Thursday, May 15, 2014

" Simple Living … "

Slacker mindstate livin on time that's borrowed
My motto's I'll stop procrastinating tomorrow
I took the sorrow from the wind chimes, 
left happiness lonesome

And strung up sarcasm to make the melody wholesome
From my lungs to my feet, I'm breathin everything I speak 

I'm convinced I'm built for better things

~ Gym Class Heroes ~ Simple Living ~

After 2.5 years of following the strict Gerson Therapy protocol, and 6 months of Gerson maintenance  what now ... Gerson Living and I LOVE it.

What is The Gerson Therapy?
A gentle reminder  The Gerson Therapy is a practical and highly detailed guide to the intensive nutritional treatment of cancer and other life-threatening dis-ease that many would consider to have been impossible to obtain.  Dr. Max Gerson, MD, discovered enormous success when patients followed a strict fat-free, salt-free, low-protein, essentially vegetarian dietary regimen, based on great quantities of fresh vegetable juice, supplements, and systemic detoxification.  As well, contrary to what is being communicated, 

The Gerson Therapy has NO substitutes
The Gerson Therapy requires a FULL commitment by the patient.

What is Gerson Living? 
Just ask Jessica Ainscough, a beautiful, young woman who has inspired me daily.  But personally speaking, Gerson Living is a clean, simple, and organic lifestyle.  

We know where our food comes from, we know where our products come from, we support fair trade practices, we buy only organic, we buy only natural ingredients, we support local business and farmers, we support healthy relationships, we vote with our dollar, we practice what we preach, we reduce our exposure we negative people and places, we meditate, we practice yoga, we practice gratitude, we live life rather than fear death, we give back whatever and where ever we can ...

Our bodies have to decompose is some manner ... and a great deal of the human population is suffering and dying from chronic, degenerative diseases that hardly existed a 100 years ago.  The philosophy is that when adhering to a lifestyle based on the “principles” of the Gerson Therapy, these dis-eases can be completely prevented and even healed.

So some may read this and think ... this doesn’t apply to me.  My response ... YET.  That is not to hope, wish or curse anyone a dis-ease, but the incidence of cancer use to be 1 in 50 in the 1900s ... now it is 1 in 2 in industrialized nations ... maybe based on the simple fact that our modern society refuses to live in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

Statistics show that, today, the average lifespan of a woman is 77 years of age while it is 72 for a male. With that in mind, the typical person, after retiring, will enjoy less than 10 years of life before they leave this earth and they likely will not enjoy those ten years at all as those ten years will be spent consuming mass amounts of unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs and undergoing numerous surgeries to combat whatever degenerative disease ultimately leads to their unnecessary, early death.

We’ve heard the saying ... “we all have to die of something sometime” ... but I feel we could re-focus on quality of life and longevity instead.  YES, this is possible.  See me, following the principles of the Gerson Therapy helped me not only clean up my body ... but clean up my life.  Regardless of age, this therapy provides you a lifestyle of prevention and can promise the highest quality of life far beyond that of ones peers.

Reflecting back on the day we started Gerson (March 7, 2011), I thought that I was about to embark on something that would “save” my life.  Little did I realize that this could be “the” catalyst of a life far greater than I could ever imagine.  

I am grateful for the amazing powers of healing with nutrition and detoxification and realize that this kind of therapy is not a compliment, but a choice for proper healing and health maintenance.  And I am reminded by my meditation teacher, guru and guide ... life does not require our approval, suggestions or even participation ... life flows with ease where miracles occur every single day ... 

Gerson Living and Loving it  
I'm thankful for my struggle because without it 
I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength

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