Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Right here, right now ..."

"I was alive, and I waited, waited
I was alive and I waited for this
Right here, right now
there is no other place I want to be"
~ EMF ~ Right Here, Right Now ~

Well, had my follow-up consult with the Gerson doctors and in the words of Dr. Ramos, he is "very, very, very happy" with my latest round of test results.  I am responding well to the therapy, on we are on the right path to wellness.  Should we break out the champagne?  Hmmm not just yet, but get the glasses chilled cause we are on our way ~ oh yeah!

The last few days I have been surfing on the net, mindlessly watching my facebook wall updates from friends about the future and future events.  Very little is written about this moment ... right here, right now.  For me, I am forced to live in the present, in this very moment.  And in this moment, there is no other place I want to be.  I wake up in the mornings with daily prayers, thank-ful for little to no pain in my body, thank-ful for my husband, thank-ful for my family, thank-ful for the means to get good food and a safe home.  These may seem like the basics, but really, that is all that matters at this time, in this moment ~ staying present.   

Sometimes when we anticipate the future, we flood our bodies with emotions of anxiety and worry.  I recently read a great article about the current culture we have calling it "anxiety culture".  It becomes a bad habit ... worrying and we continue to do so until we perfect this art.  Just think about it, as we mature into adults, we are told "you had better start to worry about your future".  If you don't you are considered aimless and irresponsible.  Because somehow, the art of worrying is going to really help you figure out your future.  How is that worrying help you in making sound decisions, think rationally, and help you follow your dreams, fuel your passion and ensure you love the life you really desire?

Worrying is the most easiest and popular way to negate happiness.  
It handicaps us and diminishes us.  It can be a pointless and damaging activity because things never happen the way we imagine hem, we end up giving our power away, it distorts reality and more importantly it is very bad for our health ~ STRESS!

So, here are some simple and effective methods I am practicing in hopes to diminish worry from my life:
  • realize that I am in control of my reactions to what happens in my life
  • recognize that worry is a habit and can be changed
  • keep things in perspective
  • face my fears and what is real from fiction
  • stop taking myself so seriously
Worrying can be a dangerous thing, taking you away from here and now.  Easier said than done?  You bet, but if we start to acknowledge where we are, and setting our intentions as to where we want to be, we will stay PRESENT ~ Living more and Worrying less.

""Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." -Proverb

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