Thursday, November 17, 2011

" Headache ... "

"Sometimes it's just so hard 
To put up with you
I've come to rely on a pill or two
'Cause you cause me such pain
Why does it act this way?
I'm so frustrated with everything
Won't you be nice?
Bring some ice for my head?
Headache, you give me such a headache ... "
~ Weezer ~ Headache ~ 

The last few days I have been nursing headaches off and on.  Dull aches, leaving me a bit agitated.  This happened more in the beginning of the therapy.  At that time, I figured that I was going through my venti, non-fat, extra hot, Tazo chai latte withdrawals.  And when I would do a "coffee treatment", I would feel better and the headaches would soon go away.  So to have them now, week 37 of the therapy ... it is not fun.  But no worries, it is part of the process, and can be expected ... it's just not that fun.

You see when our bodies detox, our brains do as well.  Makes sense right? ... after all, our brain is another organ.  And, what I am realizing is that detoxification comes in waves as my body continues to heal, and the therapy continues to work harder and harder.  I am noticing re-arising and brief passing of symptoms that I had while filling my body with daily toxins before my diagnosis.  Things like rashes coming up and then vanishing.  Muscle cramps briefly resurfacing and then vanishing.  Backaches remanifest and then go away.  Same goes for stomach aches, stuffy sinuses, sprains and yes, headaches ... when we retain toxins, headaches can develop.  

So the solution ... well the Gerson doctors have said that if you need to, add another coffee treatment ... and they are right.  Immediately I feel the effect of the headache subsiding, it is quite an experience to be honest.  The enema aids in the elimination of the liver's toxic wastes.  And if you think it is "uncomfortable" to think about, let alone talk about an enema, here is a great video from the Jess, the Wellness Warrior, you can view in the privacy of your own ... ahem! bathroom!

Don't worry either ... it is a PG-13 version so it will leave you informed and not blushed!

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