Friday, April 12, 2013

" Stillness Of Heart ... "

All that I want is
Stillness of heart
So I can start
To find my way
Out of the dark ...

What am I buying?
My soul is crying

Where's the love?
What is this world we live in?
Where's the love ?
We've got to keep on giving
Where's the love ?
What happened to forgiving ?
Anyone ?

~ Lenny Kravitz ~ Stillness Of Heart ~

Time, day, seasons, people ... all keep changing.

Stressful because each moment of now disappears in an instant as it arises.  Life sweeps us along from the pleasure to pain cycle as anything that changes is not a reliable basis for enduring contentment and fulfillment.  

This is why many practice Stillness ... a sense of unchanging.

When we practice stillness we find refuge, a place to stand with perspective and wisdom from the noisy race of life.  Fortunately, we already have within us a constant place of calm and well being that contains emotional reactions.  Hence with practice we can find and stabilize a sense of it.  

So how do I practice stillness?  Through true meditation.  An opportunity for me to move towards ultimate matters and allowing it to feed me.  A relief from the noise towards a source of clarity and peace.  A chance to give myself permission for space and to be still.

I intentionally enter stillness with a daily practice of it in the morning, before the day is upon me.  My mind is less active at that hour and the benefits are experienced into the rest of my day.  I begin by choosing a quiet place, sit comfortably upright, and keep my body still with closed eyes.  I let go of any expectations of what is “supposed” to happen.  I simply hold the intention to enter the stillness within me.

The key is to allow the air to breathe you.  

I become conscious of my breath and let go of any tensions in my body purposely as I exhale.  When thoughts or emotions arise, I allow, allow, allow them without resistance.  And I let them subside just as effortlessly.  

I have learned that bodily sensations, discomfort or pain, is my ego’s way of distracting.  But it is also an opportunity to send loving energy to this area, by breathing into it, until this too shall pass.  Soon energy blockage, resulting from suppressed emotions are released.

I become aware of the “animating force that gives life” ... the “inner body”.  And to remain anchored in stillness, I keep attention on the sensations of my inner energy body.  I let things happen naturally, with no struggle.  I observe instead of participate.

From my own practice, I carry this beyond meditation and into my daily activities.  And those times when moments are overwhelming, stressful and simply unbearable, I find my place of stillness to ground, center and anchor myself ... to find my way out of the day.

My goal is to awaken and be present in external circumstances of life, while simultaneously sensing the energy field of my inner presence.

My hope is that this inner presence will guide the everyday events I face and bring healing and a powerful presence into what I do and to all I meet.

Stillness provides scattered and restless energies to settle ... 
Stillness provides a feeling of calm ...
Stillness provides clarity to rise to the surface ...
Stillness speaks ...

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