Tuesday, May 6, 2014

" Bad Things … "

When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.
I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with ...

I'm the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an' eyes filled up with blue.
I don't know what you've done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with ...

~ The Radiacs ~ Bad Things ~

I use to believe that bad things happen to good people.  That is just the way life is.  Now I believe that things just happen.  And it’s your viewpoint, your perspective that determines if it is good or bad ... because these things that “happen” can be considered as neutral ... and your reactions determines it all.

When my body was designated with cancer, I believed I was being punished for all the “bad” thing I did in this life ... and maybe even paying for from previous lifestimes.  So I believed that if I prayed hard enough, I could reverse all of that.  

But if you aren’t buying any of this ... why DO bad things happen to good people?  Well, bad things happen to EVERYONE.  

It is naive to believe that one is going to cruise through the human experience without facing evil in some of its severest forms ...

Culturally, I’ve grown up with conversations within the East Indian community such as “it is not far that so much has happened to our family recently”.  But don’t we all get what we are meant to get and what is fair?  Personally, I have come to a place where NOW I can be grateful for all my challenges as I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strengths if not so.  

Remember, these are the times you find out what you are made of ...
And do we really need to compare ourselves to a less fortunate one to appreciate and be grateful for what is present in our lives.  Do we feel “if only” and things will then be good?  And how can we be so sure of that?  There are times in life we are smaller and other times we are bigger.
I do believe that everything that occurs in life is meant to bring us closer to our soul’s purpose, and everything we are given is a tool to help us.  Every one of us has a unique mission and sometimes we veer off course.  A terminal illness, a divorce, a death of a loved one ... moves us closer to our mission, as painful as it may seem when it occurs, are the cloaked difficulties full of lessons and messages.  

The question is are you paying attention 
because you don't need a major event to listen ...

Personally, when I now speak about this designated dis-ease, I believe it was Divine’s act to shift me out of the thinking, being and living in a different direction ... a direction that required a re-alignment with my higher self, bringing happiness, joy & contentment with no attachment to an outcome.

I do believe EVERYTHING that occurs in my life is for my higher good ... 

Although this one thought has helped me trememendously, I don’t pretend to have a wide angle view on why things happen to me, let alone to anyone else.  Yet personally shifting from a place of “why me” to “why not” allows you to surrender to the process and be open to all the miracles around us.


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