Monday, February 17, 2014

" Hypocrite … "

Who's to blame
Tell me who's to blame
Tell me who, you
You're not responsible
I'm responsible ...

I don't wanna do that again
I've been all over the place
I watched the strawberry fields
Dry up and wither away
And if you ask me to stay
You know that's where I will be
Don't wanna do that again
I'll never do that again

~ Cage The Elephant ~ Hypocrite ~ 

Human beings can be intelligent, rational and hypocritical.  Yes, it seems we humans are wired to be hypocrites as well.  And if we are truly honesty with ourselves, we can find some level of hypocrisy in our own lives.

Now we may believe we are living our values of being trustworthy, good, hard working, ecologically-minded, fair and responsible citizens.  But what if we have been falling short of living these?

... hypocrite pretends to be better than he really is or to be pious, virtuous without really being so ...

One of the main reasons is people desire to have the best of both worlds.  I believe within us we are fully aware that something is morally wrong with our actions, but we do it anyway because it feels good or is convenient.  And when we use rationalization, we can even justify our actions.  

... hypocrisy intentionally covers-up, it conceals, it hides by actions and words which misleads others ... hypocrisy is living a lie 

Being on the receiving end of hypocrisy is tough.  Really tough ... betrayal, malice, deception.  Yet you learn not to be dismayed by the spite of others, and for that matter even your own inconsistencies.  Thankfully we are also wired to be imperfect as well.  As our lives are all dynamic spiritual journeys ...

We all have moments where our lives are double standards.  Where we don one mask to cover another.  Therefore, accepting that hypocrisy will creep into our lives can make us more aware and cautious about our certainty.  It can allow us to approach topics with a more balanced approach and engage in conversations or thought processes with a more open-minded attitude.

ॐ never try to mess up someones life with a lie when yours can be destroyed with the truth ॐ

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