Monday, April 22, 2013

" Love Anyway ... "

You made a fool 
out of me today 
I'm breaking the rule 
I love you anyway 

You threw the blame 
what a role to play! 
My story's the same 
I love you anyway 

Magic we chase - only to find 
it comes from a place higher than mind 
Higher than dust, but only just 
it hangs on the cusp 

I'll make the time 
if you name the day 
Trouble or shine 
I love you anyway ...

~ Waterboys ~ Love Anyway ~

Imagine being in the same room with someone that is critical, unreliable or unpredictable ... it may bring of feelings of dislike and possibly even hatred.  But when we hate we actually become physically toxic.  Our bodies blood pressure rises, our immune system is reduced, and we can increase our vulnerability to illness.

BUT is it realistic to ever completely rid ourselves of hateful thoughts and feelings?  Maybe not, but it IS possible to minimize its presence in everyday life.

“ ... until all human beings can learn to practice 
tolerance and understanding, 
it is doubtful that hatred will ever be 
fully eradicated from the world ... “

You see we all recognize hate because it's a very strong emotion ... and it’s also the easy way out while taking it's toll on you.  Yet understand that hate is really YOUR problem, so YOU have to work it out.  Remember that by hating someone, you are still letting them control your feelings, making them get one up on you.

The beauty is that YOU can decide your limits of hate and frustration ... how much of it is worth it and how much of it isn’t.  YOU get to choose to create a better life that revolves around you, instead of someone who doesn’t even care about your existence.

Begin by understanding whether real or imagined circumstances cause the hateful feelings.  Then sort out if the thought process was rational or irrational at the time these feelings were developed.  True this is easier said than done but  holding on to hate has no real therapeutic value.

By utilizing your heart chakra, you can imagine the energy in your body as a vital force that provides an opening, a balance,  a clearing.  This chakra, in essence, is all about LOVE ... absolute acceptance and embracing of all things.  

Now many of us fall short of unconditional love due to blockages such as sadness, anger, resentment, judgement, or hatred that we have experienced.  And truly these experiences are because of other people’s heart chakra dysfunctions.

Focus on the love that you give to others, 
rather than the love you get in return ...

Learning to love anyways, unconditionally is challenging.  It really is a life long practice.  However, once we work on recognizing the Divine nature inherent in every individual, we can then see the ultimate blessing in everything ... by accepting and loving everything within and outside of us.

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