Sunday, September 15, 2013

" Creation ... "

My friend, my brother, my foe, my ego 
My mother, my father, my bride, my pride 
New life I can see it in your eyes 
Improvise, watch your spirit rise 
(Please god) Watch the spirit rise ...

A real summer breeze that's gonna be 
When they don't exist and neither do we 
I'm talking 'bout creation 
I'm talking 'bout relation 
I'm talking 'bout creation 
We need a combination ...

~ Stereo MC ~ Creation ~

Are you the co-creator of your future?  Recently I was asked this question and it stirred up a lot of “stuff” for me.  It was in the context of fear of the unknown ... the idea is that if we are actively involved in what we want, then excitement replaces anxiety.  

So where do you start?  By discovering who you are.  Gaining a clear perspective ... you need to know where you are now so you can know where you want to go.  Sometimes it is hard to really know who you are, your core values, your beliefs, your desires, you motivations, etc.  Personally, the answers come when I become still and listen.

When you feel like you have located yourself in your narrative life, visualize plausible personal futures.  Think about the various domains of life that impact your future pathways and quality of life, ranging from health, relationships, finances, creativity, learning, and what you do for fun.  Consider how you engage in these domains and to what degree you imagine integrating them into your future.

Next use the law of attraction ... feel it, own it and be it.  Become a magnet for manifesting.  Another way of looking at it is to show up for your own story because you are the only one living it.  Ask yourself what do you want your life to look like in one year or five years?  how are you building your capacities?  what milestones are you working on?  how are you staying engage across life domains? 

And like anything to achieve your goals, you need to develop strategies and processes ... by setting short-term, measurable, achievable goals.  Make sure you are flexible to changes in priorities and vision.

This is the time, the moment to create and manifest all dreams and visions for yourself.  The frequencies of Divine are accessible as you hold the heart vision of your highest possible self.  We are always living the present based on future projections, unconsciously asleep to the the power of co-creating.  Yet, we can choose to step into conscious self-mastery and utilize our higher heart consciousness.  We can choose to release our ego’s control and align with our higher self ... we can choose to see the big picture and focus on the joy and hope ... opening ourselves up to receive the endless possibilities.

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