Friday, September 23, 2011

"Hello Fall ..."

"Hello Fall, my new old friend
Found me here again
Hello Fall, from green to red (mellow)
Push me higher, did you go anywhere as well
Spaceman he flied
I heard sirens, I felt the signs
Hieroglyphics in my mind"

~ Lord Jungalee ~ Hello Fall ~

Today is the first day of Fall or Autumnal Equinox 2011 in the Northern hemisphere.  The stars and planets line up for the change of seasons.  And, I always love this time of year.  This is the time of year Russell and I married, and it reminds of that amazing time 10 years ago.

For some  it is a reminder to renew ourselves, and many of us relate this to starting school, programs, courses, detox and healthy lifestyles.  It is a great time to set new intentions too.  For some a do over, for others a fresh start.

So what exactly is an equinox?  An equinox is an astronomical event, which dates back to our ancestors and their ability to build the first observatories to track the suns progress.  It is when the days and nights are equal in time.  It is the time of harvest and the gateway to autumn.  As our earth is in transition and those changes will be seen in the days to come ... leaves changing from green to red.

And we can benefit from this transition as a type of healing during this equinox.  In this moment, we can chose to calm our minds and listen to the heartbeat of the earth.  And regardless if you hear anything, we will receive a profound feeling of being here.  When we allow ourselves that shift we have the opportunity to bring more of our attention, focus and energy into the here and now ~ an amazing body and spirit connection.  You see from an intuitive perspective we too are in transition, and it serves us to take the time to rebalance and restore for our body, mind and spirit.  Deep inner reflection with the simple idea of finding your center and standing your ground ~ search for enlightened truth.

Like a chapter in a book, this equinox is full of intrigue, adventure and healing if we allow it.  By taking part in the purification, detoxification and allowing the healing to soothe, we can embrace the joy and real empowerment gifted to us.

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