Tuesday, February 19, 2013

" Blank ... "

I wish I was blank
I wish I was blank
I wish I could thank
I wish I was blank 

I'd write a letter to you
And there'd be nothing to it
I wouldn't hem and haw
On just how to start it

I wish I'd stand up straight
I wish I'd said things different
I wish I'd said nothing
Things would be so perfect
I wish myself to keep
I pray my soul to sleep
I wish myself away
I wish I was blank

~ Smashing Pumpkins ~ Blank ~ 

There is a difference between making the life you always wanted versus just making a living to get by.  Sometimes when you just make a living, you abandon your dreams and deprive the world of your authentic gifts ... you play it safe.  Each day can become a series of endless habits and routines ... all is built on anxiety and fear, boredom and oblivion.  

Life shifts with opportunities to add colour to every day, 
a do over, a blank canvas ... 

Over the last couple of years, my priorities have shifted, how I view life versus living, how I shape my life to whatever I want it to be, and who I allow to involve.  Of course the palette is more accessible at some times than others but it is always there, waiting for the first brush of colour.  The goal ... set out to make a life where my unique talents shine and inspire. 

When you set out to make a life, 
each day is based around meaning and purpose, 
with intent and action ... 

My primary motivation with this blog is to share, learn and exchange ... provide a service and help each other without ever a concern for reciprocity.  Is this my purpose?  time will tell as I have always wanted what I say to mean something. 

Purpose is a spirit seeking experience ~ Oprah

Every day, we can all start with a blank canvas by seeing ourselves in others from all walks of existence, and believe this vision can naturally calm the heart, bring peace and understanding.  

I believe we are all connected, we are all united, we are all one.  I believe that our collective gift as human beings is a never-ending supply of blank canvases.  We can awaken to a fresh, new, untouched surface waiting for whatever we choose to apply, in whatever amount we wish, however we envision.  
What a liberating thought?

Having only vague instructions and having to work against the pressures of the coming tides of life, our mission is to create a beautiful drawing, a masterpiece.  A blank canvas awaiting design by you, the engineer, the architect and the sole director behind the camera.  Yes, it begins and ends with you ... so what will your masterpiece look like?

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