Tuesday, January 29, 2013

" Lies, Lies, Lies ..."

you told me you loved me
so i don't understand
why promises are snapped in two
and words are made to bend
(the bigger, the better) ...

collected from around the world,
they'll catch you if they can ...

lies lies lies yeah
lies lies lies yeah
lies lies lies yeah

do i have to catch you out
to know what's on your mind ...

white ones and red ones
and some you can't disguise
twisted truth and half the news
can't hide it in your eyes

lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)
lies lies lies yeah (they won't forget you)
lies lies lies yeah (they're gonna get you)
lies lies lies yeah

~ The Thompson Twins ~ Lies Lies Lies ~

Would you ever admit you are a good liar?  Of course not, you just convince yourself of stuff that isn’t even close to reality.  And you know this because you see in others.  But that’s not lying right? 

Most of the time you don’t realize that you are lying to yourself because your illusions become your reality.  With a trapped mindset, you can spend years convincing yourself that you want something you don’t.  You tell yourself a series of lies so the story makes sense.

  • Telling yourself that you are too old to do what you love is a common one.  Set yourself free and realize that you are never too old to do anything.  

  • Telling yourself that you have to wait for the perfect time.  Truth is that there is no perfect time for anything.  

  • Telling yourself that everyone will be supportive.  Truth is that relying on your own instincts and pleasing everyone will be hard to achieve simultaneously.  Learn to trust yourself in the face of doubt.  

  • Telling yourself you need stuff.  Truth is we don’t need half of what we have because sometimes we are using that stuff to fill a void.  

  • Telling yourself you know what people think of you.  Truth is no matter how smart you are, you cannot read people’s minds.  Stop worrying about what people think, just interact with them and tell them how you feel.  Express what you feel so people know what you think.

Whether any or all of the above sound familiar, how you spend your days is ultimately how you will spend your life.  Believing the illusions will set you up because the worst lies are the ones we subconsciously tell ourselves.  They have been ingrained in our minds by bad external influences and negative thinking.

We see people around us achieving the impossible ... every day, every age, every demographic and every social condition.  They rise up to the occasion.  They defy the norms ... because nobody has to give them permission so they can live our their dreams and make their own waves.  So why then do we wait for permission?

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