Tuesday, April 9, 2013

" Your Word ... "

Your Word I can't deny Your truth
It covers me and lights the way ahead
Your ways of mercy never end
My life surrounded by the hope within
You’ve placed a fire within my heart
Awakening desire for You ...

I stand upon the things You said
My trust in You and by Your Word I live
I know that You have rescued me
My way is set Your light will lead me on
Follow follow follow follow You

~ Parachute Club ~ Your Word ~

You’ve probably heard the saying “walk your talk” meaning say what you mean and mean what you say ... the path of personal integrity.  But do you find that your words take you down a path you are not willing to follow?  And do you really know where you stand?

You see most of us have good intentions to follow through but lack of skills, energy or even emotional roadblocks get in the way.  Which provides a solid explanation ... but what if we simply don’t keep our word - we over commit and under deliver.  

Maybe the real question is how good are you to your word?

There is great power in words.  They manifest our dreams and goals while holding personal integrity in delicate balance.  They put power into our physical reality.  Having principles and standards consistent throughout all parts of us is integrity.  You see integrity comes from a place of wholeness where think, speak and act are all in alignment.  Our words match our actions ... at least that is the "perfect" definition of it.

We can all reflect on a time when someone in our life used language carelessly and agreed to things readily yet lacked in the action to support it.  These are times when people deprive themselves of their power, because it is diminished when they undermine their own integrity.

So why the deception?  Well it helps to create multiple realities.  You see when you lie, reality splits or “dis-integrate”.  Now you have one reality that you know and live in, and another that the people to whom you have lied live in.  And those whom you have lied make decisions and choices based on the reality they inhabit, but it’s a different reality than the one you inhabit ... resulting in a split which now influences your relationship and your common future.

So why again why the deception?  ... essentially to make your reality more comfortable.  When you lie, you avoid feeling bad or disappointing others.  Yet you create a situation without having any real way of knowing what the repercussions of that reality split will be down road.  You can’t know how this separate reality will boomerang back to you ... and you can’t really know whether the net outcome for this other person will be better or worse than the course of the reality that might have resulted if you had told the truth.  All you can know for sure is that you’ve now created a rift in a continuum of both your own and these other people’s lives, and you’ve taken charge, if even in a small way, of designing someone else’s reality.

I remember being told when you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember any stories because the state of being connected, sound, and consistent are aligned.  You don’t feel fractured wondering when multiple realities may come crashing down.  When you tell the truth you fully know and trust yourself and others trust you.

Many sources on integrity begin with being true to your word.  The truth is that your word is gold.  To speak something other than your highest choice and truth is a form of fragmentation.  We have the ability to use the power of our words in a direction of truth and love.  And this may not necessarily be kind ... but that is when you ask is it coming from a place of compassion for a greater good. ~ Miguel Ruiz

We can all pause to see where we stand.  We can ask what type of agreements are we making or breaking with ourselves?  Begin with choice words that reflect real promises and understand that they hold incredible power towards manifestation.  Because when your words match you intentions and your actions match your words, life is much happier, it feels right and all is in perfect alignment.

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