Tuesday, April 23, 2013

" Wisdom ... "

Out in the cold and tryin' to make fire.
Two sticks and stone, still got no fire.
Once I was shown, but I was inside then.
And spit on that good advice.

Wisdom, wisdom, where can I get some?
Wisdom, wisdo-o-o-om

Wisdom, wisdom, where can I get some?
Wisdom, wisdo-o-o-om.. o-o-o-om..
Wisdom, wisdom..
where can I get some?
Wisdom, wisdom..
I wanna trade my dimwits in for tips.
Tips are 'quipped with
wisdom, wisdo-o-om..

~ Mother Mother ~ Wisdom ~

The more you give the more you receive, but what you give is also what you receive ... so the quality of what you give matters as much as the quantity of your giving.  

It is about approaching someone as if there is something you want to give versus need to get ...

Personally, I struggle every time I hear of someone else facing a “diagnosis”.  That moment I know too well ... your life as you know it, stops.  So yesterday, at the request of a good friend, I had the opportunity to give ... give my time and share my experience regarding GT.  Was it passing on wisdom? ... hmmm perhaps,  but I looked at it as wanting something for someone else and coming from a place of wholeness, presence and compassion.  

And it was not just about self-confidence or altruism. It was about taking responsibility for creating positive energy around me, which inevitably multiples.  It was about sharing a little light at a dark time with the intention of giving something good.  It is about consciously choosing to share.

Love is the motivating force ... 
Wisdom is the guiding force ... 

When you share wisdom you tend to deal with the issue instead of the residual effects.  You have the opportunity to empower another by transforming and expanding their mind.

I found myself speaking words that I needed to hear too.  Affirmation about my path ... along with the empowerment to do even more of the greatest good.  I can choose to do what’s best and not less.  You see to do the greatest good of all, love must be guided by wisdom.

“ ... you can offer no greater gift than the spiritual and mental empowerment of others, because the inner world creates the outer phenomena ... “

We all need conscious knowledge because it brings everything else.  It allows us to know who we really are and results in enlightenment, healing and joy.

Also, I realize that the wisest people are the ones that acknowledge if the don’t know enough of the subject.  There were times I couldn't answer questions, I just didn't know.  You see others can only trust you when you have knowledge, therefore enlightened giving is to give when you have clarity.

I wanted to provide some compassion to another at a time when it was needed the most.  I wanted to give a little wisdom and help another with a real need.  An opportunity was presented to give because there was an opening to receive.  

And I realized that it truly is the size of my heart that matters 
more than the size of my act.

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