Saturday, May 10, 2014

" Wicked Games … "

With all the noise above
He tried to call his name
The trial would go on
The day is just begun
Living in an empty world
The diamond cuts her eye
The crowd behind went wild
They weren't all that proud
By now they hear it loud
Living in an empty world
~ Strokes ~ Wicked Games ~

I never thought that cancer could be a competition, but for some it truly is.  Comparison of the degree of sickness, hair loss, nausea, etc ... Basically, unless you are not suffering enough, you may not qualify in the cancer games.

Cancer IS cancer ... with emotions of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  All people, survived or living with cancer, go through the same process.  How you get through it depends on a certain type of attitude or shift in attitude.  Because some feel that the same attitudes that are responsible for having caused the cancer are often also applied to explaining how you heal, which shapes your personality.  

With a great deal of information about how attitudes and emotions can affect our endocrine and immune systems stress response, we can change an internal process to make an impact on tumor growth or the body’s response to it.  
YES, we DO have the ability to heal our own bodies!! 

But is not that easy and never really is.  With the general brainwash attitudes about cancer and it’s impact on our lives, we automatically feel cancer victimizes people.  That right there, is our demise.  See me, it takes a great deal of strength to put on your war face when dealing with the outside world.  The expectations in the cancer games of who is at the finish line, and who still has a few laps to go ... because every time some one dies of from the “treatment” or the dis-ease itself ... people start checking in ... confirming your status ... and so the games continue.  And usually being the one living with cancer, you have to reassure them, satisfy their worries and redirect their fears.  

Personally, I avoid people who think cancer is a death sentence and there is no cure.  I put energy into health, wellness and healing.  I put energy into gratitude for what IS present, here and now.   I am NOT a victim ... and news flash ... we are ALL terminal. 

So take a different approach and check out of the games.  It is not a requirement to fulfill the role of the cancer patient.  YOU decide how YOU live  because as I explained to a good friend today, I currently live a loving and nourishing life with cancer and … so far so good ;)

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