Tuesday, February 5, 2013

" Definition of Destiny ... "

Won't you stop, take a breath
Find a moment to reflect
On the pure and simple choices that we fail to see

From the worst to the best
From the east coast to the west
On a never-ending quest to end our misery

Punch the clock to a own
While our lives are put on hold
When did all our childhood dreams begin to disappear?

Well a long time ago
We had passion, we had goals
Why is life so set in stone it doesn't have to be?

So cut to the chase, it's time to escape
Before it's too late
Yeah pick up the pace, catch up with fate
It's slipping away
So get off my road, no I won't be told
'Cause I got my own (definition of destiny)
Yeah take back control, and don't let it go, 
The future's unknown (definition of destiny)

~ Billy Talent ~ Definition of Destiny ~

Ever wonder what the difference is between fate and destiny?
I often do.  Being brought up with the belief that fate is something that we decided before we were born, destiny is just the part you create continuously, moment by moment.  

The Essence of Buddha states “your destiny is shaped according to the combination of conditions pre-determined at birth and other factors that you are able to change through your own efforts”.

Curious, I wanted to know more about what these conditions were ... predetermined or otherwise, that come into play shaping our course ...

  • Soul tendencies or Karma
  • Social climate
  • Family environment
  • Personal efforts
  • Self discipline
  • Influence of other people

If you believe that some of the elements are predetermined, then before each reincarnation, you support the plan for your spiritual training.  You decided to learn things in this particular lifetime that may not be to your physical being’s liking.  From a human only perspective, you might feel victimized while you inner being or Spirit, chose the learning experiences to grow from.  Yes, I know this is a difficult notion to consider ...

The idea is when we can understand that on some level we chose these experiences, it becomes easier to accept them as part of our journey.  As strange as this may sound, everything in life is in fact for us and not against us, and everything is also by us.  Embracing this allows us to take responsibility and hopefully make profound changes in our life.

What I can relate to is in the past, I would attract the same energy and challenges in my life.  And I never learned the lesson so they just seemed to get bigger and bigger.  This continued until I really had to listen because it escalated to the point that was life threatening if I didn’t make a change.  

You see, when you hit rock bottom, you can only go up ... but it is up to us if we decide to stick around for a bit longer.  Simple point ... we define our destiny when we decide how we handle life.  We shape our destiny by the thoughts we think, the beliefs we have and we know what way we are headed by the feelings we have about every choice we make.

Feel yourself in alignment with the flow of life 
that you decided on before you were born 
... journey with your soul purpose.

I am learning that my situation may be my fate, but not my destiny.  It is never meant to stay that way because what I am experiencing is only right now, but everything passes.  

You shape your own destiny by the choices you make right now ... 

So my plan is to continue to observe myself and others.  Use my enquiring mind.  Analyze habits, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses of my soul.  Strive to change myself from my current self ... in hopes that this will help not only change but perhaps conquer my fate, moment by moment ...

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