Monday, September 2, 2013

" Like You ... "

Grieving for you,
I'm not grieving for you.
Nothing real love can't undo,
And though I may have lost my way,
All paths lead straight to you ...

You're not alone,
No matter what they told you, you're not alone.
I'll be right beside you forevermore ...

And as we lay in silent bliss,
I know you remember me.

~ Evanescence ~ Like You ~

Have you ever asked yourself, “would you like you if you met you?” ... or “what kind of vibe do you give off?” .. or “what am I giving back to those around me?”

You see we all want positive influences in our lives.  We search and search in hopes to forage friendships that inspire us ... yet often we forget to ask ourselves if we are positive influences.  

So back to the questions, can you honestly say you are happy with the answers?  Just think about the times you are just plain not fun to be around ... you are in a rush, stressed, or impatient.  Because who wants to be around someone who isn’t enjoying the moment.

Believe that if you want to be around a certain type of person, you need to be that type of person ...

At our very core we have certain attributes and characteristics that make us who we are ... so this isn’t about changing ourselves, it is about being true to ourselves.  Your authenticity will inspire others to be comfortable with who they are.  

I study those I admire, their behaviours and traits ... and found that they are:

  • present ~ here = now ... enjoy this very moment, which is all we truly have.
  • open ... receptive and encouraging ... willing to hear what others have to say
  • good listeners ... instead of reacting immediate they take a moment to absorb what they hear
  • flexible ... break out of their comfort zones and compromise
  • focus on the positive ... bring good energy and focus on blessings
  • interested and interesting ... believe that where ever they are and whatever they are doing, something interesting is going on.

So would you like you if you met you?
Assessing ways to become more enjoyable breeds more joy in our lives.  We attract the same type of people and events while staying true to ourselves ... supporting you being the kind of person you’d like if you met you.

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