Saturday, January 14, 2012

" Drama! ... "

One rule for us, for you another
Do unto yourself as you see fit for your brother
Poor unfortunate you
Myriad of things that you can do
We all have the ability
Our freedom is fragile
We all laugh and we cry, don't we?
~ Erasure ~ Drama! ~
When you’ve been working to lessen drama in your life by creating a sense of peace and calm, drama can be very noticeable.  It can be a real challenge to even be around those that are addicted to drama.  You know the ones ... they create drama, stir up energy and conflict, add fuel to the fire ... hence the name “Drama Queen”.
It becomes uncomfortable to be in that environment  ... the other day I noticed the woman in line at the mall, rude and obnoxious to the sales clerk and I wondered ... are you really that important that you shouldn’t wait like the rest of us?  do you really need to be so loud and attack? I felt sad for her ... because obviously waiting in line had nothing to do with what was really going on in her life.  She was just projecting her emotions on to someone and something else ... she was trying to create drama and engage everyone around her to participate.
If you are undertaking a healing journey to achieve more balance and peace within your life, drama comes up and really challenges you.  A test ... to see whether you choice to engage or move on.  And just like happiness, you can make any choice on your path.  In the above example, I did not engage, I just left that environment, not to be influenced by her infecting my atmosphere.  You see if you feel it is not for you, then you have the choice to move right on by it.  
But what do you do when it is coming from your own circle of loved ones.  Not so easy then.  There are more emotionally charged patterns.  You may know them better than they know themselves.  And what usually happens is we slip right into a role playing dynamic when we are around them.  Why?  well for one it is familiar.  Yet if it isn’t really working for you, it probably isn’t really working for them.  It takes a great deal of courage to speak from your heart, but when you do, you have now given the allowance for others to do the same.  
What about unconscious drama, when you buy into the drama so easily that you don’t even notice that you did it.  Your unconscious habit slids into place and it just happened without you realizing it.  And even after the fact, you may not even notice it.  Yet regardless of how long it takes to figure it out, you catch it ... and you bought into it ... whoops, what now?

Well, awareness is the first step ... becoming conscious to your surroundings and relationship dynamics.  You need to pay attention.  Try to become an observer and watch how they relate to one another and to you, without getting too involved in the outcome.  A witness not a participant.  A helpful way to begin to recognize when drama addiction is happening.  
So what about drama addicts?  Well they are not much different than other addicts.  When drama is happening in a relationship dynamic, excitement happens, and our bodies produce adrenaline ... and then comes the rush of energy.  The thrill.  Recognize that for some that lead a very uninteresting or monotonous life, that rush of adrenaline helps them feel alive.  Think of it as a thrill seeker trapped in a mundane life.  Once replacing the boredom with another thrill seeking activity, the need to stir up drama, conflict and blowing things out of proportion will be less desirable for them.
So back to the idea of buying in or moving by ... it is a choice.  Drama takes a back seat when you are looking to create peace and calm within your life ... tranquility vs. drama ... meditation helps me as the energy high that comes from knowing I am connected and one with the flow of the universe is more than enough to know that I am alive.

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