Thursday, April 24, 2014

" Speak The Truth … "

So now speak the truth
And if you ever say my name
Speak the truth
Hate-I'll see hate 'til I breathe my last words
Pain-There's no pain in what you call honour
Starved for attention you're mocking my name
So quick to judge me but not to my face
Starved for attention you leech off my name
Hollow in your heart from birth to the grave
So now speak the truth
And if you ever say my name
Speak the truth
Got what you wanted from my name?
~ Throwdown ~ Speak The Truth ~ 

Speak your truth or get out of the way of those who have a difference to make.  This is the advice my practitioner gave me ... pretty blunt but pretty honest.

Truth is more powerful when you speak from love.  When we choose to speak our truth, we also have a choice ... to choose only positive thoughts and words to describe our self, our life and our world.  Our words determine our outcome because they are full of powerful energy.  And energy that can be used in a constructive way, a positive way ... or alternatively a destructive and suffering way.

How do you do this when you are not feeling so positive about what is happening around you?  Begin with the big picture and trust that you are just as you are, others are doing the best they know how at that moment and they too are just trying to find their way.  

The best way to honour your energy is to learn this practice.  Try an experiment ... hold untruths and put them forward ... your energy field or aura will weaken ... setting yourself up for karmic repercussions as well.  And learning to speak truth at all times is important as this does others a high service as well.  And simply in terms of integrity, holding a high inner integrity is rewarded by the universe and can open doors.

When we have a low level of integrity we attract low energy from others and also we miss opportunities that are handed to other souls who are deemed more deserving or more in tough with their integrity ... 

Speaking your truth is one thing ... finding your truth is another.  What is your truth is not a question we are asked in school or in a job interview ... your truth is learning how to say what we mean and mean what we say.  Having a positive attitude helps too ... because you feel empowered for what you stand for and therefore  what you are telling others.  

It is about finding a BALANCE ... rather than push your views and beliefs onto others, state your truth quietly and with conviction.  Remember, it is okay if it is not accepted as it doesn’t diminish it’s WORTH to YOU.  

And what is the result of not speaking your truth?  ... it undermines who you are in essence.  When we deny our self truth, we are acting falsely to what we think and feel, we have lost most of what makes us “us”.  It can happen gradually, due to the influence of others and our environment, or maybe we never truly understood who it is we are in to being with.  

what makes you tick?  
what do you truly desire?  
what do you really stand for?  

The aim is to become more of who you already are, or to aligning to your soul essence while living in this human form.  Create quiet time, think deeply about what you stand for, be honest in your dealings and about who you are ... and for those that choose to judge you, they aren’t worthy of your efforts anyhow.

Every man dies but not every many lives 
~ William Wallace

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