Friday, January 4, 2013

"OM ... "

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

The Earth turns slowly round
Far away the distant sound
Is with us everyday
Can you hear what it say
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

The rain is on the roof
Hurry high butterfly
As clouds roll past my head
I know why the skys all cry
OM, OM, Heaven, OM

~ Moody Blues ~ OM ~

Some of us have chanted OM hundreds, maybe thousands of times ... and the symbol is everywhere.  I have the symbol on my jacket, on my water bottle and sometimes I even wear it as a pendant.  But not until recently when a friend inquired as to it’s true meaning, did I want to explain how OM makes a yogi wholeheartedly chant its glory and live in its symbolic presence.

As per ancient Indian Vedic scriptures, OM or AUM is the symbol of the Absolute.  It is of paramount importance in Hinduism ... and is a sacred syllable representing the omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence. OM represents both the unmanifest and manifest aspects of God.  That is why it is called "pranava" ... to mean that it pervades life and runs through our prana and breath.  OM can also be found in the traditions of Buddhism and Yoga.  

The symbol and sound of OM represents the creation, existence, 
and dissolution of everything in the universe ...

A simpler way to deepen our knowledge of this ancient sacred symbol is by understanding the following:

  • the sound of OM encompasses all words and sounds in the human language
  • in Sanskrit, the sound “O” is spelled “AU” 
  • AUM represents the three fold division of time
    • A - waking state
    • U - dream state
    • M - state of deep sleep
  • at the end of AUM is a pause or silence 
    • representing the state known as Infinite Consciousness
  • the visual symbol OM visually consists of three curves, one semicircle and a dot
    • large bottom curve symbolizes the waking state
    • middle curve signifies the dream state
    • upper curve denotes the deep sleep
    • dot signifies the Infinite state
    • semi circle represents Maya, obstacle to realization of the Highest  
  • the physical form of Lord Ganesha is said to be that of OM
    • upper curve is the face
    • lower curve is his belly
    • twisted curve on the right side is his trunk

 Om represents the fundamental vibration of the energy 
of the universe, and is the root of most mantras ...

Personally, I believe that OM is a mantra or prayer in itself ... with practice and the correct intonation, it resonates through out my body, allowing the sound to penetrate to the centre of my being, the "atman" or soul.

And from experience, the power of chanting OM releases tension by the ultrasonic waves directed from your vocal-chords softening the pressure built up within your body.  During my meditation, chanting OM, I create within myself a vibration that attunes sympathy with the universe.  It is a moment when the petty worldly affairs are lost in the desire for the universal ... such is the immeasurable power of OM ... 

Gayatri Mantra
Om bhur bhuvah svaha

Tat savitur varenyam
Bargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yona prachodayat ...

"I reflect on the unity of Divine Spirit, 
which pervades everything in the earth, 
the atmosphere and heavens.

May this Supreme Consciousness protect me 
and illuminate my intellect that I may realize my inherent oneness with That.
I meditate on the great luminous light that enlightens all three worlds.
May it enlighten all" ...

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