Friday, May 23, 2014

" Cowards … "

I blame myself for never saying anything.
You're dead to me,
but I'm the fool who still believes
that one day you'll actually see
that you missed out on everything.
My innocence you devoured,
you ------ coward!

I'm finding faith in myself tonight
and finally, I got it right.
I must forgive you to move on.
It's my only choice;
cause' you'll never come
to fill up all the cracks in this foundation.

You're the fear, all the panic and shame.
I'm afraid I'll be like you one day.
I'd love to hear the things you tell yourself
to pass the blame.

~ Senses Fail ~ Cowards ~

Warning: this one is going to be a bit of a rant ... 

I don’t have cable.  I don’t have satellite TV.  I indulge in social media sites daily.  I keep up with the world through the media apps on my phone.  I  enjoy from viewing friends on Facebook, and following various publications and websites on twitter.  
This information is available, with ease, on my time.

Well, all of the information ... and the drama.  Yes the drama.  The kind that allows you to hide behind whatever they can find in order to avoid face-to-face confrontation.  
What happened to the days when you walked up to the person you had a problem with and sorted it out?  What happened to courage and maturity?

And no, I am not really fond of confrontation ... who is?  I mean there are times has been times that I’ve kept my thoughts to myself, only to channel my inner bitch towards someone else.  

Not cool.  Not going to happen anymore ...

As an adult, are we not able to handle our issues, by our self, in the most respectful way?  Can we not treat another human being they way we would like to be treated?Well, sadly, not everyone has the same philosophy.  Within the past three years, I have dealt with some ... “interesting” situations ... some personal, some professional ... same commonality ... COWARDS.  

Today, people can type up letters, send emails, post status and instant message others to tell them their feelings that they are not prepared to discuss in-human.  They make excuses, hide their heads in the sand, lie, blame others and generally take the easy way out.  But all actions have consequences, and so does LACK of action ... how you treat others is a direct reflection on YOU and not them.  

The worst thing about being lied to 
is knowing you weren’t worth the truth to them 

So here it is ... if you have a problem with me and cannot handle coming to me to tell me, it really isn't worth discussing at all.  It must not be serious enough if you are unable to tell me with your mouth and not a machine.  Because if you have the courage to start the drama, at least find the gumption to continue it when the target of your slander ends up being more mature than you.

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