Tuesday, February 18, 2014

" Sugar … "

I play Russian roulette everyday, a man's sport, 
With a bullet called life, yeah mama called life, (sugar) 
You know that every time I try to go 
Where I really want to be, 
It's already where I am, 
Cause I'm already there, sugar 

The kombucha mushroom people, 
Sitting around all day, 
Who can believe you, 
Who can believe you, 
Let your mother pray, sugar

How do I feel, what do I say, 
In the end it all goes away, 

~ System Of A Down ~ Sugar ~

Removing refined sugar from your diet can be one of the toughest things to do because it is so highly addictive.  These craving can come on very strong and often hard to ignore.
Each day, people consume on average more than their share of sugar.  Not only does this makes us fat, it rots our teeth, contributes to type 2 diabetes and contributes to cancer.  

... the World Cancer Research Fund says that when it comes to preventing cancer, being as lean as possible without being underweight is at the top of the list. At number three, even ahead of eating more vegetables, is advice to limit consumption of energy-dense foods – foods high in fat or added sugars – and sugary drinks  

Sugar has no nutrients that offer protection from disease.  If we understand that the fuel that we put in our bodies is the ONLY fuel and nutrients that it can perform better, we would rethink those high-energy, dense, nutrient-poor, high-fat, high-sugar foods.
So when you think of cutting back or even quitting sugar do you believe it is even possible?  And do you have the desire to change?  Personally speaking, I think I was a caffeine & sugar addict.  Looking back, I am pretty sure I was coasting on these fumes to get through my day ... depriving my body of nutrient rich foods.

And yes, from experience, eliminating sugar from you diet can be done.  I recommend the following steps ... 
  • eat less salt ... you body naturally craves sugar to balance out flavours, hence once you no longer crave sugar, you can gradually add saltier foods back into your diet
  • eat sweet vegetables ... beets and sweet potatoes are great replacements for refined sugar
  • get more exercise ... working up a sweat helps take your mind off sugar and balance out your body to a more alkaline state (I love my hot yoga!)
  • cut out processed foods ... read the label as almost all processed foods are packed full of secret sugars that fuel your addiction
  • share ... your new healthy recipes and sugar-free lifestyle with your partner and friends 

In the past, I would find I was “stuck” in the sugar cycle ... emotional food baggage and eating habits to match.  Once I got serious about improving my health, life improved.  Oh and for the record ... this is NOT A DIET.  it is a LIFESTYLE change.  And that’s not to say sugar is not in my diet ... it is the type of sweet that differs.  Our preference is maple syrup which is packed with loads of good stuff ... anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory.  

When we move and eat the way our bodies were designed for, health and happiness follows.  We can still enjoy life and have control over our choices.  And once we do, we can have that cake knowing we are healthy and in control.

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