Sunday, April 21, 2013

" The Chant ... "

In the daytime and in the night
I hear The Chant coming from all around me
Like a blind man who never had his sight
Wishing he could see the light

Desperate ways, desperate days
Are the times we're living in
Looking out, finding out
Realizing that we're living in the last days of living

Chanting around the world
I can hear the voices begging for mercy
Save us from our sins
Can you hear the voices begging for mercy

Through a window looking out to see
What's waiting for me
Destination I know the way
You can follow me

~ Crimson Glory ~ The Chant ~
Yesterday we had the opportunity to participate in group chanting.  A very powerful experience.  We accompanied singers and musicians who passionately lead us down a path of pure enjoyment .
So why chant?  Well first, chanting does not have to be translated in order for the beneficial power of the words to find their way into our being.  This is because chants are sung with intense devotion and have a life of their own, resonating in the general sphere of being shared by all.

“Chanting is like stepping into an already powerful river of sound and healing ...”

If you believe that all creation was made of vibration ... that constantly shift and change rhythmical harmonies of time, space and matter.  And music for some is considered organized vibration.  So when we intentionally vocalize a sound, we create a vibration through our entire body ... each and every cell.
Also, it is said that our bodies “hum” at various pitches for our bones, muscles and organs.  We are in constant vibration.  It is also said that the universe hums in B flat.  So when we chant it is believed we come into perfect alignment, becoming a device that brings our hearts, minds, bodies, spirits and worlds together.  
And just consider the concept of “sound therapy” ... when sound is near the human organism it will create a physical change within and its fields.  And even though the change may only be temporary, when occurring, it can be very powerful ... and this is the moment of healing.

“Chanting is a tool to harmonize our scattered attention into the here and now; 
this miraculous moment of human existence ... “

Scientifically, the transformation that occurs with chanting has been study for many years.  It is understood that each part of the body must have its optimum, healthy frequency or rate of vibration to be in the wellness state.  So when we become ill it is because some part of us is not vibrating harmoniously with itself or its surroundings.  Hence this dissonance may be healed with sound, chant and intention, restoring the afflicted parts to their healthy frequency ... pure preventative medicine.
Personally, chanting is part of my meditative and joyful practice.  It quiets my mind and opens my heart by the repetition of sacred sounds.  It calms me and creates a depth of silence.  So try to harmonise your energies by "raising your frequency" ... you may just nourish and recharge internally so that you can vibrate pure love externally ...

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