Sunday, May 25, 2014

" Spiritual …"

Magic, or one, or mystery
All of you trying to work on me
I would surrender myself
Holy how, and heaven high
You will open up my heart
And I'm finally here

This is spiritual, under your spell
For not me no, the way you make me feel
Like an angel, oh, at blow
Like a feather, you make me float
Love you crazy kite on your left
Lost in sweet ecstasy
Under nirvana finally
~ Katy Perry ~ Spiritual ~

Are you willing to risk losing by telling the truth?  Are you blazing new trails?  Do you embrace new challenges?  Do you learn from detours and diversions?  

... and why all the questions???  
Because it takes a heart full of courage, integrity, loyalty and honesty to become “spiritual”.  

The generic definition of spiritual is a difficult one, as it has been hard to define ... but to get our heads around it ... Spiritual is a search for the sacred, where the sacred is broadly defined as that which is set apart from the ordinary and worthy of veneration ... whatever that means.

And I remember someone I use to know that really struggled with “life”.  She use to grasp at whatever would give her some sort of comfort.  Only to suffer, as all grasping does.  Yet all she would talk about is how awakened she had become and how she could give me my awakening ... 

Personally, spirituality is about spending time getting to know myself ... allowing me to know when something isn’t working and to let go ... trusting my instincts ... acknowledging my inner voice ... trusting that all is well and for my higher good.  Being grounded and responding consistently & consciously to the inevitable tension that growth creates inside of us, meeting each opportunity fully present, and ultimately integrating our experiences ... is what spiritual awakening means to me.

Our resistance to change causes pain. 
Acceptance releases it. 

And all this work on the inside allows us to see past the illusion so that we can connect deeper to other wonders of life.  As we accept change on the inside, our external possibilities expand.

It is about acceptance to what IS.  Which leads to spiritual awakening  
and here are signs that you may be in the middle of experiencing just that ....

1. You're feeling confused
Confusion feel muddy and scary — almost paralyzing. Yet resisting create more confusion. The way out? Stay open to the new, and relinquish your attachments to beliefs that no longer work.
2. You no longer ‘fit’ your life
Like confusion, feeling disconnected from your current life can be re-framed as one of the signs of spiritual awakening. and is calling out for change.  You notice what no longer fits, also notice what you're drawn to, what lifts your heart. Then take action. 
3. You're rebelling against where you came from
Questioning is one of the signs of spiritual awakening  as it will lead to new activities, rituals and a new dynamic in your relationships.  Be happy — you're ready to come into your own! Keep what works and tweak the rest for you.
4. Your life feels ‘blocked’
Sometimes, ‘blockages’ can be one of the signs of spiritual awakening. Or it's a soul sign to turn inward and re-evaluate. 
5. Your dreams are wildly intense
The dream realm is powerful. It's where we can get in touch with our own and the collective unconscious. When dreams rise up, honour them. Truly, dreams are one of the signs of spiritual awakening.
6. You've had moments of psychic clarity
A deep knowing, psychic vision is simply our attunement to the realms which we cannot detect with our five senses, presenting possible and probable outcomes. Embrace it. This vast knowledge is there to guide you.
7. You notice more chronic body pain
This represents the cells of your body waking up to a new vibrational level. Our minds and spirit is more fluid than our bodies... which need support when we awaken. 
8. You've encountered death
Facing your own mortality or that of a loved one because of illness.  A gateway to a new way. For bursting forth from the resonance of grief, incredible beauty and healing is possible. 

I imagine many spiritual teachers, gurus and scholars would much to say around the aforementioned, yet this comes from my own personal experience.  
I now understand what it is to be “spiritual”.  I now understand what it is to have “faith”.  

I encourage you to “truly” find yours

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