Wednesday, February 26, 2014

" Falling Out … "

Sometimes I feel like there's no getting through to you
like you don't appreciate all that I do.
you gotta show me that you want me to stay
don't turn & walk away
I don't know what to do,
how did we end up here this way?
what are we gonna do?
I'm slowly falling out.. 
don't let your pride get in the way,
don't throw it away
Slowly falling, slowly falling
How did we end up here this way?
~ Keyshia Cole ~ Falling Out ~

Oh look, another falling out ... how many does that make?  lost track?  can’t keep count?   ... The thoughts going through my head recently, as I heard about some “people” who we use to be in our friends circle, but you guessed it … had another falling out.  

And I can’t help the little smile on my face.  Judgement, most definitely.  You see when you have a “falling out with someone” you hope that after the oh so drama~ugliness, there is a lesson in the experience, and there always is.  But prior it is all about blame.  We blame others first and then if we are truthful, we take responsibility as well.  

Intentionally giving very little energy to them, I have to say that even hearing about yet another falling out with these folks, well, let's just say, there seems to be quite a few "victims".  And sure it was a trigger.  Life goes on, it is what is  and then a conversation stirs up old feelings, old emotions, old thoughts. old drama.  Almost wise to start a support group for all the people that have experienced their wrath ... I know there would be double digits in attendance.  Perhaps we can share the lessons, who knows the message may be the same.

Mental affirmation: reliving the past, not interested ... predicting the future, too boring ... staying present and accepting what is, freedom.

Sad really, because their “new” world supporters rave on soapboxes about their compassion, kindness, generosity, love, motivation ... blah blah blah ... judgement, most definitely ... warranted, I guess that is up for debate ... maybe just ask the potential support group I mentioned that have been messed around by their behaviour, I’m sure they would have some interesting insight.  You can call it what you want  I see it as just an observation on how life works itself out perfectly!  

ॐ Thank-you karma, thank-you 

Another observation ... 
one common factor in all these “fall outs” are it involves the same people.  Again, you can blame others, say that they are jealous, envious, insecure, immature but if you have a record of these broken relationships, maybe just maybe, take a look in the mirror ... or not.  And really at the end, we are ultimately responsible as to how we let people treat us ... well at least how we react to it.  The tricky part is the manipulation.  And these folks are good, real good.  Actually could probably write a book about, or even host a workshop.  Haha, I wonder how many would register for the “how to be an opportunist” course starring ****.  

Stage names are great when you are “acting” out your life rather than living your truth

Le sigh ... honesty moment: you can visualize how the confrontation will go down, and it never ever works out that way ... you lose your nerve, you are unprepared, you are unsure or maybe, you just don’t give a damn, yeah that’s it, ask yourself does it really matter anymore ... no.  

SO then why the blog then if there is now concern ... observations, observations, observations .... just an example as to how the law of karmic balance works, here and now ... you get exactly what you deserve.  If you think you deserve better, then let others know ... and if they don’t agree, you may be just as lucky to experience an “enlightening” fall out too 

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