Monday, September 12, 2011

"Pop A Pill .. "

Well look at this
I see clearly now
Look at this
I can feel it now
Is seldom found
Pop the pill"
~ Korn ~ Pop A Pill ~

One of the fortunate things of being on the Gerson Therapy is the early mornings.  As odd as that sounds, I get an opportunity to see beautiful sunrises, and honestly they are breathtaking.  This morning when I woke up to take my castor oil, ahem which is not so beautiful, I looked out of our bedroom window and the sky was a blend of orange and pink.  Funny how It reminded me of my favorite sherbert flavour growing up.  How delicious they both are, comforting and calming.  I then looked out of the spare bedroom window and saw a full moon.  It seemed like time was standing still, the streets were quiet, and the air was calm.  I quickly crawled back into bed to squeeze a few more moments of snuggles and comfort before getting on with the regime.

Next comes my usual morning coffee break when count my blessings and set my intentions for the day.  Making my way downstairs to our kitchen, I find Russell listening to the daily news, juicing away and prepping our breakfast ... with a gorgeous smile on his face.  For a brief moment, I take in the present, take in the love.  Ahhh bliss! ..... 

Then I get on with my routine of filling my pill box ... Oiy!! nice why to ruin the mood eh?  Yep, this part of the daily routine is definitely a reminder of the therapy with no if, ands or buts about it.  I open up the cupboard to find fully stocked shelves of pills and capsules and liquids and ... well you get the picture.  I started to think about how many of these are ingest daily and seriously this will make your jaw drop ~ 80.  Yep that is right 8-0.  Crazy eh?  And that doesn't include the liquid meds.  I know this is nuts coming from moi, hippie chick, who didn't take a pill for headache.  Well, first of all they are natural supplements made up of herbs et al so they are not really the typical "medication" you are use to.  No artificial flavours, no synthetic components so take the image of downing a bottle of Tylenol, that is not what this is about.  The funny thing is that this is totally manageable.  Remember this is over the course of an entire day ~ 16 hours.  And the supplements I take are suited to me and my cancer in regards to 
dosage.  "All the medications are designed to support the diet therapy by increasing the energy capacity of the cell and increasing the rate of detoxification'.

So if you are a tad bit curious as to the mini-pharmacy we have here in the Cayzer household, take a look this post from one of my favourite bloggers, someone how inspires me daily and is my friend Jess, The Wellness Warrior.  

Believe me, I was not that crazy about popping so many pills, but once I heard about all the anti-cancer properties, my response was "open up and say ahhhhh".

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