Monday, November 28, 2011

" Rushing ... "

"This year, this Christmas forever,
And the weeks and the months go rushing by
This year we've learned to live
How to forget, and how to forgive without fear"
~ Moby ~ Rushing~ 
What's the rush?  I guess it is easy to ask that question when your days are filled with the schedule I have, but seriously ... what IS the rush?  Pretty much everyone seems to be in a hurry, have lots on their plate, feeling burnt out, run down, and have very little time to do much of anything.  Plus with the holiday season upon us, there are plenty of parties and festivities and expectations ... take that busy crazy life and double it!
Recently, I read that highly sensitive people don't like to work under stress and pressure.  It makes them nervous and lessens the quality of their performance.  Makes sense to me ... a highly sensitive person.  With a high level of consciousness, I have had conflict between wanting to do well and feeling unable to do so ... building an intense internal struggle.  Yes, no wonder burn out was familiar territory ... then a sense of pressure ... and then rushing.
So why do we rush?  You see, within our internal battlefield, we are driven to perform, excel and succeed ... do good work, earn more money .. or have fear that we don't have enough.  For some of us, we feel flawed for being overly sensitive and try to prove that we are not.  We feel behind in life accomplishments or over-scheduled because we don't want to miss anything ... but in the end we do things that are not important to us.  Sometimes, we postpone the things that bring us pleasure until we have completed our tasks ... but they are never ending it seems.
Sometimes we don’t use our time wisely ... we play games, answer lots of email, create complicated solutions to our small problems ... and then rush to compensate.  Rush because we feel we have limited energy for any one thing and cram it all into as much possible time available.  Maybe we rush because we are afraid to stop ... to see what is underneath, emotionally, when we slow down.
So how can we stop the busyness and feel less rushed?  We can start by making new choices.  Recognize that rushing is a choice.  We can choose to follow our intuition about what is the next important thing for us to focus on.  Honour deeper intuitive messages that guide our lives.  Become conscious and deliberate about the choices we make.  We can observe, not absorb, the energy of rushing around us.  We can build counter-rushing time into our schedule.  
So plan to slow down to the speed of your life and ask yourself if the choice you are making is in alignment with who you are here to be ... and remember, from a spiritual perspective: 
You are right on time. 


  1. I like this article on rushing.

    I have a real thing about rushing. I hate it that much. I will stand on my head to arrange my life so I do not have to rush because I hate feeling like a mechanical robot when I am forced to rush.

    When I cannot give something it due, I lose interest, motivation and a part of me dies on the inside. I feel that I have thrown a part of life away. When others demand rushing or are impatient I find it to be a rejecting energy and it repels me.

    I am excited about the new slow movements that are taking root: Slow Food and Slow Money. It feels so luxurious to operate at a slower human pace and a wonderful gift to give to ourselves.

  2. Thanks for your feedback Maria. It is great to have the awareness around what rushing does to us. I agree, I am very excited with the "slow movement"... and love your statement "It feels so luxurious to operate at a slower human pace and a wonderful gift to give to ourselves" ~ beautifully said!