Tuesday, November 22, 2011

" Asking and Believing ... "

Compliments of Daily OM, I received this email early this morning ... thought it was timely.  Also, I felt the need to share ... blessings 

"Asking and Believing
You may find yourself feeling stuck as you try to find your way out of unpleasant circumstances today. Rather than accepting the perception that you are trapped by your circumstances, you can change your focus by affirming that a solution is already on its way to you. You might begin by first creating a sacred space to connect with your spiritual helpers, lighting scented candles or incense, and allowing yourself to get into a serene state of mind. Then simply ask for a solution to your dilemma and visualize it materializing effortlessly in your life, even if you don't know the details right now. Simply affirm that the solution is on the way today and allow a sense of gratitude to flow over you, knowing the problem is solved. 

As we ask the universe for help and affirm that a solution is on the way, we lend incredible power to our intentions and shift our circumstances in a more positive direction. We often resist asking for help because we believe that a situation is out of our control, but it may seem out of our control simply because we believe it to be so. By choosing to be proactive in asking for a solution from the universe, and affirming with gratitude that the problem is already solved, we put forth the precise frequency of energy needed to shift our circumstances and make our new intention a physical reality. Releasing your perception of being trapped can be as simple as asking for a solution and believing it's on the way today

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