Monday, September 16, 2013

" Be Your Own ... "

Maybe then we could get somewhere
Instead of going in circles and circles
Just to end-up right back here
Tired and with nothing but our good intentions ... 
Stop trying and trying
(Stop trying)
To be what I need and just be what you are
(There's nothing to prove)
I don't have the answers but I know ... 
Yeah, just be your own
Yeah, just be your own ...
~ Rebekah ~ Be Your Own ~
Well I’ll admit it ... I have spent a fair amount of time looking for a guru, you know that person who would just blow me away with their presence, kindness, compassion, vision and guidance.  The one that would give me answers.  The one that would tell me about enlignment and awareness.  The one that would tell me that I had finally “made it”.
I have attended my share of workshops, lectures, teachings, seminars, retreats ... but it hasn’t happened.  The one that would do so much I couldn’t find.  

realization ... 
the person I was looking for was the one I would need to become ...

Now I understand that we are eternal students of Life ... and I have found great teachers who inspire me to be humble and learn more.  Yet I am not driven anymore to find that one who will make everything okay, show me the light or bless my decisions by diminishing uncertainty.  
And perhaps we get on this path of searching outside of us because when we lack answers we look to others.  There is often some form of connection, safety, comfort, and support in receiving answers from others.  

do you believe that someone is better qualifed than you 
regarding what you need to know, be or do?

I know that in the past I have been asked to trust my instinct, my core, my intuition.  And at times when I feel like things are muddy, I look outwardly for affirmation ... am I doing the right thing? am I on the right path? 

Thankfully, my meditation practice has allowed me to explore my spiritual path, discovering my core truth ... that the highest answers needed for my life is within me right now. 

Being your own guru doesn’t take away from books, swami’s and other inspiring organizations as these can support your own inner guidance.  Being your own guru means you believe that being guided by YOUR inner guru is empowering.  Being your own guru allows you to trust your own inner light as sufficient to draw to you the right people, circumstances and opportunites for all situations ... just trust yourself, you're smarter than you think you are.

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