Thursday, September 26, 2013

" Somebody's Watching Me ... "

Who's watching
Tell me, who's watching ...

Hey, hell, I pay the price
All I want is to be left alone
In my average home
But why do I always feel
Like I'm in the twilight zone
And (I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me)
And I have no privacy
(I always feel like)
(Somebody's watching me) ...
Who's playing tricks on me

~ Rockwell ~ Somebody’s Watching Me ~

You may not have any trouble with your thoughts but I do.  Random thoughts that most of the time serve me no purpose.  And until what is in your mind is corrected, the external world, how you perceive and experience it, will be a mere reflection of your mind.  

So is your world unfriendly and full of judgement?  Have you ever sought to know why?  ... Often we project onto the world and other people negative thoughts and emotions we cannot admit or refuse to acknowledge.

You create the world in which you live ...

So how do you change your inner world and control your mind ... by becoming the observer.  Observers don’t judge their thoughts.  You see, instead of dismissing negative thoughts and judging yourself harshly for having them, start from the premise that thoughts are neither right or wrong.  They are neutral ... it is what you do with your thoughts that introduce the right or wrong of them.  

Eastern practices use meditation to help with witnessing presence.  By being the observer of your own thoughts, you practice detachment and stop suffering because you don’t have an expected outcome.  Support this by cultivating the space between thoughts.  This space is the place of internal peace or as some refer to as pure consciousness.

As simple as this may sound, it can actually be a terrifying experience because the idea of emptying our mind of thought challenges our very existence ... we think we are our thoughts yet we are far greater than what one can explain.

As the observer we are capable of anything with no limitations.  As the observer we can witness everything that we are and know everything that we can be.  As the observer we can learn to detach ourselves from all things of this world as we know it.  

Begin by asking where our thoughts come from, who is thinking these thoughts, are you your thoughts, do they belong to you or just pass your mind? ... and through stillness you will discover YOU, the real you, awakened ...

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