Friday, February 21, 2014

" Space … "

I'll give you space ...
Space in your phone where it said my name
Where I took my picture out your frame
And I won't be around when you figure out
You got exactly what you asked for, space
Space in your mind when you think of me
'Cause I'm about to be a memory
Now you've got your space ...
~ Pussycat Dolls ~ Space ~

Ever thought about giving yourself some space?  Space from a situation, a relationship, a job?  Probably not as many think that not having activity going on around them is uncomfortable.  They don’t know how to handle silence or having a little time with nothing specific to do.

confession ... in the past, if I had some free time, 
I didn’t know what to do with myself ...

So why the discomfort with empty pockets of time and space?  Because some feel free time is lonely time.  They can’t deal with their own company, and have feelings of nothing worthy of living.  Yes ... the root is self-worth.
Self-worth ... when you begin to truly love yourself, you learn that space is an amazing buffer against feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  It provides exactly what it implies ... room for exploration, growth, contemplation and rejuvenation ... the more quiet time alone, the more you get use to it.

Plus you begin to appreciate taking moments to just be, sit quietly and focus on your breathing.  You get to decide what works for you and drown out all the voices, opinions, expectations, responsibilities that go along with it.  This allows you to decompress and communicate with the most important relationship you’ll ever have ... with you.
Initially, it can take some getting use to, sitting by yourself or even with a loved one without having to say a word and appreciating it.  Your need to keep busy falls away.  And your soul scoops up the nourishment.  Your need to randomly fill up what seems like a void in your life will disappear and you will stop dodging yourself.  Because the busier you are, the less you have to pay attention to yourself, and you matter at this very moment.  Eventually, you will crave the space of timelessness & peacefulness as it is the best gift for your soul.

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