Friday, February 1, 2013

" Too Intense ... "

Butterflies in the sky
I feel just like that
Thirty five thousand feet
I feel just like that

I can't catch my breath
It's too intense, tense
I need just a minute
Give me just a minute
It's out of control
This is out of control

Got me thinkin' 'bout the future
I feel just like that
Wanna trust, lose control
I feel just like that ...

~ Vivian Green ~ Too Intense ~

Today I had a wonderful opportunity to get caught up with one of my Gerson buddies, C.  We met two years ago and instantly I felt a connection, a bond.  And not just because we both are managing our conditions, but because we are on the same page.

Today, we compared notes on the physical side effects of our cancers ... yada yada, the aches, pains and fears ... but then we got to the interesting part ... our spirits.  And it was what C said to me today that left me in awe.  He said that regardless of the outcome, it’s been a great ride.  He was thankful for the opportunity to learn with such great intensity, as it wouldn’t have happened if he was not dealing with cancer.  How cool is that eh?  A wonderful way to look at an undeniable adverse situation.  

Now I often write about looking at the “bright side” despite the odds, but I too have been struggling with keeping my chin up.  You see, just when you think you are working through it, you hear about another friend’s progression of cancer.  That was this week, too intense.  And you can’t help to wonder if this is the inevitable path you will take.  It is overwhelming and honestly it just plain SUCKS.  

So venturing down the path that life isn’t fair, you get a tada! ... a silver lining.  C was my silver lining today.  A conversation containing a message that I needed.  He spoke with such conviction as to his belief in the therapy we are both still on (closing in on two years for the both of us).  And instead becoming bogged down with the “worsening of your condition” prognosis, C was grateful for the last two years to learn about how we can live healthier and learn about what our bodies can and cannot heal.

Along the same thoughts, one of my practitioners talks to me often about the “gift” I have been given to change my life.  To become the person I am to be, which was far from what I was.  “Listen to your inner guidance and follow you path”.  

And what if the path leads to an adverse consequence?  Well, if you believe that everything is happening to serve a higher purpose and that God is never wrong, then what is occurring is always right.  Yes a very very hard pill to swallow (ha no pun intended ...), yet once we un-grasp, release and let go, we truly surrender to  the natural flow of life.  

So I get it when others get tired because now to me it is not giving up, it is having the strength to accept.  For me, this is important as approaching another round of tests soon, I will be put to the test.  My beliefs will be “officially” challenged, my choices will be discredited, great fear will once again be projected and decisions may have be made.

But as C said, be thankful for the ride because it has truly been quite a wild one!!  So today I send extra special love and light to C for his kindness, his love and most important his wisdom ... you truly are a precious gem my friend.

"Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold" 
M. Setter