Saturday, November 19, 2011

" Born To Lead ... "

"With eyes closed tightly,
I march so blindly.
Pretending everything's fine,
'Cause you're there to keep me in line.
I don't want your guidance,
I'll break my silence.
So sick of asking and being denied and now I realize.
We're holding the key, to unlock our destiny,
We were Born To Lead"
~ Hoobastank ~ Born To Lead ~
We all have to earn a living, whether it be as an entrepreneur or working for someone else.  During these working hours, we are required to "serve the vision of our employer or business"  We take on a load of responsibilities, learn best in class strategies and practices, get trained while immersing in the "company culture".  Ultimately, meeting the objective of the company.  And for some, including my past life, they devote their whole life to working ... workaholics .. even after work and during weekends.  Their life is essentially tied to serving their company.
So, what if you started viewing your life as your company instead?  Yep, you read that right ... if you think of your life as your company, and you are the CEO of your life.  Once you get your head around this idea, start asking yourself some questions ... are you leading your life to its highest possible success? And if your company's overall status matches your life's overall status, are you a leader?  How is your personal growth department doing?  Do others want to invest in your life?  Or are you struggling to survive?  Gives you something to think about ...
And what about the purpose of your company ... have you discovered YOUR purpose?  Your company's vision, which is an articulation of your vision, such as your life goals ~ have you identified them?  Without a clear vision, our lives can appear randomly scattered and not optimized toward a common direction ... with no singular focus at all.
This all may seem a bit difficult to take on so what I do is look at aspects of my life, like a pie (hmmmm just for a moment I fantasize about a nice slice of homemade apple pie ...) ... whoops! okay back to the subject at hand please! ... I look at the departments in my life like slices of pie ... Health & Wellness, Relationships, Career, Wealth, Spirituality, etc ... 

Many people fall into the trap of overly focusing in the department of career and wealth, neglecting the rest.  They fill their life with "things" to overcompensate for missing aspects in their life.  They measure their "self-worth" by their bank account figure.  And, hey, no judgement, if that works for you, carry on my friend.  For me, I have realized that all departments need to be performing at the peak to lead my best life.  I can't neglect your Health and Relationships and expect my life to be soaring.  

So if you dare, take the time to do a personal performance review on your life ... ask yourself some of these questions and determine if there are certain departments in your life that need some attention.  Because each department in your life exists for a reason, serving a particular unique function, to make you whole, complete, and perfectly YOU.

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