Sunday, May 4, 2014

" Show Up … "

if there be anyone who's going through,
we have an answer to the problem for you ...

only the strong shall survive and win.
Just ask the question and the answer shall come,
just exercise your faith and know He's the one ...

If there is no sign,
keep this in mind,
He'll show up on time.
He will show up, show up on time.

~ John P Kee ~ Show Up ~

It’s not about you.  Those are the four words I said to a friend of mine.  Four hard words but words that needed to be said.  “Speak your truth even if your voice shakes” is what was playing in my mind as I spoke.

You see, we were talking about how someone she knew was diagnosed a while back.  And my friend didn’t know what to say, didn’t know what to do and was worried so she did nothing.  Sound familiar?  

And as we have become closer, my girlfriend asked me considering my journey, what were my thoughts.  I told her she won’t like what I have to say but I need to be honest if she wants me to respond.  Since I speak from my heart, she didn’t expect any less.

So here it is ... 

all you have to do is show up  TA-DA!!!

Yup.  that’s it ... as a friend, you need to show up, be available and be present.  There are NO expectations for you to fix, say, do and feel anything.  Just. Show. Up.  Now you may be reading this and say ... ah, yeah?  are you kidding, that’s it? ... yup, that’s it.  Well personally speaking at least.  

I never wanted sympathy.  I never wanted to be fixed.  
I never wanted to be treated differently.  
I only wanted you to show up.
I only wanted you to be available
I only wanted you to be present and love me ...

Every one of us needs someone that understands what we do not say.  Oddly enough, as people fade away space is available for new experiences ... so not all is lost.  I have been so blessed to have compassionate people in my life that are full of generosity, kindness and pure love.  They understand that living with cancer is not a curse but can actually be a blessing. They appreciate the down side so that they can appreciate the up side.  And there is ALWAYS an up side.

When facing any pivotal moment in your life, you find out what you’re made of ... and those around you.  Some step up and others shy away.  How they respond is a reflection of what is happening in THEIR life not yours.

So whether YOU are “uncomfortable” with what someone is going through remember ... it is NOT about you and it rarely is so don't  let your doubts sabotage your actions.  In life we never lose friends, we only learn who our true ones are.

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