Saturday, February 1, 2014

" Bring Me Your Cup … "

I'm heading home like a steaming train
Foot to the floor in the driving rain
My head is aching and my mouth is dry ... 
I've got the bottle, bring me your cup
Pop the cork and try a sup
And when you're empty, I'll fill you up
We'll drink it down till the sun comes up
We'll drink it down till the sun comes up ...
~ Ub40 ~ Bring Me Your Cup ~

We are always trying fill what is empty ... houses, cups, closets, spaces.  But do we take as much care to fill our cup emotionally and spiritually, do we nourish ourselves first in order to help others?

Some people are really good at doing this, and I’ve ... become better.  I realized that emptiness is a good thing, because it allows me to remove what I don’t want so that there is room for what I do want.  Sounds simple enough but can be difficult to put into practice.

How so? ...  you get caught up in other people’s needs, you deliver beyond expectations ... and you have little let for yourself.  You then find yourself asking who is keeping tabs on you to make sure your needs are met?  who is making sure you are okay?  who is filling your cup?  Obviously, how you live your days, how you work, how you act, how you think and the decisions you make all come from ... self.   
Plain and simple, it is up to you  you cater to your needs, your responsibility, your life.

Before you can really learn something you have to empty your cup 
~ Zen Master

I’ve been learning that our need for an “empty cup” is actually the basis of everything ... because it represents an open mind.  Habitually, we try to put things on top of tings, never removing the true barriers that don’t work for us.  An example ... basing our actions no the past and holding people as well as ourselves to a behaviour or way of being that might no longer be present.

Rather fulFILL your cup with what fulFILLS you  
embrace what feels true to you & nourish your soul

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