Thursday, May 1, 2014

" What Did You Expect? … "

I've been here before ...
But I've learned from experience

Don't tell me that I'll be fine ...
So far gone my mind is racing, 
Back and forth I can't stop pacing, 

I won't be in sight when you realize that 
I might just have been a more stable support, 
To the life that you'll build

Take all I am ...
who I am

~ Neck Deep ~ What Did You Expect? ~


What do you expect of others?  Do you find yourself thinking of what others should or shouldn’t be doing?  Do you have find yourself thinking of how others should respond to you? ... of course, we all do it.

Personally I thought this was just part of our nature, we cannot help ourselves, it is just the way it is.  Because if we love someone, we are critical of what they say or do because we expect something different .. and this can be exhausting ... but it is also deliberate.  How so ... free will ... we can choose to have or not to have expectations, pretty simple.

From experience, having let go of expectations and opinions around certain people, relationships and situations has provide me the freedom to welcome what is coming ... bringing excitement and curiosity into my life.

So if it is “that” easy then why do hold on these expectations that only set us up for disappointment?  

Well, first and foremost, we believe that others think as we do.  Until we accept each others thoughts and emotions as unique imprints, specific to them, we will not be able to embrace a society with healthy differing opinions.  

Next, ask yourself if you are looking for a certain outcome.  Possibly trying to control the outcome raises expectations and sets the path for judgement.

And finally, if there is something within us we don’t care for, we usually judge that quality in others.  We crave affirmation and can get defensive if we don’t get what we want.

Ultimately detachment is the key.  
Releasing our attachment to an outcome will eliminate that need for validation.  Expectations will fall by the side and opinions won’t matter.  

We cannot control others, yet we can release our expectations of others.  This allows you to be and others to do the same ... you to accept others for who they really are ... you to stop passing judgement ... and you to accept yourself

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