep within yourself if you're
Yourself are you that person 

Like a coded frequency
The people will unfold you
Leave it up to everybody's hands
To shape and mold you 

I took some time
To stand on my own two feet

Frequency ... “

~ Tantric ~ Frequency ~

Spending time in the mountains, when you get out of the city, there is an energetic shift.  The shades of color, sounds, birds, insects, animals, running water ... has a soothing effect on the mind.  And not only because you get away from the intensity of the city, but because these sounds consist of vibrational frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz).  

... all of these natural harmonics vibrate at 432 Hz, 
it’s the natural frequency of the universe ... 

The benefits of being tuned into the correct vibration include healing our DNA, ailments and even getting healthier.  

... being in tune with this universal frequency 
is an integral part of us being part of nature ... 

432 Hz is the harmonic intonation of nature.  This vibration can make your body and the organic world which surrounds it, resonate in a natural way.  A sense of peace and wellbeing is available in those moments.  So as we open our ears we help our bodies release emotional blockages and expand consciousness.  432Hz allows you to tune into the knowledge of the universe around us in a more intuitive way.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, 
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Tesla

With our bodies made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, frequencies affect frequencies.  And with these, our bodies are estimate to be about 70% water, experiments have shown how we alter our own vibrational state based on every expression through sound, emotion, or thought ... which influences everything around it, much like a drop of water creating a ripple effect.

It is believed that the 432 Hz vibrations with the Universe, unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity, magnetism, biology, DNA code and consciousness.  It is believed that our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, resulting in our sense of connection to nature magnified. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

" It's Just A Thought ... "

“ ... It's just a thought
But I've noticed somethin' strange,
Gettin' harder to explain;
All the years are passin' bye and bye,
Still I don't know what makes it go;
Who said to wait and you'll see?

It's just a thought
But the word has come too late
That a bad idea will take
Just about a lifetime to explain,
And don't you see,
Good one's gonna be much longer;
Who's gonna wait, just to see? ... “

~ Creedence Clearwater Revival ~ It’s Just A Thought ~

Those moments when you move past the body, past the surface and you face the mirror of your own faults, your own limitations, your own darkness.  Your responsibilities, your choices ... everything in your life is all down to you.

How do we learn to deal with this revelation and how do we move through it.  We keep going, acknowledge it and own up.  And we tend to measure our strength by it.  Yet our minds will create doubts and escape thoughts when the mirror is reflected back.  Unless we shift from thinking to awareness.

Thinking is thought intensive while awareness is presence or simple attention in the moment.  Thinking is when our mind creates thoughts about the situation we are in.  Awareness is when our attention is focused on the situation simply observing with our senses.  We are aware thought what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste.  Thinking separates us from the immediacy of the situation as awareness gives us direct perception of the situation ... allowing us to perceive it more accurately.

... thought does not have an existence that is independent of awareness ... 

And so do we attempt to deny thinking?  Not possible.  Denying any form of thought is denying awareness itself.  To deny thought is to make an assumption that is not based on reality.  Awareness is empty and not a form or a thing.  IT has no qualities, no beginning and no end.  It is neither good or bad, right or wrong, here or there.  It is non dual.

... Your entire story, your body, and everything else that happens to "you" are merely objects appearing and disappearing in timeless, non conceptual awareness. 
The objects themselves are empty ... 

Awareness is awake right now, always, ready and present.  It is prior to anything you think about yourself.  The thought based, time bound story of you is fiction.  It is peaceful and still.  it is presence awareness.

And so if we take a moment to suspend thought in order to directly recognize awareness, we reveal who we are.  In that moment, we allow ourselves to fully arise ... and observe ... non conceptual awareness.

Through non conceptual awareness, we view the final seeing, pointing away from attachment to the intellect, form, thought. We realize that thoughts are not separate from awareness.  The distinction itself is a creation of thought.