Friday, May 30, 2014

" Less Is More … "

The more you buy, the less you've sold
The more you try, the more you fold
The more you read, the less you see
The more you need, the less you're free

I'll always need your love I guess
I've looked for more but more is less
You take me in, you take me slow
You let me be, you let me know

That less is more, less is more
Hold me tight and everything is right ...

Love is more, love is more

~ Rupert Holmes ~ Less Is More ~

Life and work have become so overly complex ... yet it doesn’t have to be when we realize that what we have is good enough.  Perhaps along the idea of “don’t use a lot where a little will do”.

But we are bombarded with the message that the more we have, the happier we will be.  Because at this moment in time, we are not enough ... we are incomplete ... we lack something.  We must do more, achieve more, own more and consume more — we get the message loud and clear!!  This is what marketers what us to believe ... that we would be happier if we had more “stuff”.  But what happens when get that stuff ... we want more right?  It is never enough, because we have put our happiness on something.  

But, happiness is not a goal or a thing, it is a choice right ?

 ... once our basic needs are met, the benefits of “more” plateaus  
as your add more material possessions, well being actually decreases ... 

Personally, less is more gave me more time.  I had less to manage, organize, sort or figure out.  By de-cluttering my closets, I de-cluttered my life.  As I’ve simplified, I’ve questioned the importance and usefulness of most of my belongings.  I realized that owning less lets me choose what truly matters.  I appreciate what I do have.  I am kinder to the planet as there is no quest for more while trashing our planet.

More importantly, there is space ... and although seemingly empty, somehow fills me with peace.  A peace that I have never experienced when I had more  ... possessions, friends, “stuff”  Living simply is not easy.  The pressure to conform is overwhelming.  

 ॐ Yet the more I have simplified the more I find my strength and certainty within 

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